Posted on January 28, 2024

Vegas Pastor Nick Davi Fatally Shot in Front of His Kids After ‘Dispute’ with Female Neighbor in Gated Community

Nicholas McEntyre, New York Post, January 25, 2024

A Las Vegas area pastor was shot and killed in his driveway during an alleged dispute with his neighbor as his family, including two children, watched the horrifying moment unfold just feet away.

Nick Davi, 46, a pastor at Grace Point Church in North Las Vegas, was gunned down when Joe Junio, 36, confronted the family outside their townhouse in the Courts at Aliante gated community last month {snip}


Junio allegedly became irate when the pastor complained about her to the homeowners association, according to a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Davi’s wife, Sarah.

The family of four was leaving their home for the evening when Junio drove past them and then parked her car and rolled down her window, according to 8NewsNow.

“Why don’t you leave us alone? We’ve had enough,” someone shouted at Junio as one of the children began recording the altercation from inside the vehicle.


Junio shot Davi in the abdomen and turned the gun on Sarah Davi, striking her as well, while the couple’s two children, 12 and 15, watched from inside a nearby car.


Weeks before the shooting, Junio began to show signs of “escalating threatening behavior” after Davi reported her to the HOA for violations involving chickens and dogs {snip}