Posted on October 3, 2022

Kanye West Wears ‘White Lives Matter’ Shirt at Surprise Yeezy Show

Melissa Minton, Page Six, October 3, 2022

Kanye West is making a statement.

The rapper staged a surprise Yeezy fashion show on Monday in Paris, showcasing his Season 9 collection to much fanfare.

Before the models appeared, West gave a speech while wearing a “White Lives Matter” T-shirt emblazoned with the Pope’s face on the front and the same bedazzled flip-flops he sported last week.


Some of the models in the show wore the same shirt emblazoned with “White Lives Matter” on the back as well while fans on social media reacted.

“Sending a “WHITE LIVES MATTER” t-shirt down a runway in Paris is literal insanity and no amount of gospel is getting that man through Heaven’s gate, I’m so sorry,” one person tweeted. Another wrote, “mind you kanye was just calling kim and kris the kkk 2 weeks ago and now he’s wearing a white lives matter shirt.”

Others recalled his infamous trip to the White House wearing a “MAGA” hat. West has also previously caused controversy wearing a jacket with the Confederate flag on it in 2013.