Posted on June 29, 2023

Verified Hate: Moral Panic Edition

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, June 29, 2023

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It’s tiresome to see constant death threats against your friends, your people, and your civilization and know that you aren’t even allowed to point out what’s happening on most social media. However, the incident described below is arguably worse than all of that.

Many people have been tweeting about this, but it’s important not just to mock this man or call him a “cuck.” There’s a real moral panic here. The man doesn’t sound sad; he sounds afraid. After all, some want to make it illegal to call the police on blacks, and the media never tire of portraying blacks as “marginalized” and “disenfranchised,” despite the ludicrous handouts and privileges they enjoy.

Many people throughout the West, particularly otherwise intelligent people who are oversocialized and addicted to media, have succumbed to pathological altruism. Performative grief about a black man going to jail is not just about “virtue signaling”; it’s about the fear of appearing racist both to others and even to oneself. We face a religious mindset, and “racism” is a sin that holds far more terror to Americans, even Christians, than does the most outrageous blasphemy. We shouldn’t underestimate the extent of the moral rot. We shouldn’t shy from the change that is required. Mere appeals to self-interest will not be enough to wake whites from their torpor.

One Sunder Katwala, which of course is a “British” name today, was outraged recently that Paul Golding of Britain First said Ash Sarkar is not British.

Well, don’t take Mr. Golding’s word for it. Here’s Ash Sarkar in 2017:

Mr. Katwala is a former director of the Fabian Society, which pioneered a gradual progression toward socialism. In other words, go slow so as not to alert the rubes about your real goals.

But we see you, Mr. Katwala.

Mr. Katwala is not the only occupier who dismisses the importance of Britain’s native population or who claims London has never belonged to the British.

Here’s the London mayor Sadiq Khan, claiming London itself was built by migrants:

For a brief time, users had added a Community Note below that tweet that read: “The city of London was founded around the year 50 AD. It was built up over nearly 2,000 years by people we today call the English. It was not built by migrants/refugees, but by those native to the British isles.” (Community Notes are a new feature added to Twitter, which enables Twitter users to append additional information to a tweet. If enough users agree, the note will be made visible. When and why this particular note was deleted are unclear.)

Great Britain was able essentially to conquer the world, pioneer the Industrial Revolution, and have a greater cultural impact than any other country in history without migrants and refugees. Yet we must now pretend such outlanders were indispensable. What’s more, the supposed migrants and refugees that built Britain must have been unable to build anything in their own lands and needed to come to Albion to work their magic.

Today, the much-reduced United Kingdom has little to unite it other than its National Health Service, which many British people are quietly trying to avoid.

The war against England’s own past is being waged from the top down. For example, here’s King Charles III celebrating the so-called “Windrush Generation,” which began the racial replacement of the British people.

If the non-white jubilation at the death of his mother is any indication, Charles III will probably not get any credit for his groveling.

Even cricket isn’t safe. A group of experts with the mission of looking for evidence of racism in cricket, shockingly found evidence of racism in cricket.

Who could imagine that those who would stand to gain from identifying a “problem” actually found a problem?

Racial egalitarianism wouldn’t exist without British liberalism or the British Empire’s “finest hour” in fighting the Third Reich. It doesn’t seem to have done them any good, however, and it is hard to believe future historians will see the United Kingdom’s demographic transformation as anything other than a sign of decline. There may be no other country in the West so utterly defeated and psychologically castrated as Great Britain.

In comparison, even occupied Germany is showing signs of life. In an election on June 25, the Alternative for Germany party won its greatest victory, winning control of Thuringia. The reaction was sheer panic. For example, this man says that if migrants were let in and given the right to vote, the votes of native Thuringians wouldn’t matter.

But of course, the Great Replacement is just a conspiracy theory.

The German interior minister warned that the AfD party would endanger skilled immigration, which is supposedly necessary for economic growth.

In the real world, the German economy is already in recession, largely because it aligned with the United States against Russia and crippled itself by imposing economic sanctions. Importing more dependents to put on welfare will do little to help the German economy, but the interior minister probably already knows this.

It’s startling how often the voters themselves threaten democracy by voting for the wrong guy.

The politicians of the West could not accomplish their goals without the assistance of the press. Here’s an especially egregious example of the press running cover for its political allies:

Note the credulity. “[L]ongtime march attendees” and “activists” say it is about regaining control of “slurs”? Well, that’s convenient. Such determination to accept even the most outrageous chants in good faith is a remarkable contrast to the way many reporters interpret even the most benign declarations from white advocates, from “white lives matter” to “you will not replace us.” Soviet propaganda was less shameless.

It may be harder to criticize biased journalists in the future. Perhaps the biggest change of the last decade is the decisive turn against freedom of speech by Western governments and international organizations around the world. Currently, the UN, Australia, and Ireland are among the leading opponents of free speech.

A liberal democracy that limits free speech is illegitimate. There can be no debate about that. The premise of representative government is that people can make up their own minds. If the government can tell people what they can say, read, and write, it isn’t a free country.

Unfortunately, don’t count on American conservatives to lead the effort in exposing what’s happening. Two recent incidents show why.

First, Breitbart News released private communications from conservative writer and Ron DeSantis-supporter Pedro Gonzalez, accusing him of saying racist things. Progressives regularly accuse Breitbart itself of being racist and target its advertisers. Perhaps the site’s administrators have decided that if you can’t beat them, join them. It’s no wonder their influence has all but collapsed since 2016.

The second incident has to do with Hunter Biden. The President’s son recently received a suspiciously lenient deal from the Department of Justice. It would be reasonable to question whether the President’s position as the most powerful man in the world might have helped his son get a relatively light punishment. Instead, conservative influencers decided the real culprit is “white privilege.”

Conservatives never learn that operating within their opponent’s framework simply makes their adversary stronger. They seem almost proud of the way they actively seek defeat. We white advocates are going to have to do this on our own.