Posted on December 15, 2023

Thugs Stab Young French Father 9 Times, Leave Him With 40 Stitches

John Cody, Remix, December 15, 2023

A young French father was stabbed by four to five perpetrators nine times and had a bottle broken over his head, with the men screaming “dirty White” and other racist remarks during the attack.

The victim, Nicolas, was at Le Victoria bar in Moselle on Dec. 9 when he went to the bathroom. During that time, someone told Nicolas, “You pushed me,” to which Nicolas, even though he believed he had not done anything, simply apologized to the man. Immediately, one of the perpetrators pulled out a knife. Nicolas responded by hitting him, but another one of the man’s friends pushed Nicolas to the ground. Others then joined in to attack him.

Nicolas was beaten and stabbed multiple times. He told the police that during the attack, the men yelled, “Dirty White,” and said, “Hit him, the gwer (an Arabic slur for White people.)”

The men continued to beat and stab him while he was on the ground.

His girlfriend, Meggy, spoke with French newspaper Lorraine Actu and related some of the details of the case to the paper.

Finally, “with two friends, they went through an emergency exit; they were able to take the car, and they went to Mercy Hospital,” added the young woman. Nicolas received 40 stitches, including for nine stab wounds.

“They broke a bottle of alcohol over his head and (doctors) had to put 15 stitches there,” said Meggy.

When Nicolas was able to escape from the nightclub to go to the hospital, “there were neither firefighters nor gendarmerie” even though Nicolas had asked the bar staff to call emergency services because he was having difficulty breathing.

When contacted, the manager of the bar stated he did not want to comment on the case, while wishing Nicolas a good recovery and regretting what had happened.