Posted on July 2, 2024

French Rappers Release Ultra-Violent Music Video Threatening to Assault Marine Le Pen, Kill Jordan Bardella

John Cody, Remix, July 2, 2024

A new anti-National Rally rap video featuring a collective of 20 popular French rappers features ultra-violent lyrics directed at Marine Le Pen, her niece Marion Maréchal, and National Rally leader Jordan Bardella.

Some of the lines include, “Marine and Marion, the whores, beat these female dogs in heat with a stick,” and “Jordan, you’re dead.”

Other violent lines include, “If the fascists come by, I’m going with a big caliber,” referring to a firearm.

The track was produced by 20 popular rappers, including Fianso, ISK, Alkpote, and Akhenaton. The song is called “No pasarán,” which translates to “They will not pass” in English, a reference to the slogan chanted by leftist Spaniards against the Franco government that ruled Spain in the 1930s.

Among the other lines are “They deserve the cane,” which is an open call to assault the French politicians along with a defense of those with deportation orders, many of whom have committed serious crimes. In addition, the rappers sing: “Fuck Bardella’s mother.”

“This is for my friends under QQTF (French deportation order),” sing the rappers.

The video also features images of Marine Le Pen, Jordan Bardella, and other right-wing political figures.

The ultra-violent and misogynistic song has received glowing praise from the French press, which makes no mention of the song’s brutal lyrics.

Le Parisian, for instance, contacted Fianso, one of the rappers involved, and quoted him in a glowing manner.

“I participated in this piece because I grew up in the heritage of French rap, very sharp, committed and which inspired me a lot,” he said. “Culture has its say and is intended to express itself on this typology of subjects. It was very important for me to participate. I am from the generation where rap does not dissociate itself from the message.”

The article simply refers to “punchlines” directed at Le Pen and Bardella, without any reference to the incredibly violent calls to action and misogynistic comments. The song has nearly 400,000 views on Youtube.

The rappers say that the money they earn from the song will go to the Abbé Pierre Foundation, which provides financial and legal resources to migrants.