Posted on April 14, 2023

James Carville Warns Democrats of Danger Looming With Sinking Black Turnout in 2024

Joe Silverstein, Fox News, April 13, 2023

New York Times opinion write Charles M. Blow interviewed various Democrat political operatives to ask them about President Joe Biden’s re-election prospects. James Carville, who ran Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign, offered a grim outlook about Democrats’ standing with Black voters.

“The biggest story in my mind out of 2022 is abysmally low Black turnout,” Carville told Blow.

“It’s a problem with younger Black voters,” he continued.

“In the most recent midterm elections, even in places where Democrats fielded strong Black candidates against flawed Republican opponents, Carville considered Black turnout underwhelming,” Blow noted in his article.

Republicans have made inroads with Black and Hispanic voters in recent years. {snip}


Carville praised Biden as “the greatest president for Black America maybe we ever had.”