City Officials: Detroit Will Go Broke in a Week If Consent Deal Lawsuit Isn’t Withdrawn

Suzette Hackney and Matt Helms, Detroit Free Press, June 8, 2012

Detroit will run out of cash a week from today if a lawsuit challenging the validity of the city’s consent agreement with the state is not withdrawn, city officials said this morning.

Jack Martin, the city’s new chief financial officer, said the city will be broke by June 15 but should be able to make payroll for its employees. He said the city will be operating in a deficit situation if the state withholds payments on a portion of the $80 million in bond money needed to help keep the city afloat.

The battle ultimately could lead to an emergency manager if state officials deem the city to be in violation of the consent agreement that gives the state significant control over Detroit’s finances.

Deputy Treasurer Thomas Saxton told the city Thursday that the lawsuit against the consent agreement could force the state to hold back $80 million in revenue sharing that was used, essentially, as collateral for interim refinancing of bonds issued in March so Detroit would not run out of cash.

Detroit has already used $35 million of the $80 million. {snip}

“If our city runs out of money, there is no bigger crisis that we would have in our city,” Detroit Mayor Dave Bing said this morning, adding that his frustration level is “off the charts.”

But Council President Charles Pugh said he and several other council members want the city’s top lawyer, Krystal Crittendon, to “stand her ground” on the lawsuit she filed last week challenging the consent agreement as a violation of the city charter.


Crittendon filed a lawsuit last week saying that the consent agreement was “void and unenforceable” because Michigan owes the city $224 million in revenue sharing plus more than $1 million in unpaid water bills, parking tickets and other debts. Under the city charter, Detroit can’t enter into contracts with entities in default to the city, so Crittendon challenged the consent agreement under her authority to investigate violations of the charter.


Bing said that under the charter, Crittendon has the autonomy to make such legal challenges, and as mayor he lacks any political power to curb her actions. He said the lawsuit has created an even worse financial situation than the city was already in. He said he has asked her to drop the suit but cannot force her to do so.

“It’s unfortunate that as an appointee of the mayor’s office she does not report directly to me with the change of the charter,” Bing said. “She really doesn’t report to anybody.”

Bing said he has met or spoken with Gov. Rick Snyder two to three times this week and “he’s supportive, but at the same token, we can’t put (the state) at a disadvantage. We’re going to them for certain things that would support us, and this doesn’t help the situation at all.”


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  • WmarkW

    Foreclose Detroit!

    •  Would you want it if you ran a bank?

      There’s always the “then what?” factor.

    • RockyBass

       When a house is foreclosed on the inhabitants are expelled aren’t they? Foreclosure and the re-introduction of whites would have Detroit booming in no time.

      • El_Magyar

        They have been trying that in areas like Royal Oak. Basically, it is an infusion of hipsters. Certainly hipsters are annoying, but certainly preferable to an infestation of violent crime, etc. The problem is, all the Blacks in Detroit are screaming gentrification. Not really, because they don’t know or understand the word “gentrification”. Instead they are claiming something along the lines of the re-establishment of slavery.

        I would push the whole mess into the Detroit River and start over.

  • Francis Galton

    I sincerely HOPE Detroit goes broke in a week.  While I’m not certain what the consequences will be “on-the-ground,” so to speak, I hope it will be the first hour of The Day the EBT Cards Run Out.  We need to expedite the inevitable racial clashes that are coming our ways.

    • I’m going to be watching with a certain breed of morbid glee as Detoilet goes broke and the EBT cards are shut off.

      It’s gonna give the term “Black Friday” a whole new meaning.

      • RockyBass

         EBT cards are national aren’t they? Detroit belly flopping naked in a pool of yellow sweat, will not slow the blacks from the goodies that get.

        • Francis Galton

           As far as I understand it, the SNAP program (food stamps/EBT) is (primarily) federally financed and state-administered, but I suppose the title The Day the EBT Cards Run Out is mostly a metaphor for governmental austerity in general. 

          • I must confess a certain ignorance when it comes to things like EBT cards, etc.  Never had the need to use them.

            Still, when the penny drops next Friday, I will be watching and cheering them on.

            Let them destroy the what’s left of the city…. burn it all.  The whole world was introduced to the African American back when they chimped after Katrina down in NOLA.  This will just reinforce their savagery in the eyes of many…

          • The money will never “run out” Francis so long as people like you and I have jobs…..

      • I’d like to see white people stop going to sporting events in Detroit. Seems to me, that’s the ONLY money flowing into the city right now. The Tigers, Lions, Pistons and Red Wings are simply not worth putting oneself in danger, going into Detroit.

        A few weeks ago, Tiger owner Mike Ilitch said in a USA Today article that if the Tigers won the World Series, it would mean so much to Detroit. How exactly? The Tigers won in 1984, and it changed nothing. The Pistons won a couple of NBA titles and it meant nothing, as did the Red Wings winning a few Stanley Cups.

        Come to think of it, sports stadia are Detroit’s answer to “urban renewal”. They really think that building shiny new sports stadia will uplift Detroit. It’s no accident that the mayor is an ex-jock basketball player, who is clueless in running a city, much as Obama is clueless in running the nation. 

        • Major

          “The mayor is an ex-jock basketball player..”

          Name me what other type of role models they have? They vote time and time again on skin color. Hell…Ice T would make a better mayor since he knows what “Law & Order” finally is.

          Do you think they listen to a Sowell, a West or a Thomas? Nah…like Chris Rock said…want to hide your money from a black….put it in a book.

    • El_Magyar

      Ne too. I want to Detroit to crumble and fail. Enough already. People need to start understanding realities again. However, it will be blamed on the exodus of the auto industry.

  • Hopefully, when the brown rats flee the sinking ship.
    They’ll be easier to pick off and eradicate.

  • How in the HELL does Michigan “owe” Detroit ANYTHING let alone $224 MILLION in revenue “sharing?”  Oh yes I LOVE the term “revenue sharing” aka fleecing White Peter to pay Black Dartavious.  What has Detroit done to EARN that $224 Million?

    • Had people on welfare

  • We need to get some cameras in there for when the EBTcards run out, hopefully on secure rooftops. The last white taxpayer will turn out the lights when he leaves.

  • Church_of_Jed

    “Detriot’s crisis will be solved immediately when the White community comes together and demonstrates more will to do the right thing and atoning for the shameful sins of invidious segregation by holding itself accountable to the beloved community of color for its racist unearned White privileges.  Until Whites are willing to make the necessary sacrifices, Detroit’s suffering will be their badge of guilt. Whites must make the first step because they benefit the most from systemic bias and institutional racism.”

    -Bishop Tyronne Cedric Ceasar Solomon Jefferson Washington, “Racism is killing Detroit,” 2012

  • tickyul

    Detroit will get bailed out by Michigan……big time.

    The Republirats are oh-so timid about race. If/when the Demorats even mildy throw out the R word……oh-my, watch the Phonycons cower.

  • IKantunderstand

    I keep hearing that Michigan can’t exist without Detroit. Are you F”ing kidding me? Detroit no longer contributes anything to the State of Michigan. Very few industries even exist there anymore. Detroit is a drain on scant resources and an embarassing eyesore. I say, restore the French ribbon farms, and for extra cash, institute pheasant shoots for sportsmen.( You would be amazed at how many pheasants there are in Detroit). I feel so bad saying this, black people are not equal to Whites. I so wanted them to be….

    • CharlesFinley

      Feeling bad is optional.  

      Here, I’ll state it without any guilt or shame:

      “Groids are inferior.”


  • zWsA

    That’s right. It hard to imagine now that Detroit had the highest income per capita of any city on Earth just 60 years ago!

  • zWsA

    If I wasn’t familiar with history, I would have thought Detroit was destroyed by a recent war. Then again, no army could destroy a city and keep it destroyed for so long. Destroy a White city (or an Asian city for that matter), and it will be rebuilt within 20 years (e.g., Berlin, Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima). Build a city, give it to Blacks, and it will be destroyed within 20 years.

  • Of course Detoilet will be bailed out in the end because anything less will be vilified as “racist!”

    • Red

      It can only be bailed out as long as there’s money to do the bailing. But I suspect the day the money runs out will not be far in the future.

      • Major

        Michigan…with huge unemployment and huge deficits….is in no way able to bail out this despicable ghetto. The state would be better off if they wiped it off the map…bulldozed the entire city and moved all the remaining parasites to Baltimore, Philly or Newark.

        • WhitesRdumb

          they white filth in California will accept them.

          • Major

            As they will…hopefully they’ll be able to scale the walls in Santa Barbara, Hollywood, and all the other lilly white sanctuaries of privilege these ignorant “diversity” A-holes hide in.

  • Regular people’s motto:  He who pays the piper calls the tune.

    Detroit’s motto:  Whites who pay the piper are racist if they want to call the tune.

  • CharlesFinley


  • JackKrak

    The mayor has the nerve to say that HIS frustration is “off the charts”??? How about the white people who have to work to pay taxes to be flushed down the Detoilet?

  • I remember in Philadelphia in the early 1980’s, there was a Bantu group who called itself MOVE. They actually lived like Africans in the Congo rain forest- no lights, running water, or physical upkeep to their structures. Their rugrats ran around naked, and every member of this sect took the last name “Africa”, so there was Jamal Africa, Tyrone Africa, Lakesha Africa, etc. They were such an embarrassment, that Philly’s Bantu mayor Wilson Goode, tried to destroy their hovels by dropping smoke bombs on them. Alas, it succeeded in destroying other housing when a high wind spread the smoke and flames.

    Had Frank Rizzo done something like that, Philly would have exploded in riots, but there were no riots, because this was a Bantu-on-Bantu thing, and they were cool with it.

    Someone once posted here, “A white man turns the desert into an oasis, the yellow man maintains the oasis, and the black man turns the oasis back into a desert.”

    How true. 

    • Umm, I remember reading about that…

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but they dropped a real bomb from a helicopter, not a smoke bomb.  It went off, and a whole block was burned down..

      Any of you Amrenners older than me remember that?

      • Major

        I remember….and I recall thinking it was a damn good start.

      • I stand corrected, paisan. It was a real bomb, not merely a smoke bomb. I believe Wilson Goode ordered it, after a MOVE sect member killed a Philly cop.

    •  I’ve heard it called the black Waco.  Though I think there are some critical differences between the two.

      I have also heard that MOVE cultists considered soap and body cleansing products a white conspiracy to poison them.  Therefore, they never showered.  Though I fail to see how that makes them different from a lot of blacks.

      Perhaps many of them should get used to the MOVE lifestyle, because it’s what they’ll be experiencing in life after white people.

  • Major

    Be honest Mayor Bing Bling….it’s time to relinquish control of that poor ravaged city to the people best suited to govern and manage it. White men as it was before 1967.

    The blacks who have ruined this city since Coleman  Young, should be jailed for their criminality ( Kwame Fitzpatrick to name one ) and incompetence. You’ve had since 1968 to put that city in order….you’ve burned it down…looted it…rioted in it…sent all the productive WHITE taxpayers to the burbs….the Paris of the West is now the Liberia or Somalia or Rhodesia of the West. Yet these ignorant dopes still blame the auto industry for their own failures.

    Well…let’s take a look at Pittsburgh….who faced a similar crisis when the steel mills shut down. Were there riots? No…was there White flight? No. The WHITE TAXPAYERS remained and picked themselves up…stayed and reclaimed that city. Today…it’s one of the top 10 places in America to live.

    Lets face the truth Mayor Bing…..blacks wherever they are…from Africa to Baltimore to Newark to Trenton to Philadelphia and on and on…are incapable of self governing.

    This sickening experiment in AA, PC and “diversity” must be labeled for what it is…a complete failure in every respect. On every level…cities turn to the most vile, corrupt ghettos when blacks rule.

    • By the time the 2020 Census rolls around, Detroit will be lucky to have 500,000 people left.

  • Major

    It won’t be “tough love” friend. No one I know loves to see incompetent, corrupt idiots be rewarded for their criminality and incompetence.

  • Major

    “look at Africa after they ran the whites out..”

    One needs to look no further than Haiti….bailed out and occupied by our beloved Marines four times since the early 1900’s until recently. Rebuilt their crummy “country “numerous times…only to turn it back over to Voodoo savages, incompetents and find out there’s no one damn blade of grass left on their entire side of Hispaniola.  Seen from the air ( as I have numerous times and being there twice ) it’s a brown stain into the gorgeous, azure waters of a pristine Caribbean.

    If it rains just 1 inch…100,000 of them drown cause they’ve eaten all the vegetation.

    • Never been to Haiti, but I ran into a bunch of them in Central America…

      MAN, they are nasty!  I mean physically… no hygene whatsoever.  You can smell them coming 40 feet away.

      The local Police would talk to me about them, away from their commanders… they detested the Haitians.  Said every one of them was a criminal of the worst kind.

      One of them took me to a regional jail and showed me their holding cell… I was the only white guy in the building.  The hate coming off those Haitians was palpable.  I’m sure any one of them would have happily cut my throat for pocket change….

      On one hand, as violent and savage our Uruk are here in the US, they have NOTHING on the Haitian Uruk… they’re the real deal.  As close to a Bush Uruk as you can get without actually going to Afrika.

      They detest us just for drawing breath.

  • Robert11110

    It’s a shame.  There’s so many historical buildings there that could be restored to their former architectural beauty.  Detroit’s cash flow problem will be moot in say 20 years or so because the city won’t exist anymore.  The population is shrinking continuously.  There’s hardly any private sector industry there anymore and what little revenue they generate comes from the taxes of city employees.  As the city shrinks, the revenue shrinks and the less money is needed to operate it and fewer and fewer city employees.  It’s like a snake devouring its own tail.   

  • xxxtonygunsxxx


  •  The high price of negroism

  • xxxtonygunsxxx


  • Up to my neck in CA

    Those two don’t even look like they could run a bake sale.

    • WhitesRdumb

      …but they do look like they could eat all the food.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    Almost time to party!!