Posted on December 26, 2023

Left-Wing Politician Who Campaigned for Mass Migration Brutally Beaten by ‘North African’ Men in France

Paul Joseph Watson, Modernity, December 22, 2023

A left-wing politician who campaigned for the rights of migrants was brutally beaten by a gang of ‘North African’ men yards from her own front door in France.

Oriane Filhol, the deputy mayor to Mathieu Hanotin of the Socialist Party (PS) in Saint-Denis, was hospitalized after being “hit violently in the face and body with punches.”


Despite the attack, Filhol has been vocal in her support for the rights of migrants in France.

Her latest social media post vehemently criticized the French government for restricting migrant’s entitlement to social welfare handouts.

“While, from our local authorities, we do everything in our power to support families and promote their already difficult access to rights, now the Government and its allies are rolling back these rights with the immigration bill. The shame, the disgust,” she wrote.