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Some blacks consider it a “Cosby-esque jab.”

‘Fear Mongrels’

Jussie Smollett spread hatred for white America.


He and an acomplice staged the murder to look like a drive-by shooting.

Perp was an adopted Haitian orphan.

He’s defended by a white lawyer.

He promised aspiring models work and attacked them when they were alone.

The video shows a white man being tortured, shot, and hanged.

Blacks made up 58 percent of gun homicide victims in 2016.

Dr. Windell Boutte is facing seven malpractice lawsuits.

He points out the degeneracy of Nigeria.

“Don’t stop, man. Don’t stop. Whoever stopping get it too, man.”

Trump’s popularity among black males jumped from 11 percent to 22 percent after Kanye West’s tweet.

Who Should Apologize for Baltimore?

Black police commissioner thinks white cops are to blame.


Apologizes “for all the things that the police have done dating back 200 years.”

The first Pulitzer ever awarded to a pop musician is just not enough.

#MeToo doesn’t care.

Life in a White Country

Ukraine may be poor, but it is white.


The Chinese government has limited air time for “artists with tattoos, hip hop music.”

Blacture is to be the “go-to” destination for seeing the “state of black America today.”

Paved With Good Intentions: 25 Years Later

It was my introduction to sanity.


Nowhere to Run

Why we must unite across class lines.


But Latin music has the highest growth rate.

It’s not clear who said it, but someone’s got to be fired.

Obama praises rappers despite their vulgar, misogynistic lyrics.

Album is titled “Make America Crip Again.”

It’s Like an Army

And it will crush Eminem and his corporate “homies.”


Rapper tells fans to side with him or Trump.

Hip-hop in university is important for educating blacks.

Surprisingly good sense from Piers Morgan.

“I’m the s**t I’m fartin’, I don’t know how to potty.”

Is the Dream Over?

DACAmnesty would mean betrayal.


The strange fruit of hip hop.

The rapper was worried his fans would think less of him.

“Guns in the hands of the wrong people.”

College “is committed deeply to diversity and inclusiveness.”

Rapper’s show was called “Nobody’s Safe.”

ISIS terrorist is a “German” rapper.

Then he set them on fire.

He just deleted the tweet.

“The animosity [the executive vice president] had towards Caucasians was clear.”

Shooting was sparked by a rap rivalry.

‘Hamilton’ as the Ultimate Expression of the System

The musical’s fans are all incoherent in different ways.


Left-wing comedian accused of “cultural appropriation.”

White rappers now succeeding without support from blacks.

Blacks want to abandon the community they’ve created.

A court ordered him to wear it after his arrest for pistol-whipping a repairman.

“Thugga” was killed while filming a video for his song “Two Tecs and a 50 Shot.”

$128 million campaign aims to curb smoking among non-whites.

Jared Taylor and a white rapper discuss “racism” in the United States.

The biopic skipped over those parts.