Posted on January 25, 2024

French-African Just Released from Prison Rapes 20-Year-Old French Woman at Knifepoint: Police

John Cody, Remix, January 24, 2024

A man described as an “African type” by a 20-year-old rape victim has been arrested, with the brutal attack against the young student taking place just days after the assailant was released from prison.

The 25-year-old suspect may have migrated from Africa, but he is already a naturalized French citizen, which means deportation is nearly impossible. He is accused of raping the woman last Thursday evening in Villejuif, according to the Créteil public prosecutor’s office.

According to a judicial source speaking with French publication Actu17, the man was released from prison in January 2024, just days before he targeted the woman. The same source noted that the man was already known to the police for acts of rape.

The man, who lives in Yvelines, is accused of following the victim into her building on the Avenue de Paris, in the district of the Paul-Brousse Hospital. When she opened the door at approximately 9:00 p.m., he slid in behind her and followed her into the elevator. A few minutes after she entered her apartment, she heard a knock. When she opened the door, the man rushed at her with a knife, tied her up, and raped her.

A police source said it was “a particularly violent scene.”

He then stole the woman’s handbag and phone. The woman, who was in a state of shock, broke free from her binding and ran to her friend on another floor. Police responded to the crime scene and conducted a full sweep of the building and surrounding neighborhood. She told the police the male was an “African type” who was 1.85 meters (6’0″) tall.

The suspect was quickly arrested by police the next day, Friday.

The suspect was arrested with a 19-year-old man who was also charged with “concealment of theft with a weapon.”

It is unclear whether the man obtained citizenship before or after he was arrested for past rapes. However, France is facing down serious issues with sexual assault perpetrated by its exploding foreign population.

In fact, a remarkably similar case happened earlier this month when a Nigerian migrant with multiple deportation orders attempted to rape a French woman, Lola, at knifepoint. The attempted rape occurred in the middle of a park while she was out jogging in Toulouse, with the woman only saved by a homeless man who stepped in to help her.

In another article published by Remix News this month, a French rape victim, Claire, spoke out to the press after she was raped by an illegal African migrant, saying that if he had been deported, the traumatic and brutal sexual assault would have never occurred. In her latest interview with French magazine Une Certaine Idée, she also noted that not a single left-wing feminist has spoken to her about the incident.

She also told CNews in a televised interview: “If we applied the laws, I would not have been raped by an illegal migrant under OQTF (a deportation order).”

As Remix News has previously reported, rapes have soared in France in tandem with mass immigration, with the vast majority of suspects being foreigners. Now, in some cities, French women are afraid to walk on the streets, and some are even assaulted for simply wearing a dress that foreign men deem to be too short.

The French feminist collective Collectif Némésis has been actively exposing the dangers posed by mass immigration and the deteriorating situation for Western women across the country. Many of the women belonging to the group have been delivering personal testimonials of the sexual harassment and abuse they have suffered, especially from North Africans, also known as Maghrebis.

“Personally, it is always the Maghrebi types who follow, whistle at and insult me,” said Lea in one video from the group.