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He just deleted the tweet.

“The animosity [the executive vice president] had towards Caucasians was clear.”

Shooting was sparked by a rap rivalry.

‘Hamilton’ as the Ultimate Expression of the System


The musical’s fans are all incoherent in different ways.


Left-wing comedian accused of “cultural appropriation.”

White rappers now succeeding without support from blacks.

Blacks want to abandon the community they’ve created.

A court ordered him to wear it after his arrest for pistol-whipping a repairman.

“Thugga” was killed while filming a video for his song “Two Tecs and a 50 Shot.”

$128 million campaign aims to curb smoking among non-whites.

Jared Taylor and a white rapper discuss “racism” in the United States.

The biopic skipped over those parts.

Rap biopic expected to draw a rough crowd.

He bragged that he could “do da hit by myself.”

He didn’t just rap. He made $40 to $100 million on an investment in Vitaminwater.

What I Don’t Like About Blacks


A reply to Jared Taylor.


Also wrote a big check to support “Black Lives Matter.”

He rapped about shooting police.

Especially “fat white Americans.”

He’s the founder of Death Row Records.

Altered gait could cause joint problems.

Jay-Z bends the ear of the governor of New York.

Redefining the Word, Washington Post

The “n-word” is here to stay.

Youngest victim is 11 years old.

“Gentle giant” often flashed gang signs in photos.

“It’s inherently offensive and ultimately harmful.”

A “small handful” of “Americans” are fighting for ISIS.

Police came under “heavy gunfire.”

“Those who are last shall be first, whites on the bottom.”

“Chillin’ with my homie or what’s left of him.”

Shooter and several pals then step over the twitching body.

Famous rappers were close by.

Defendants’ lyrics are often used as evidence at trial.

“Urban Beach Week” arrests were down to 191 from last year’s 357.

They’re obsessed with American hip-hop.

Rapping about “racism,” no matter the topic at hand, is the new, winning style.

Hip-Hop Hegemony


Degeneracy is now mainstream.


The white man is “basically just an errant child who needs to be corrected.”

The video is a none-too-subtle death threat.

Why Are White Men So Angry?, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

They often dislike the way blacks act.

“KillingAllBeatz” plowed into a crowd–killing two and injuring 23.

Today’s rappers don’t seem to identify as strongly with black history.

By a friend . . . with one of the guns he posed with.

In 25 years, will hip-hop be as white as rock n’ roll?

White man who complained about “thug music” is guilty of attempted murder.

Michael Dunn claims the teenager he shot said “I should kill that motherf***er.”

Will explore “American race, gender and sexual politics.”

More idiotic handwringing.

The police try to keep up, but gangster talk is tough to decipher.

Stereotyping–for marketing purposes only.