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Millennial Red-Pilling and the Future of Europe

This speech was delivered at the 2017 American Renaissance conference. The video is available here. Each of us in this room are here for noble and important reasons, and foremost among those are the growing existential threats facing our people and civilization. And no matter which nation or corner of the globe we each hail […]


Another black-on-white murder in Baltimore.

Feminists Don’t Care About Gang Rape

Unless the perps are white.


And he asks to be forgiven.

The Black Kansas City Serial Killer Fits a Pattern

Black killer, white victims.


A look at some underreported black murders.

“Africa Greets You”: The Anti-White Terrorism of Mark Essex

What came before Black Lives Matter.


How could it be?

Remember the Steubenville case?

Rasmieh Yousef Odeh is heading back to Jordan.

Meanwhile, in Europe.

“Some men in some communities . . . feel these young girls are trash who are available for sex.”

Black culprits, white victims, media silence.

Who in the media cares about white victims of black crime?

“Is Death Wish alt-right fan fiction?”

White woman jumped out of moving car to escape rape.

Pretty White Australian Girls’ Lives Matter

Another casualty of diversity.


They asked strangers if they were Muslims or Christians before assaulting them.

Mohamed Noor was an “affirmative action hire” if ever there was one.

Apparently, he is not a threat anymore.

Somali cop worries that “racism” is keeping other cops from standing up for him.

Hispanic woman teams up with two black men to kill a white mom.

Somali-refugee cop kills unarmed white woman. Will whites riot?

Mohammed stabbed two octogenarians to death because they were “right-wing.”

A favorite place of refuge for black killers.

Immigrant of the Week: Henry Bello (Obotetukudo)

But the New York Times would have you believe he was simply a Californian.


Jie Xiao didn’t have much empathy for those under his care . . .

“The only successful integration going on is that of many Germans, who’ve been integrated into delusion.”

It passed in the House and is headed to the Senate.

A brutal black-on-white crime.

Two blacks raped a white woman to “teach her a lesson.”

Hungarian woman attacked while on vacation in Germany.

He claims his teammates bullied him into doing it.

Hard Time, AR Classic Article

Race and rape in American prisons.

His lawyer has said, “Children make poor, impulsive choices.”

The Threefold Death of Hannah Cornelius

I grieve for one of my tribe.


She has been hospitalized.

Victim’s family forgives him.

Black man killed a white police officer before being taken alive.

With great success.

More straight talk from Colin Flaherty.

BBC make a compelling dramatization of the Rochdale sex grooming scandal.

Since he’s awaiting trial, he won’t be deported.

Muslims attack nationalist.

Said he prayed to Allah for forgiveness after sex.

Police say she’s lucky to be alive.

“Rowdy teens.”

Yes — specifically black-on-white crimes.

Police shoot but do not kill black killer.

Black-on-White Rape

Is it an expression of racial hatred?