The End of an Illusion

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, June 8, 2012

A hilarious look at the grim reality of Detroit.

Paul Kersey, Escape from Detroit: The Collapse of America’s Black Metropolis, SBPDL Books, 2012, 370 pp., $11.51 (soft cover)

In 21st century America, laugher is sometimes the only way to keep from crying. This is especially true in the case of what was once the “Paris of the West,” the city of Detroit, and there is no more thorough, devastating, and hilarious critique of the city and its myths than Escape from Detroit, from Paul Kersey of

Escape from Detroit is a compilation of Mr. Kersey’s articles on what was once one of the most cultured, productive, and prosperous cities in the country. To begin with the worst, the book is uneven—there are occasional typos and formatting errors, and a jerky pace that comes from the stand-alone nature of internet postings. Mr. Kersey clearly writes in bursts of passion, and he would have benefitted from a professional editor.

However, Escape from Detroit, almost despite itself, combines these disparate commentaries into a cohesive whole that blows apart every assumption underlying how our society works. Mr. Kersey combines his investigative reporting with the illumination of theoretical concepts. Chief among them is his concept of Black Run America (BRA), a term which takes on new meaning in the Age of Obama. Mr. Kersey does not mean that blacks literally rule America—though they are running such things as the Department of Justice and the Washington DC Metro, with predictable results. What he means is that in America “every institution is entirely devoted to protecting and promoting the interests of Black people above all others.”

Nowhere is this more relevant than in Detroit, a center of black political power since the 1974 election of Coleman Young, to whom Mr. Kersey lovingly dedicates this book. Mr. Young perfectly exemplified the “we win, they lose” mentality of many black politicians by noting, “I’m a Negro first and a Democrat second.” His election set the tone for the kind of mismanagement Detroit would enjoy for years to come.

A city on the verge of bankruptcy that was considering closing 18 out of 23 branches of the public library recently spent $1,092 each for 20 new chairs for one library branch. The public school system spends more than $15,000 per pupil each year but the population is almost 50 percent illiterate. This is not surprising, since the former president of Detroit Public Schools, Otis Mathis, was barely literate. He resigned after allegedly fondling himself in meetings with other school officials.

Mr. Kersey also makes it clear that blacks have no one to blame but themselves. He frames the story of Detroit with two images. The first is a statue of the Spirit of Detroit, which was dedicated in 1958 and symbolized God and family—appropriate themes for a prosperous white American city. The second image is the Joe Louis memorial, a giant bronze fist that commemorates the “Brown Bomber” who knocked out Max Schmeling in 1938 in what was widely interpreted as a victory for the black race. As Mr. Kersey notes, Detroit is the closest thing America has to a city where white people simply do not matter. The fist of black power rules, figuratively and literally.

The “Spirit of Detroit” and the “Brown Bomber.”

Of course, conservatives don’t understand what that means. Rush Limbaugh famously blamed Detroit’s failures on “liberalism.” Thomas Sowell would blame unions and “statist” economic policies; the late Jack Kemp was convinced that Enterprise Zones that would save Detroit. Mr. Kersey delights in puncturing these absurd theories, pointing out that the similarly union- and Democrat-dominated city of Pittsburgh—with its large white majority—is widely considered one of the best places to live in America.

Liberals blame Detroit’s decline on the collapse of the American auto industry, but Mr. Kersey notes that Pittsburgh seems to have recovered rather well from the decline of the steel industry. Detroit’s failure or salvation is not a matter of the Invisible Hand, but what Mr. Kersey calls the Visible Black Hand of Economics.

The system has tried to postpone collapse as long as possible. The Obama Administration’s bailout of the auto industry, federal welfare programs, and giant wealth transfers from the productive white areas of Michigan are all attempts to delay the inevitable. We are also treated to hilarious advertisements with celebrities such as Eminem and Clint Eastwood that try to boost Detroit’s image as a comeback city. Rachel Maddow runs pieces on the budding scientists and astronauts who would surely emerge from Detroit’s schools, if only we could get them a bit more money, just one more time. The propaganda never ends.

Despite it all, the crisis in what was once the Motor City is coming to a head. Detroit has barely avoided an outright takeover by the state as it flirts with bankruptcy. As expected, the debate in the mainstream media has not been about the city government’s incompetence, but the racial ramifications of a white Republican state government administering a black, Democratic city. “Michigan is the new Mississippi,” warns one writer.

As Mr. Kersey points out, this is essentially correct. Like Mississippi, a substantial black population needs white leadership. Detroit headlines continue to scream about the inability of police to perform basic duties and even the city’s inability to keep the streetlights on.

Mr. Kersey is not dealing with metapolitics, political philosophy, or abstract theorizing, but with the practical results of ignoring reality. Ideas have consequences, as establishment conservatives are fond of saying, and there is no more important concept than the one Sam Francis destroyed his career by expressing: “The civilization that we as whites created in Europe and America could not have developed apart from the genetic endowments of the creating people.” Or, as Mr. Kersey puts it, the death of Detroit was sealed “because Black people lacked the ability to innovate on their own. They lacked the ability even to sustain the city.”

As the mainstream media broadcasts the news that the majority of births in the United States are now to non-whites, “colorblind” conservatives and what Mr. Kersey calls Disingenuous White Liberals are betting that the civilization that was created in North America can somehow be transferred to peoples that had nothing to do with creating it and do not identify with it. Escape from Detroit is about the practical consequences of this illusion: the ruin of what was once one of the great cities of the world. Detroit is never coming back; it is a monument to decades of willful ignorance about the facts of racial reality.

Dreary as this all is, I believe it is cause for optimism. As Mr. Kersey says, “History is about to begin again.” In some of the largest cities in the country, the system is beyond salvation. This offers new opportunities for changing the debate and starting a new movement that might just save the white race—and keep the streetlights on. Detroit is hopeless—and that should give us hope.

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Gregory Hood

Mr. Hood has been active in conservative youth movements in the US.

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  • I noticed this picture of the crumbling house was also on Drudge today.

    I’m re-watching some of those “Population Zero” and “Life After People” series and documentaries.  The scary part is that humanity need not become literally extinct for these scenarios to play out.  They would be better called, “White Population:  Zero” and “Life After White People.”

    • zWsA

      “Life After White People” 

      That would be a hilarious title if it weren’t such a distinct possibility.

      • Mainstreaming_Diversity

        “And here I wish to be distinctly understood as believing and saying, as I have believed and said for the last seventeen years, that the having of negroes, or the having of any other totally distinct and inferior race of mankind, intermingled with whites in a white community, is in itself a social evil of the worst possible type, and that, from this unnatural and degrading relation, other social evils are constantly evolved and intensified.”

        -Hinton Rowan Helper, Noonday Exegiences in America, 1871

        • whiteuncleruckus

          that really is a great quote. i only wish white people would have listened to him back then. if they did we would have the mess we do today.

          • Mainstreaming_Diversity

            You should join the Hinton Rowan Helper fan club.

            Read Nojoque and Negroes in Negroland, online.

          • alastairabbacle


          • Mainstreaming_Diversity

            Code HammerC, with Gmix in variance, hit two button, duck, cover, then up mim the sirt.

          • blight14

             We should have also listened to Margaret Sanger…..

    • alastairabbacle

      The Saxon is sure slow to anger….
      We are still in the “slow” part though.

      • 1gravity

         At long last the Celts and the Saxons need each other.

  • Whites create Civilizations, Blacks destroy Civilizations.

    The lesson of Haiti

    • Oil Can Harry

      The only part of this piece I’d quibble with is this line: “Like Mississippi,  a substantial black population needs white leadership.”

      Alas, even the most intelligent whites in the world would have only limited success running Detroit, East St. Louis or Haiti. There’s only so much you can do when the tax-eaters outnumber the taxpayers.

      By the same token, a majority white city or state would survive an incompetent black mayor or governor.

      • anonymous_amren

        Detroit needs it’s own currency. They should only get welfare paid in that currency, and should be forced to work at producing

    • WhitesRdumb

      “David Brims wrote: Whites create Civilizations, Blacks destroy Civilizations.”

      One thing that Whites MUST remember is that the blacks and other minorities didn’t come here on their own or invade our country, and they didn’t migrate into the major cities on their own. STUPID Whites brought them here and let the proliferate.

      • zWsA

        Looking back, it may indeed appear quite stupid. But I think enlightened Whites throughout history have fantasized about Blacks being just as intelligent, civilized, and productive as Whites IF ONLY they were given a chance to prove themselves.

        Well, after the 250+ years of the American experiment in interracial civilization, I think it’s fair to say the verdict is in: Black people ain’t White people.

        How anyone hasn’t figured that out by now is beyond me.

        • alastairabbacle

          It is becasue of self-centeredness.

          It is because people choose their beliefs based on what sounds like the good belief, rather than basing their beliefs on reality.

          You go to the divine, the truth, it will not come to you.

          • Church_of_Jed

            “Whites are the most susceptible to believing in abstract propostions more than their right to survive, and they believe most sincerely and fatally when doing so is a proper social trend and is promoted and enforced by instituitons that promote respectibility and advancement, i.e.  gaining White privilege while claiming to renounce White privilege.”

            -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Why Whiteness has failed,” 2001

        • Lou

          They know, trust me..  They just don’t want to admit they were wrong..

        • Plato1

          to zWsA we know white people are raciss and holding us back because of our color , and wont let us help. all wites are raciss.

    • At 4:05… is that Michelle Obama? :/

    • LudwigvonDrake

      Great video!

  • When people say the end of the world is a nuclear war or an asteroid hitting the planet.

    No it isn’t, it’s when blacks become the majority. Just take a look at South Africa and Zimbabwe, 40,000 whites have been murdered in South Africa since the end of apartheid.

    •  “Not with a bang but a whimper”.

    • anonymous_amren

       No, people say the end of the world is climate change (global warming). And they’re right. And not just in the metaphorical way Paul Kersey talks about (although that’s bad too). There are two appocalypses requiring urgent drastic action, and I see no action on either front.

      • MrGJG

        Global warming?  Did I just stumble into Revleft or Huffpo?

      • We can save the snowy egret, we can save the planet, but if we want to save the Whites?

        No, you go save the planet and the snowy egret.  Until we’re allowed to be just as enthusiastic about saving the Whites, your planet can burn for all I care.

        No, that’s not quite right. Let me be perfectly clear here – if we can’t save the Whites, I’d rather see the planet destroyed.

  • Detroit IS a virulent filthpit of black garbage.

    It will have to be nuked to be reborn.
    What DOES MATTER is: The Black City IS COMING
    to your nearest large city, soon.
    Then, to ALL non-hispanic america.

    • Detroit IS a virulent filthpit of black garbage.

      It will have to be nuked to be reborn.
      What DOES MATTER is:  The Black City IS COMING
      to your nearest large city, soon.
      Then, to ALL non-hispanic america.


      There, fixed it for you..

  • xthred

    Can’t wait to see what arises from the coming reordering of the nations.

    • alastairabbacle

      Germany and the Netherlands have finally taken over Europe.

      Germans are the most intelligent of the Europeans, with a faster mind than Nordics due to Roman admixture.

      As they have before, Germans will get pissed at what has befallen Europe. Their sloppy next-door neighbor has let in multitudes of Bantus and Islamic invaders. To the south, countries like Spain, Italy, and Greece have allowed themselves to be usured by companies like Goldman Sachs, and their own indolence. To the north, their Scandinavian brethren have been locked down in icy authoritarian “Tolerant” regimes, tolerant to rape by foreign tribes and settlement by them as well.

      To the East, this time things are different. The Germans who support native Europeans will have allies in Russia under Putin, Poland under the Catholic guidance, Slovakin nationalists, the powerful Hungarian nationalist party, and hordes of Asians ready to compeyitively maraud Europe anytime.

      No unstrategic, vain occultist shall overcome Germany this time. Instead, Germany shall be succesfullu ally itsself with the traditionalist, nationalist East. The cure shall come from the East this time.

      A Slavic-German-Catholic-Eastern Orthodox wave shall form to drive thr invaders from Western Europe. Why shoukd they tolerate that mess in their backyard?

      A Europe finally under open German-Dutch hegemony reform the Mediteranids to function again. The Mediteranids will provide thr passionate spark, once functional, to resurrect Europe.
      Rampant racism shall break out across Italy, a new Enlightenment spreading to the North out of the Po river valley.

      Out with the foreign tribes!
      Why would a nation allow foreign tribes to settle on its land, and take their women? Allow for true human diversity, in their own lands!

      The European Rennaissance will precede the American. Unfortunately, American will slip into morass of balkanization and renormalization of chaos. It will be up to individuals to navigate the less friendly, more ethnically torn America.

      • xthred


      • Sherman_McCoy

        I love what you wrote, but I don’t see that kind of pro-White zeal in Germany.  But here’s hoping, and I’ll be glad to sign up.

        • mikejones91

          That’s what I am thinking. Regardless of that, his comment was excellent. I think of Germany as one of most submissive countries for diversity. America/England probably being the most. Russia being the least.

          • Germany is like 90% German.  The other 10% is largely European, excepting the Turks.  Britain, Canada, and the USA would be lucky to have their demographic problems.

          • mikejones91

            Wow, I’m surprised by that. Surprised in a good way that is. I heard somewhere that there is A LOT of black on white couples in Germany.

        • alastairabbacle

          Germany has allowed less immigrants than France and England. The immigrants they have allowed in have been the comparitively less harmful Turks, and in smaller proportional numbers than France/England.

          Most importantly, German citizenship is based on being ethnically German. It is called “blood-citizenship”. No foreign ethnicity, save a few ethnic European enclaves of Slavs, and Jewz descended from German Jews, can ever become a citizen.

          The reason for this blood citizenship system was to enable the acceptance of the 10 million expelled Germans from Eastern Europe following WWII. Also, following the fall of Communism, 2 million Germans from Kazakhstan, Russia and Transylvania have become Germans.
          Point it, Germans have it clear that Nationhood should be based on blood and cultural ties. In France, Bantus and Arabs can become “Frenchmen”. In England, Pakistanis and Zimbabwens can become “British”. This is something Germans, with their history of ethnic conflict, woukd never have agreed to.

          Because of the blood citizenship law, Germany can easily, at any time, begin to repatriate foreigners. France and England, with their vaporous ideas of citizenship, will have a much harder time.

          Thus Germany will lead the way in reducing immigrant population, who most Germans, with their basic common sense, see as “guests”.

  • JackKrak

    Detroit – the gift that keeps on giving

  • Liberals blame Detroit’s decline on the collapse of the American auto industry, but Mr. Kersey notes that Pittsburgh seems to have recovered rather well from the decline of the steel industry.

    I live in south Buffalo which was the bedroom community of western New York Steel mills. When the steel mills closed, south Buffalo didn’t turn into Detroit. The black east side of Buffalo did.

    Now that blacks and Hispanics are being forcibly relocated to south Buffalo, things are now changing. See related AR piece:

  • Detroit_WASP

    It’s a great book, I have in on my kindle.

  • Strider73

    Escape from Detroit is available as an e-book, at least at Amazon.  If you have a Kindle, you can save about $3.50 (and a tree) by downloading it.

  •  I love Shorpy, and have been following it for a long time.  Thankfully, he has a nice St. Louis collection.

  • Diamond_Lil

    I enjoy the SBPDL website and the book is enroute via Amazon to my home.  I would like to see a similar book on Los Angeles.  This place is a dump with graffittti, trash, chickens and unsupervised children running in the road, with only some small white enclaves here and there.  Amren has recently posted an excellent article on one of the schools which is fairly representative of most others in LAUSD.   Discrimination against non-Spanish-speaking, especially white, blonde, and/or blue-eyed people is rampant.  Intelligent children are also looked down upon as in the black community.  For those who think Mexicans are better, try taking your preteen daughter to Home Depot in Southern California.

    • I hope its not being delivered by a black!You may be waiting a while…

  • IKantunderstand

    I was born in Detroit. Henry Ford Hospital! My French ancestors settled Detroit. Many of the streets are named for them. I weep for this city. The very prosperity that made Detroit, caused its downfall. Blacks swarmed into the city to work in the car factories. This city and its environs, attracted many people from the South. There is a city here, Inkster, known by all the locals as “Mississipi Inkster”, because the vast majority of the inhabitants are blacks and their progeny hail from ole Miss. Likewise, the city known as Hazel Park, is unofficially known as Hazeltucky, an homage, if you will,  to all the denizens (White)  of Kentucky who likewise emigrated to Michigan.  Detroit was the Paris of the Midwest because it was one of the few cities in America founded by the French.  I don’t know how many of you have ever been to Michigan, but it is one of the most beautiful states in the union. I lived in Detroit until 1999. I was the only White in my neighborhood. I volunteered for EVERYTHING!!!!! I did neighborhood watch, literacy volunteer, and always went to the “Clean Up Detroit” weekend, which, by the way, always consisted of 99% Whites from the suburbs. After a drug gang shooting next door to my house, (I wasn’t happy when the owner of the next door house, a Wayne County Deputy, told me me she was moving to Southfield, and would be renting her house out ), I GAVE UP, I gave up on Blacks being equal, I gave up on Blacks being capable of ruling themselves, or anything. I moved out! No more income taxes from me. I did sell my house, but I don’t know if the purchaser ever paid property taxes. I moved to the suburbs, as many Whites before me did. I sadly, did not move far enough north. (How far do I want to drive to my job?). My heretofore pristinely White suburb is now inexorably turning black. You can always tell, they like to park their Jags and Mercedes in the driveway. Apparently, parking your car in the garage is verboten. Or, at least, preventing from showboating to your new neighbors how “rich” you are, while neglecting to cut your [email protected]#$ing!!!! lawn.

    • El_Magyar

      Yes, Blacks are mostly responsible for the degradation of Detroit. However, and this is an important fact for people on this site to understad, there are none too few White-trash types as well. You mention, “Hazeltucky”, an enclave of poor white trash. I have seen areas like this and have seen those that inhabit those areas. They are utter trash. As bad as any Black I have seen.

      So, as we point out deficiencies in non-White races, let us remember there are a fair number of Whites that should be put in the same labor camp. Its about values nearly as much as culture and race.

      • IstvanIN

        No comparison whatsoever. Of course we have our good and bad, our smart and dumb, our ambitious and lazy. The difference is the proportions. Blacks are much more likely to be criminal and immoral, lazy and dumb. Perhaps even worse is that, while we admit our own people’s short comings, they deny, defend and even celebrate the lowest among them. Sorry, not the same. Not even close.

        • I visited a young woman years ago, who lived in a trailer park in the Appalachian district in North Carolina, NASCAR country, if you will. I would rather spend a week there, than a minute in the most “upscale” Bantu neighborhood in the U.S. – wherever that “hood” may be.

      • I went to an inner city public high school. A lot of white girls in my class got pregnant at 16-17 years old. Most of them, all but a very few, now lead normal, productive lives. They have jobs, husbands, houses and healthy, well-adjusted children. They had to struggle, but they pulled through and got on their feet.

        The numbers say everything, blacks are 14% of the population that consumes 1/3 of the social security (welfare) budget and commit 50% (at least) of all violent crime.

      • Webspin

         I’d hate to live in “Hazeltucky”, but it’s no Detroit. In Detroit they’ve burned down over 150,000 homes. In Hazel Park the murder rate is 1 per 100,00, in Detroit it’s 50 per 100,000. Not the same, not by a long shot and they are our worst!

      • As bad as any Black I have seen.

        Show me the crime data and you’ll sound like less of an idiot.

    • mikejones91

      That’s what I always say–For a group that is supposed to be “disadvantaged/ oppressed/ they sure do drive nice cars.

  • Or that crying Indian commercial.

    • Lou

       lmao , that Indian is a Sicilian…

  • alastairabbacle

    I can edit this later, but not on my device. Apologies to typo enthusiasts.

  • alastairabbacle

    Rush has Bo Snerdley, a Black man, on as his call screener.
    Need I expand more?

  • chuck_2011

    Detroit has no industry to support itself and blacks don’t pay taxes so its only thru handouts they continue to function as a city. I see no future for this city…and who in their right mind would ever invest there?

  • El_Magyar

    Correct. They were cheap, ignorant labor that could supplant the expensive, aware White labor.

  • El_Magyar

    Get this through your head; Rush Limbaugh is nothing more than a carnival barker chasing money. He mocks people like you by playing to your ignorance and emotion all the while profiting like crazy.

  • El_Magyar

    Detroit was a beautiful city when it was run and occupied by Whites. The devastation and destruction that has happened since the 70s is near criminal.

    • mikejones91

      Yeah, that’s what I hear. I wish I could see that, Detroit in the 60s/70s. 

  • JohnEngelman

    The second image is the Joe Louis memorial, a giant bronze fist that commemorates the “Brown Bomber” who knocked out Max Schmeling in 1938 in what was widely interpreted as a victory for the black race. 

    – Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, June 8, 2012 
    I thought it was widely regarded as a victory for the United States over Nazi Germany.

    • Detroit_WASP

      That’s because you are white.  Blacks saw it totally differently.  Haven’t you  ever heard “black leaders” brag about the way blacks dominate professional sports?  They NEVER mention America my friend….except to put it down.  

  • Sheila Dinehart

    Detroit is hopeless—and that should give us hope.

    Cool thought…I went to Detroit once just to see that Spirit of Detroit monument, then I saw the fist…I thought of it as a Black Power sign and realized the fall of a city like Detroit, at the hands of certain  america hating liberal old commie whites and the blacks they manipulate as their own private cannon fodder, is in fact a symbol of VICTORY over the system, the man, whitey…

    Looking at it in the real world it is merely a modern version of a *sacked village* of the enemy.

  • LudwigvonDrake

    Coleman Young was being honest when he declared that “I’m a Negro first, and a Democrat second”. Race will always trump anything else for the Negro. The tribe always comes first. Just like for an Irishman who’s loyalties are to the church, mom, and Guinness in that order, the overwhelming majority of blacks will always put loyalty to the tribe over anything and everything else

    I had a conversation with a director level customer last week who happens to be black. In his office, behind closed doors, I shared with him that one of his employees and I were chatting, and that she had expressed her preference for the communism of her native Hungary over her life here in America I was shocked (but not all that surprised) when my customer volunteered that he is “not sure I like many aspects of democracy”. Here is a guy over two pillar departments in a medium sized medical center drawing a six figure salary with a good many perks who prefers a totalitarian dictatorship over our system of government. I didn’t waste any more time talking with him about politics.

    • “Just like an Irishman…” This site risks becoming a cesspool for the stupid.

  • IstvanIN

    Some Jamaicans blame it on the fact that the Queen is still head of state. 

  • Perhaps because historically, there haven’t been all that many of us, and we knew it?

    Would you want to war with the next tribe over the hill over some real or imagined slight, when you also know you NEED them to interbreed with your tribe, so you both can survive and thrive?

    The most sorrowful chapters in the 20th century were the Brother Wars we fought amongst our own kind..

    Just think of how many more of us there would be, if not for that?

    I have sworn never to raise a hand against my racial brother or sister unless it’s a matter of life and death.   We are becoming too few in number to fight with each other constantly.

    • Orion_Blue

      The most sorrowful chapters in the 20th century were the Brother Wars we fought amongst our own kind.

      The most sorrowful thing about that was that they were entirely unnecessary, the result of underhand politicking.

      The 1st world war made the 2nd inevitable and that 1st one could have been averted.

      • True.  They were both totally unnecessary.  So many hundreds of thousands of whites on both sides, just wasted…. and for what?  (sigh)

        I had family on both sides of both wars… family in Germany were minor bluebloods (yes, we have the evil “von” in our family name), but WWII ended that.  The factories that my Great-Grandfather owned were flattened when the allies pushed past the Rhine.  The one facility he had over here was sold after the war, and my Great Uncle Hans squandered our family fortune… (sigh)… but all that happened long before I was born.  And so doth Fortuna smile on some, but not others…

        My own wife had her Grandfather killed on the Eastern Front during the Long Retreat.  Her other Grandfather was Afrika Corp and fought with Rommel.  He was captured by the Allies.

        All majority-white countries should sign some sort of Charter, swearing that they will never attack another majority-white nation, just for the sake of the race…. Don’t care about other nations….

  • Well thought out, Luke.


  •  If black cities were bastions of lamestream or neo conservative ideology, would they be any better?


    The people who live in these houses are almost all left wingers.

  • Oil Can Harry

    Yes, in recent years the majority of black Africans have told pollsters they were better off under white rule.

    I didn’t mean to imply that white leaders wouldn’t be an improvement, only that there’s just so much they could accomplish given their black constituency.

  • Oil Can Harry

    Well said, Luke.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx
  • Detroit_WASP

    It is a little known fact that Detroit spends MORE per student than neighboring Grosse Pointe MI which is one of the richest suburbs in America. 

    These figures are on  

    Last I checked, Detroit was spending about $12,000 per kid and Grosse Pointe was at about $11,500.  Yet Detroit has some of the WORST test scores in the country and Grosse Pointe has some of the best. 
    Also, poor white kids in Kentucky do FAR better on the SAT than their black counter-parts in Detroit who’s parents actually make more money.  

    What is problem?  Detroit Public Schools is 99% black and Grosse Pointe Schools are about 90% white….but that is rapidly changing.  Blacks are buying homes in Grosse Pointe with 3% down with a menu of federal programs to help them move to the burbs.  Grosse Pointe Schools has seen a recent decline in the test scores.

    Many Detroit suburban school districts are turning black as African Americans flee the city now that nothing much is left.  This is happening in Harper Woods, Southfield, Eastpointe and many other cities that boarder Detroit. 

    It would be extremely interesting reading if someone tracked the test scores of a given Detroit suburban school district as it turned from nearly all white to nearly all black.  Watch the scores drop as the number of black students increases.  Same school, same teachers, same books, different kids and the scores drop. 

  • xxxtonygunsxxx



    • Church_of_Jed

      Killed by Typical Diversity- increasing trend in race relations.

    • robinbishop34

      Blacks have limited impulse control. Please tweet and facebook this.

  • better_times

    Then don’t.

  • mikejones91

    haha, your friends comment is hilarious. 

  • Church_of_Jed

    Feeling worried about the future? Don’t be, or you’ll be called a racist.

    As America becomes non White, Whites who complain are racists.

    • That article was written by Leonard  Zeskind. 

      Hmm, that’s a strange sounding surname, isn’t it ? I looked him on Wikipedia and I wasn’t surprised where his roots come from. Here he is being critical of Jared Taylor and American Renaissance.

      • mikejones91

        Than who created it? For the sake of political correctness-RACE DOESN’T”T EXIST ( I still don’t feel better)But it just so happens that EVERY person who had pretty much ANYTHING to do with the building of The U.S, just happened, by pure coincidence, to be white. If blacks got here first, America would look exactly as it does today.

        • ” The USA was created by black slaves.” so says Leonard  Zeskind

          It fits into the marxist ” narrative ”. black man = good. white man = bad.

          • mikejones91

            If you consider simple labor “creating” than yes, blacks did create this country.

          • Hiorsesh**! First Mr. Zeskind’s bitter hatred and seething contempt for the white man —who gave his “kind” refuge from the the OTHER people who had had enough of their reptillian ways– is a member of a certain n”species”that is reverently praised and beloved.How anyone can have the slightest regard for this pig-fecal species is beyond me! Say what you want about the Nazis,they were right about ONE thing! And NO!!-a thousand tiomes NO NO NO–the negro slave didnt create or build a goddamn thing.

  • alastairabbacle

    Can we assemble all the old-timers, and just let them rant?

    Since many will die soon anyway, and have nothing to lose, could not old timers just let loose and tell all?

    Just the ones in Black-staffed nursing homes….

    We want our cranky old folks to come out! Let it all out, to heck with the PC!

    • Mainstreaming_Diversity

      That’s a brilliant idea- go interview old White folks who remember how good things were before BRA.

      Let them rant. Let them compare America 1953 to 2013.  Sixty years from Heaven to Hell.   They know it. If you prod them, they’ll say it.

  • anarchyst

    The “schools of choice” programs are enthusiastically promoted by school districts in the metropolitan Detroit area and are already showing signs of transforming once-stellar school districts into third-world sewers.
    The school boards in the inner-ring suburbs of Detroit are responsible for attracting “the worst of the worst”  when it comes to “students”. 
    FOLLOW THE MONEY . . . The “administrators” of these school districts are more interested in the funds that follow the student rather than keeping their school districts scholastically competitive. 
    Private schools and homeschooling are the only alternative to the “ghettoization” of once- superior school districts.
    What a shame . . .

    • IstvanIN

      Bad schools are the result of the teacher’s unions and bad teachers, just ask any conservative.  Bad schools are the result of underfunding of urban schools, just ask any liberal.

      We know the real reason for “bad schools” and it isn’t teachers, money or unions.

  • haroldcrews

    Reversion to the mean works in both directions.

  • alastairabbacle

    No, no it was not the average European. It was the wine and cheese party crowd.
    It sounds really nice to “be nice” to inmigrants and refugees.
    You don’t want anybody getting upset at a elbow -bumping political dinner party. So the topics were kept to “sound” as pleasant as possible.
    This cool new idea of the United States of Europe? “Great idea”
    Being welcoming to refugees and immigrants to do menial labor? “you are so compassionate”

    Our political morass came from the idea that sometimes the worst ideas sound amazing at parties.
    We’ve all been there…..

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    for anybody interested below is an awesome link for firearms enthusiasts colt official police demo

  • Church_of_Jed

    The mission of the Un-Fair Campaign is to raise awareness about white privilege in our community, to provide resources for understanding and action, and to facilitate dialogue and partnerships that result in fundamental, systemic change toward racial justice. This is long-term work. It is work that is focused on changing the systems and institutions in our community to benefit everyone.

    Translation: Whites have too much stuff, and we can take it from them if they will admit they don’t deserve it.

  • Detroit_WASP

    IQ and the wealth of nations.

    Same holds true for cities.

  • Two fisher price doll-houses. One includes a white family, the other an African-American family. Considering each contains the same amount of plastic and paint (just different colors) you would think they would cost the same. You would be wrong. 

    • haroldcrews

      Most likely the dollhouse for the black girls was over-produced.  Demand was over estimated.  Considering the number of reviews that seems likely to me.

      • Makes economic sense, good point. When all is said and done, though, White people still pay more for the same thing. A common trend throughout the economy.

  • Church_of_Jed

    The Diversity in the Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials  would rather our scenic highways be covered in trash than allow the Klan to do a good deed:

    “They have to say no. If it brings a lawsuit, so be it. If it ends the program, so be it,” he said.

    There is no Georgia Association White Elected Officials, because White politicians are scared of being called “racist” by noble, dignified blacks who are destroying White privilege.

  • Church_of_Jed

    “After all the White privilege we have undone by robbing from ourselves to give to the noble, dignified blacks, we get nothing more than this in return? After all of our sacrifices and laws passed to uplift the blacks from their natural afrovoodooism, they still remain lawless and fully afrovoodoo. No amount of abolition, emancipation, citizenship, enfranchisement, housing, medical care, education, integration, civil rights, voting rights, diversity rights, affirmative action, preferences, or privileges will ever make aught else of a Negro than a Negro.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Whites must enjoy destruction more than creation,” 2006

  • S

    Yet when the Saxon does decide to fight, historically speaking,  many people die.  Many non-Saxon people.

  • Celestial_Time

    Black People = FAIL
    Multiculturalism = FAIL

    Black People + Multiculturalism = The end of Civilization

    White people really need to get their act together. You’re not going to fix a problem by complaining about it 99% of the time.

    • robinbishop34

      Complaining about it is the first step. What is the plan? Multiple email addresses, each with multiple accounts on various media/networking sites. In between stir fry and wild salmon recipes throw in a few flash mob videos, play dumb and question strident multiculturalists on their views, make subtle jokes of the latest diversity dogmas.

      • ” You’re not going to fix a problem by complaining about it 99% of the time.”

        Problem is we are not in power. If I was a dictator I would ship them all back to Africa . Problem solved.

        • robinbishop34

          Get in power.

  • Greg West

    Where is there an example of a black led, black populated society that is not an absolute third world shi’hole?
    There is none.

    The only place some blacks do well is in or on the periphery of white populations.

    They make no industry and even in the best of agricultural areas can barely eek out a living.

    • haroldcrews

      I don’t know.  Some of them back in Africa did pretty well in the slave trade.

  • The Parasite,the vile and filthy race of reptiles.The non-human scum. The ones who cheered as the towers were hit.

  • I will never hear that song that goes,” I thirst to be thirsty in Montego Bay..” quite the same!

  • xxxtonygunsxxx


  • Church_of_Jed

    Maybe the most scary thing about a Romney victory won’t be the riots, robberies, rapes, and murders, but it will be the GOP’s agreement that “America is still a deeply racist nation” and the “national discussion on race” that calls on the White community to “finally undo” its racist unearned White privilege.

  • 1gravity

     Can anyone post a history of that house, preferably with photos? 

  • I saw this first hand in the Bahamas. Visiting there under British rule was upmost pleasure, visiting again just a a year or two later after “liberation” brought crime and misbehavior of all types, particularly hatred towards white tourists. This has happened in other places in the Caribbean as well.

  • “David Brims wrote: Whites create Civilizations, Blacks destroy Civilizations.”

    One thing that Whites MUST remember is that the blacks and other minorities didn’t come here on their own or invade our country, and they didn’t migrate into the major cities on their own. STUPID Whites brought them here and let the proliferate.

    Blacks did enslave and sell them, though.  If we MUST remember stuff, let’s include that, eh?  It’s also important to remember that the Whites who brought them here and the Whites who turned them loose were on either side of America’s most devastating war.  It’s also important to remember that even “the Whites who brought them here” isn’t as simple as it sounds; Yankees controlled shipping, after all, which is how blacks got here.

    I think it’s obvious that the Whites who turned blacks loose on America – the Yankees – are the ones to blame.  Southerners fought the bloodiest war in American history to prevent the calamity that Yankee fanaticism and ignorance ultimately turned loose on America.

  • Haha.  “Blacks: the gift that keeps on taking.”  Love it.

  • Yes, you have a point.  Liberals are the ones who bank on racial equality.

  • Ghost Wolf

    Holy crap.  That house depicted there has been abandomed for years, and is near the Ambassador Bridge entrance/exit on the way to I-75.  I can’t belive it’s still standing, but it does look a LOT worse than the last time I saw it, back in the 1990s.  I’m surprised it hadn’t been torn down by now, or burnt by the residents on Devil’s Night.

  • Plato1

    obviously run by blacks, same as haiti, and mogadisha, yay, a neighborhood soon coming to me and youl