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Being a white farmer in South Africa is “the most dangerous job in the world.”

A white man defended her against three non-white attackers.

White man offered to pay for two blacks who didn’t have enough money for their meal.

The charity was called “Freedom from Torture.”

A black-white relationship becomes another black-on-white crime.

Black man had just been released from jail.

Five had been granted refugee status.

Colin Flaherty on the latest anti-white and anti-Trump attacks.

Police are looking for three young black men.

How I Saw the Light About Race (Part VI)


Stories of white identity developed through urban crime, foreign war, and mixed schools.


Another horror story from post-Apartheid South Africa.

Black murderer “didn’t like those people” in his neighborhood.

Insists that he did not rape her; only beat her to death.

Motive behind black man’s attack is unclear.

Amjad Ali, Mohammed Sadiq, Matloob Hussain, and Basharat, Nasar, and Tayab Dad are headed for prison.

A Muslim declaration of faith warded off the attackers.

How I Would Prosecute the Chicago Hate Crime


Remember: No case is a slam dunk.


Suspects are at large.

Sanctuary cities can’t be held liable for crimes committed by illegals.

They have a large presence in every major American city.

CNN anchor on the recent attack: “I don’t think it’s evil.”

Group Crimes


Yet another racial pattern.


Chicago Blacks Torture a White Man


Authorities eventually decide it is a hate crime.


Esteban Santiago-Ruiz claimed in November he was being forced to fight for ISIS.

“[T]he overall trajectory of race relations in this country is actually very positive.”

They’re facing hate crime charges based on both the victim’s race and mental disability.

Groups of up to 10 men surrounded women and sexually assaulted them.

Blacks tortured a white man while yelling “F*ck Donald Trump!” and “F*ck white people!”

Piers Morgan points out the disgraceful double standards.

Victim wants “knockout” perps caught–but all we learn is they are “young men.”

15 stitches, a broken nose, eye swollen shut, and three loose teeth.

The 13-year-old has seven prior arrests.

The organization sets up refugees and asylum seekers with German families.

The victim volunteered at a refugee center in her spare time.

How to Spread the Truth About Race If Twitter Bans Us


Be ready to spread the truth if we cannot.


Murders Shot Up in 2015


Blacks account for most of the rise.


She knocked a 74-year-old white Trump supporter to the ground.

She was accused of “hating Mexicans” because she said she supported Trump on social media.

After the beating in this clip, man says he was dragged alongside the car at 80 mph.

Or was this just a typical black-on-white attack?

Before the punching, police say the victim bumped into the perp’s wife and said “I’m sorry, excuse me.”

Woman says she knew him by sight from the neighborhood.

Black man fatally punched the 64-year-old white man.

It’s just coincidence that all known attackers are black and all known victims are white.

“All white girls are good for is sex.”

Three appear to be college students.

There are twice as many black-on-white killings as vice versa.

Blacks broke jaw and stripped pants from a white BLM supporter.

Aggressors then brag about it on Twitter.