Arson Fire May Have Been Race-Related

Ed Drantch, WIVB (Buffalo), June 8, 2012

The FBI now believes an arson fire in Buffalo’s Old First Ward may have been a hate crime. Upon hearing the news the fiery crime may be rooted in racism, a neighbor gave a stunning reaction.


Federal prosecutors stop short of calling this a hate crime, but continue to look for evidence to prove it as such. They have been investigating the Mackinaw Street fire for more than a year.

“The property owner and the victim was a refugee that had fled oppression and had immigrated to the United States in pursuit of the American dream,” said Frank Christiano, Resident Agent in Charge of the ATF.

Fifty-eight-year-old Michael Fijal of Buffalo was charged with arson and is awaiting trial. Prosecutors say he paid someone to purposely set the empty building on fire. {snip}

Now authorities say they’re looking for more evidence to prove race may have been a motivating factor. {snip}


We wanted to know if residents believed race played a role in the crime. One neighbor, working on repairing a home damaged in last year’s fire, had some comments that may shock you.

“I think that if people just stayed on their own side of town in their own neighborhood that things like that wouldn’t happen,” the man said. “Every race and color has their own section of Buffalo, so if they just stay in their own neighborhood, things like this wouldn’t happen.”


The man stated, “People in these neighborhoods don’t want those type of people moving down here and destroying the property value. So when things like that happen, it shouldn’t such a shock.”

We asked the man what he meant by “those types of people.” He responded: “Minorities. African Americans.”

We asked the man why he holds these opinions.

He answered, “Because I own a home and I see what happens when they move into the neighborhood. Property value goes down, kids on the corner, crime goes up. The east side used to be a beautiful place; look what they did to that.”


{snip} We asked the resident if he thinks there’s anything wrong with what he had said.

“I don’t feel there’s anything wrong with it. A lot of people would feel wrong about it, but I don’t.”


Here is the full interview:


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  • Francis Galton

    Someone buy this man a beer!  No, make that an entire year’s worth of beer!

    Unfortunately, with the way the Black-Industrial Complex operates these days, I wouldn’t be surprised if he meets one of two fates: he’ll either be Zimmermanned or Newsomed by the Gibsmedatmahdik Brigade. 

    • someone buy him a BEER…COMPANY

      • Hirschibold

         Just don’t hire Omar Thornton to work there!

      • CharlesFinley

        What he REALLY needs now is an armed security force, 24/7.

    • Not just Blacks. At least you know when Blacks attack, they are thugs and they have guns.

      Browns and Asians are more sneaky. They talk sweetly to you and then stab you in the back.

      All these cheap minority loans go to Asians and browns. These leeches plunder White People.

      This is White genocide, plain and simple. You cant just single out Blacks and suck up to Asians.

      So its not Black Industrial complex. it is hate-whitey coalition of Blacks-Asians-Browns.

      • alastairabbacle

        I hope the 10% Asian population of California has fun ruling over masses of Amerindian Mexicans.

        They may not care see, because they will live in well-off gated communities. Part of the strong income of Asians comes from the fact that they are better at currying favor by keeping their head down. Insecure bosses love the Asian employee who does whatever he asks without question, keeping his head down.

        An insecure White elite, promulgating braindead ideas, will love to have ever-obediant Asians as those who carry out orders without question.

        The Anglo-Saxon, the Mediteranid, the Teuton, they all question unfounded orders. The East Asian has a tendency to carry out orders without question. Some East Asians are not this way, but they are fewer in number. This is a danger, as many of the posts in the Communist USSA will go to graduates of the top universities.

        All talk against the USSA government will be deemed “offensive”, and “hate speech”. “Intolerance” will not be tolerated.
        Someday the catchphrase will be “Cohesiveness”. Until then though, the ruler will be a coalition of race-blind Whites, with race-conscious Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians.

        At a certain point, the Whites will cease to be race blind. This is happening now, slow to anger.

        •  Whites need to step out of their diapers and grow a set, before they can develop cohesion and win political power.

          Eunuchs cannot win. Only men can.

  • Archie Bunker is real, and he is awesome. I’m sure that reporter needed to sit down after being hit in the face with the truth. When my left leanings friends get offended by commentary regarding black behavior, i always ask them when they plan on moving into a black neighborhood. That usually shuts them up.

    • The next day, the reporter sat down with Rev. Darius Pridgen to discuss the issue:

      I was off from work today so I got the opportunity to listen to and record the radio interview.

      Rev. Pridgen isn’t your average rage-bater. He wants the races to get along and believes it’s possible if we just talk to each other honestly.

      Of course, during the radio interview, he made it clear, as did the callers, that while there MAY be some bad black apples, white folk ain’t no angels.

      This is how blacks in Buffalo always get out of coming to terms with violence in their communities. They simply make the claim that crime in white communities is out of control but ‘we just don’t hear about it’. This is completely and totally absurd.

      For comparison, here is a Buffalo New article about the recent outbreak of shootings in Buffalo:

      “When black people are killing black people and they know who is doing it and don’t say anything, they are just as guilty in my opinion,” he said. “To continue to embrace not saying anything, it gives those individuals bragging rights to go around the neighborhood and boast that they are hit men or assassins. That’s why I embrace and promote that it is ‘hip to snitch.'”

    • Frosty_The_White_Man

      Archie Bunker was joke created by an anti-White. His role in the script was to lose. When you play by rules created by anti-Whites you lose. Simple.

      •  That is a Iconic pic of the Great Otto Skorzeny that you have for your profile pic. God bless that great Teutonic warrior.

      • B-b-but Archie was created by Norman Lear. Norman Lear looks white! Why would Norman Lear be “anti-white”? Very confusing,this Nornam Lear guy who you claim is anti-white! I wish I knew more about Norman Lear,maybe it would provide  a clue why he is anti-white.

        • Libnomore

          Lear may not have been anti-white, but he was and is certainly, an anti-conservative lib/tard.

          • MekongDelta69

            A “lib/tard” IS anti-white (among a million other things).

            It’s built into the definition.

            It would be like saying a radical feminazi is anti-male. It’s redundant.

          • Anon12

             Lear most certainly was anti-White.  He was the Hollywood establishment, wasn’t he?

          • blight14

             Darius was being sarcastic…..and yes, Lear was full-on anti white…..

        • blight14

          ‘Darius’, somehow I think you know the score on Norman Lear! His Wiki page will nearly make a person sick…..his history and demented causes…….he fulfilled  nearly every ‘stereotype’ associated with ‘white’ people…..

      • Natassia

        Except people love him, so it backfired.

        • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

          It backfired on two levels: people loved him, and virtually everything he said made more sense on its face than all the left wing tripe of the supposedly enlightened Meathead, no how simplistically he said it.

          “But Daddy, don’t you realize more than half the murders in this city last year were committed with guns?!”

          “Would it make you feel any better little girl if they was pushed outta windows?”

          • Cheri Rodriguez

            Archie: Edith, you should’ve seen what I done in my cab today. I’m a hero.
            Mike: You picked up a Puerto Rican.
            Archie: I said a hero, not a daredevil.

    • mikejones91

      hahahahahah. Great username man. I was just watching “Best of Dale clips” on YT. 

  • This is a learning tool: The PROPER way to reply to vile, white liberal msm types.  Use the truth.
    The truth, shall set you free.

    Do NOT be ashamed!
    Whites, YOU did NOT DESTROY Buffalo and Detroit – nor 1000 other cities!
    TAKE them back.

    • Detroit_WASP

      Exactly right, stick to the facts.  I wonder how long it will take Eric Holder to press hate crime charges???

       Bravo to him for telling the truth but, he could have said, 

      1.  “Mr. Reporter, can you name ONE black city or neighborhood in this country that isn’t a crime ridden disaster?  Why SHOULDN’T we be worried when the blacks start moving in?”

      2. ” Mr. Reporter, can you name ONE country in the world, run by blacks that isn’t a disaster?  Again, why shouldn’t we be worried?”

      3.  “Mr. Reporter, why do you think South Africa WAS a food exporter when whites ruled the country, but now that blacks rule, they must import and beg for food, black run farms are a failure and a joke, and because of black on white murder, being a white farmer is the most dangerous occupation on earth.”

      4.  “Mr. Reporter, why don’t you ever do a story on the 36,000 white women that are sexually assaulted by black men….in America each year?”

      5.  “Mr. Reporter, do you REALLY believe blacks score lowest on all standardized tests like the SAT, ACT and ASVAB because the test is RACIST?  Show me what a racist test question looks like.”

      6.  “Mr. Reporter, do you really believe that the people who live in grass huts and tote their water up from a muddy river, they just used as a bathroom, are equal to the people that split the atom, cured polio and put a man on the moon?

      7.  “Mr. Reporter, why do you find the facts so offensive?  Why do you think that me telling the truth somehow makes me ignorant, and your pretending to be offened, makes you  smart?”

      • Precisely! I want you to email somebody I know close to you and send them this and make a contact. My contact info is on my blog.

      • Libnomore

        Here’s an example of what a “racist” question looks like. 

        In the late 1990s, San Francisco mayor Willie Brown (a black man) appointed a semi-literate black fire captain to the rank of Chief of the San Francisco Fire Department.  This so-called chief decided that certain questions in the Fire Department entrance examination negatively impacted black test takers and should be done away with because of their anti-black racist intent.

        As an example he claimed since most blacks were too poor to have had chandeliers in their homes, they shouldn’t be expected to know what they are.  Therefore, he claimed, that word, chandelier, should be  removed from the Fire Department written entrance examination.

  • RockyBass

    God bless this honest man.

  • ncpride

    Somehow I don’t think this reporter was  so much shocked by what this fella said, but rather that a White guy had the guts to say it out loud, on camera, and without remorse. Watch out guilt ridden White liberals……. Whitey is awakening slowly, but surely, and we’ve had enough.

    • Scariest thing this world has ever seen is a bunch of angry white men with a purpose.

      • mikejones91

        Black don’t crack? Great, either do WE.–I once argued with a black who said “The nazis were weak for committing suicide”. Referring to the city hall suicide in Berlin. I told him “Think of it this way–This suicide was a logical decision. They lived like kings, it was literally do or die for that effort. If they failed, they knew they would be imprisoned. Tell me what human being wants to spend the rest of their lives in jail, tortured, dead? Black’s were enslaved and they just dealt with it. They were to stupid to  not forsee the misery of enslavement. Ever notice how blacks ALWAYS choose life in prison over the death penalty. Your not stronger than US, your just dumb. We are logical.” 

        • anonymous_amren

           No, the black person was right. Suicide is stupid and irrational. You’re an atheist, you should understand that. You gain nothing by dying, but you gain life by living.
          Blacks do crack though, in both senses of the phrase.

          • mikejones91

            You’ve never been to prison.

          • There are many forms of suicide…
            Personally, I would rather suicide myself into a group of attacking Uruk, knowing that my sacrifice would allow others to live.  The end result is the same:  Me dead.  Only the method differs…
            Being taken prisoner is not an option.  You think you will be shown mercy?  HAH!  Just as the word “fear” doesn’t enter my vocabulary, the word “mercy” doesn’t enter theirs…
            I have only asked the Almighty for one thing in this life:  That I get to choose how and when I get closed out.  That’s all.
            You gain EVERYTHING by dying for a worthy cause… worst thing I can think of is sitting in some jail cell somewhere, slowly rotting away for decades.
            No, being taken prisoner, even if I live another 50 years, isn’t an option.

          • mikejones91

            Exactly, you have the right idea. Heck, if I was facing anything more than 10 years in jail, I would off my self. Probably a gun shot to the head. That or jump of the Golden Gate Bridge. Whats the point of living?(you can’t even call it that) It’s not life, it’s existence. Nothing more, much, much less. I was in jail for 6 months. Not a long time, but long enough to get the picture. You can’t comprehend imprisonment  until you have been through it. Although, there are people who actually prefer incarceration to REAL life. Usually blacks. I met people in there who were homeless/or drug addicts/or just degenerates who just couldn’t function in regular society. They don’t wanna work for their money. They have a saying in jail, “three hots and a cot”. Three hot meals and a place to sleep at night. Some people, prefer that. Those people should be in jail anyway. 

  • Sorry, can’t agree with you Celtic…

    This guy has my respect for fearlessly speaking his mind with a microphone and camer in his face.  THIS is what we should be doing, not tap-dancing around the truth everyone knows.

    I’ve always spoken my mind fearlessly.  You want my opinion?  You got it.  It didn’t endear me with most of my commanders who only wanted Yes-men working for them, but the others just LOVED it- the unvarnished truth, right there in your face.

    Your remarks come across as a bit cowardly, even though I know your first concern was for this guy’s family and his own safety.  It isn’t the job of the police to ensure you, personally, are safe and secure…. it’s YOUR job.

    As head of household, I have made sure that everyone who lives here knows their way around a firearm.  Also, I insisted that everyone of age get a CCW and carry every day, period.  No excuses.

    I will NOT be cowed into submission, or even ‘discreteness’, by the thought of some Uruk coming after me and mine because he didn’t like the truth…

    Uruks only understand one thing:  Force. 

    Who has it, who has more of it, and who is fearless enough to use it freely when the situation arises.

    • Villly

      I couldn´t agree more with you.
      Don´t shut up and play nice, do the right thing no matter what the consequences are.
      Have friends and familiy around to keep each other safe from the TNB and never be unarmed.
      Don´t let blacks intimidate you. If you let them, they win. The only difference between blacks and terrorists is is that blacks are more successful…

    • Ariovistus, can you tell me what an “Uruk” is? I take it as a term for Bantus, but did you invent it?  If so, good for you. Why use the “n word”, when you now have the “u word”? BTW, did you know, uruk spelled backwards is “kuru” a/k/a laughing sickness, which affects only the Fore tribe, of Papua New Guinea – according to the Guinness book of world records (under the category of rarest disease)?

      Having said that, kudos to you for training your family in the use of firearms and preparedness. It’s no accident that firearm sales from sea to shining sea continue to escalate, and will do so, for the next several months.

      I would say some 300 million guns are owned by around 100 million Americans. That number will increase, as November draws nigh. We will live in interesting times. 

      • Hi Luis,
        I cannot claim to have invented the word “Uruk” with regards to blacks.  I am, however, the first I know of to have applied it towards them on a daily basis.
        The word “Uruk” comes from the Rings Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien.  The proper term is “Uruk Hai”.  A term coined by him to describe a species of Orc, bred by the evil wizard Saruman to be larger, stronger, faster Orcs that can withstand sunlight (unlike the regular Orcs, which flee from it).
        When the LOTR Trilogy movies came out, many of the blacks complained about there being a total lack of blacks in the movie, except as the Orcs, goblins and Uruks, and that it was RAY-CISS!  Boo hoo…
        Since blacks prey on whites, usually at night, are vicious and savage and attack in packs (but are less active during the day), I thought “Uruk Hai” was a fitting description of them.

        Here they are in action against Boromir, Legolas and Aragorn:
        The added image is of the Uruk Hai leader, Lurtz.  Note the similarity to blacks, right down to the dredlocks….

  • Buffalo has been rated the 5th poorest US city and the 6th or 7th most segregated city. It’s also overwhelmingly Democrats. No one ever seems to make this connection.

    What this man did was nothing short of courageous. However, this isn’t the end of the story, it’s only the beginning.

    This man is going to be crucified by the ‘progressive’-liberal establishment. As I noted in a previous post, Rev. Darius Pridgen (who is also a member of the Buffalo Common Councel ) spent a great deal of time talking about this man being a landlord. The implication being that racist landlords in south Buffalo are a serious problem that needs to be adressed.

    Until recently, south Buffalo was overwhelmingly white and long been condemned as a racist enclave.  The city of Buffalo and HUD have been closing housing project to ‘decentralize’ blacks and they have been sending them to south Buffalo. Two birds with one stone; decentralize  blacks and break-up a racist, white community. 

    While I applaud this man for speaking the truth he also put a target on the back of south Buffalo. We are going to be slammed with stories and reports, demands for inclusion and tolerance, and calls for more ‘die-versity’.

    Right now, Buffalo News editorialist, Donn Esmonde,  is busy penning a hate piece condemning this man and segregation in south Buffalo.

    •  I’m sorry to hear how this White enclave is now likely to be targeted by the multi-culti crowd in Buffalo. A similar thing happened to South Boston, in Massachusetts, long an almost all-Irish neighborhood, where city officials have tried to force the acceptance of blacks to “diversify” Southie.

      And if the courageous White man is a landlord, he has a double reason to be leery of blacks in South Buffalo. Low-income tenants, whatever their race, tend to carry a train-load of problems with them for their landlords to deal with.

  • WIVB is shocked, SHOCKED to hear a White man say out loud, without flinching, what millions of other White Americans believe is one of the chief problems with our “glorious rainbow of diversity” (meaning, mostly, blacks). This man, who the TV station didn’t identify by name (although given the courage he showed in saying these things on TV, I doubt if he’d have cared), should receive a medal for being the honest man who Diogenes was searching for with his lamp.

    Did you notice how he spoke his piece while looking the reporter right in the eye, not flinching, not stammering, not being bated into any walkbacks or crawfishing? There used to be a lot of White men like that. I fear they’re becoming an endangered species. My hat is off to you, sir, whatever your name is.

    • I note that the only stammering was the reporter’s.

  • Church_of_Jed

    “You can only talk about blacks if you follow the St. MLK Afrovoodoo magic formula:  say that they enrich us, then say how badly we’ve mistreated them, then conclude that we need to do more for them.  If you learn that one voodoo incantation, you will shoot straight to the top and double up on even more unearned White privilege. If you deviate from that voodoo, you are doomed.  I’m doomed, but at least I’ve kept my soul by blessing the blood of White heroes that runs red hot in my veins.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Three easy and profitable steps to Hell,” 1999

    • mikejones91

      You should write a book Rev. Maybe you have already lol.. I’m an atheist, your the only Reverend I need!

  • Good Lord, what a Grade A Weasel that reporter is. The only one squirming or feeling “wrong” is the reporter when he’s confronted with reality.

    • Church_of_Jed

      It only feels right when the news is reporting the enriching contributions that blacks make to society, and it feels wrong when anyone notices that blacks commit crime. 

      It feels best when the news is reporting how much blacks have suffered, and it feel best of all when the news reports that some Whites are committing to “doing more” to help blacks by diverting time, resources, and money away from the White community  and “investing” themselves in social justice.

      But even more splendiferous than that is when the news reports that before the Whites help the blacks, they first decide to “undo” their White privilege by atoning for the sins of segregation by holding themselves accountable to the beloved community of color for their racist unearned White privilege.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Can anyone find out if the vicitm was White so that we can pledge to ignore the race of the black girl in the mug shot?

    • Yes, she was white, they show a picture of her in the video at the bottom of the article. 

      • Church_of_Jed

        Add Elizabeth Hucheson to the list of White girls KBTD (Killed by Typical Diversity).

        Who will be next? We know there will be a next, definitey within the next month, but who will it be? Will it be your daughter? Her Whiteness racially profiles her for a racial Bill of Attainders- Whiteness is a confession of guilt, and there is no defense, no matter how many black friends she has.

        Channon Christian, Eve Carson, Anne Pressley, Carissa Horton, Nancy Strait, Kristen Warneke, Pam Gentry, Emily Haddock, Lauren Burke, Julie Love, Eugenia Calle, Brittny Watts, Beverly Melton, Sandra Rogers, Heather Mueller, Laura Dickinson, Ashley King, Sharlotte McGill, Shannon Collins, Jacqueline Gardner, Nancy Harris, Elizabeth Hucheson

        The police said, “There’s really no rhyme or reason that we can put a finger to.”

        What kind of training do police get these days? Anti racism and Diversity sensitivity?

        They can point a finger at afrovoodoo Diversity privilege and understand all they need. The pizza delivery woman was racially pofiled for her racist unearned White privilege, and that’s why the Diversity stabbed her to death.

        The police say they heard her screaming. Maybe that sound will cure them of n’gro tolerance, just like the tears and screams and agony of Channon Christian ignited a massive White Awake in Knoxville.

        • Church_of_Jed

          Jackie Wisniewski, KBTDB, less than one week after Elizabeth Hucheson! Will we lose 52 White girls and women this year?

  • tickyul


  •  George Wallace did pretty well in South Boston during his political heyday.  It was the neighborhood which organized the first real ostentatious resistance to busing/deseg north of the M/D Line.

    • I remember when Swimmer Ted went to a Boston neighborhood to confront angry white parents who opposed the busing plan. One man actually yelled to Swimmer Ted, “Why don’t YOU send your one-legged kid on a bus to Roxbury?”

  • disqus2222

    The “reporter” is on Facebook:

  • IKantunderstand

    Amen, brother. This guy spoke the truth, and the interviewer floundered around because he wasn’t expecting that. Apparently, he was led to believe that during an interview, the already beaten down Whites would of course decry any form of “racism”.  What a dumbass, he barely knew what to ask next. Was that because he secretely agreed with his interviewee?

  • Its 11:30PM. As I read this my neighbors are blaring Spanish music. In order to hear each other over the excessively loud music, they have to yell in Spanish at the top of their lungs. I live with diversity everyday, it sucks and its dangerous, but my rent is dirt cheap.

  • That’s how the blacks keep whitey inline. Pure violent intimidation. That is exactly why every white person who feels this way should do exactly as he did. We’ve been running (white flight) for 50 years. Either we stand our ground NOW, while we are still a majority or we surrender and guarantee our children will be slaves until our race and culture go extinct. 

  • MekongDelta69

    The TRUTH never shocks ME. Why did it shock Ed Drantch?
    Because Ed Drantch is a self-loathing, guilt-ridden white leftist journalist who has never lived in the real world in his entire life.

    When he runs across a black guy who says something bad about white people, Ed Drantch gets on his knees, and licks the black guy’s toe jam.

    Bank on it…

    • Sherman_McCoy

      That’s not his toe he’s licking.  And it isn’t jam, either.

  • mikejones91

    American Hero.

  • mikejones91

    You Europeans could learn from this man. STEP UP.

  • mikejones91

    Look at Russia. It’s literally the COMPLETE opposite. Over there (way over) the black fear US. Why? Because they are brutal. The Russians attack them and actually film to warn others from coming to their land. Russians haven;’t been emasculated like we have here in the U.S/Europe/Canada/Australia.

  • mikejones91

    I’m with you on that philosophy my friend. Don’t hate, just separate! 

  • mikejones91

    Yeah, look at Long Island. The most segregated place in the U.S. I’m in SE PA/Philly area. There MANY people who think like us. 

  • mikejones91

    The American Tommy Robinson for Race/Without the bogus civic nationalism/

  • mikejones91

    It’s not racism, it’s realism.

  • This man’s a media hero – just for stating the obvious. I hope I live to see the day when those in the media can also speak the truth without getting fired.

  •  They could have put this guy on Buffalos’ black east side but they made the decision to put him in a white neighborhood.  They did so because, despite this alleged arson, they knew this African refugee would be safer in a white neighborhood than a black neighborhood.  Habitat for Humanity is also building houses for Africans in south Buffalo despite the need for new housing for poor, white families.

  • Johnny Reb

    I loved this.  However, he got nailed a day or so later on a radio show where two white DJs hammered him with the questions:  “What about white trash . . . white drug dealers and white folks who don’t take care of their property?  What about blacks who do take care of their property?”

    If you’re going to sound off then you have to be able to respond to questions that challenge your beliefs.  it’s not as simple as BLACK = BAD, WHITE = GOOD.  You have to go beyond that.

    •  Here’s a nice canned answer to that loaded question:

      It’s 10 pm at night.  You have no choice but to walk a half mile.  Would you rather do it in a typical black neighborhood or a “white trash” neighborhood?

      • In a lot of ways, the answer is obvious, but there have been times where choosing one is choosing the lesser of two evils.

      • Johnny Reb

        Well, there again, you’re being much too simplistic and leaving yourself wide open.  The typical liberal would counter with . . . “yeah, but what about those very wealthy black neighborhoods outside of Atlanta or Los Angeles?” 

        What we need to learn to do is change the argument.  The fact is that you can get killed in white trash neighborhoods or negro neighborhoods.  Both are full of criminals.  But the negro neighborhoods offer the additional threat of BLACK RACISM.  This is why we need to stay among our own kind.

        What this guy should have said on the radio is that the reason we have trashy white neighborhoods is because whites, as a people, have become self-destructive.  You had poor whites in the past, but you never had whites acting like blacks.

        Why now?  Because whites are now taught from an early age that all whites are bad, that America is bad and anything colored is far superior.  Whites no longer have heroes.  They’re no longer allowed to have pride and to be competitive and warrior-like.

        As a result, our people no longer know who they should be.  They engage in destructive behavior like abusing drugs and alcohol.  They abuse their spouses and their children.  They become promiscuous, lazy and addicted to welfare and government handouts.  They turn to rap music and emulate negroes in their dancing, speech and behavior.

        Blacks are a disease and whites are now infected.

        That’s what we need to be prepared to say when questioned.

        •  I would chance the worst white trash neighborhood before I would do it in the “wealthy black neighborhoods.”

          The fact is that you can get killed in white trash neighborhoods or negro neighborhoods.  Both are full of criminals.

          The “white trash” suburban/exurban county south of St. Louis, full of meth labs and trailer parks, has only single digit murder tallies year in and year out, and its population is 218k.  St. Louis City, population 318k, hits the triple digit count for homicides in a year consistently.  It was almost a murder a day during the height of the crack epidemic.

        • curri

          Almost incredibly, Francis Parker Yockey was able to foresee the American cultural revolution in 1948:
          The message of Hollywood is the total significance of the isolated individual, stateless and rootless, outside of society and family, whose life is simply the pursuit of money and erotic pleasure. It is not the normal and healthy love of man and wife bound together by many children that Hollywood preaches, but a diseased erotic-for-its-own-sake, the sexual love of two grains of human sand, superficial and impermanent. Before this highest of all Hollywood’s values, everything else must stand aside: marriage, honour, duty, patriotism, sternness, dedication of self to a higher aim. This ghastly distortion of the sexual life has created the erotomania which obsesses its millions of victims in America, and which has now been brought to the Mother-soil of Europe by the American invasion.

          Not only the individuals are the victims of this technic of degeneration, but the family and the race are dissolved wherever it touches. Divorce replaces marriage, abortion replaces birth, the home acquires a purely commercial raison d’etre, the family becomes the battleground of individual strife for personal advantage. The erotic-as-its-own-end deliberately reduces the numbers of the race, even as it also disintegrates the higher organism into sand. As a part of the technic, woman is made into a feminist, an unhappy derailed creature who would contest with man in his own domain and seek to lose all the attributes of her polarity which assure her destiny of its unfolding, and guarantee her the natural dignity which is hers. The end of the process is seen in those wide strata in America which have been completely Hollywoodized. Hollywood-feminism has created a woman who is no longer a woman but cannot be a man, and a man who is devirilized into an indeterminate thing. The name given to this process is the “setting free” of woman, and it is done in the name of “happiness”, the magic word of the liberal-communist-democratic doctrine. It accompanies the spreading of inverted Puritanism, which seeks to spread erotomania by surrounding the sexual life with an aura of attractive evil.

  • Wow, I love that bloke. Cool, calm, unflinching, solid, rational, delivering the sobering truth and knocking the somewhat effeminate-liberal sounding reporter for six, or a “home run” or whatever is said in America.

    That is a great little interview. Job well done. The first clip is great, the full barrelled one below is even better.

    I think the reporter may have needed to have a lay down after that! Phew, obviously too much truth and honesty for any media puppet to handle in one sitting. 

    “What do you mean by thooooose type of people?” LOL.  “aeerrrrr errrr you are generalising tremendously….” LOL (x 2)…….”Do you think there is anything WRONG with what you are saying?”…..LOL (x 3).

    Superb. That is TV-Gold.

  • In the fateful words of Leonidas, before he went off with his 300 to fight Xerxes at Thermopolae:

    “Sparta will need sons.”

    So will we.

    White America, whether Christian or Atheist, will need sons, very soon.  Not for the War Machine to grind up in 3rd world countries around the globe, but to fight for US whites in the very near future.

    Those of you in your late teens, 20’s and 30’s:  Have as many children as you can, especially sons, and economics be damned.  If you think like that, you will NEVER have children!  SACRIFICE, DAMMIT!  I haven’t had a new pair of shoes in 12 years!

    We were fortunate enough to have a son, but Fortuna did not smile on us afterwards… we cannot have any more, save at the risk of the life of my beloved wife.

    In this fight, Quality and Numbers matter.  Yes, White Men of Quality have always shown themselves to be worth many times that of the Enemy, but our civilization is at a tipping point:  Either we start having children and raise them to FIGHT!, or we will be overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the Golden Hoarde.  Think back to the Men of Quality who first arrived here and hacked a living out of the wilderness with nothing but Will and their own two hands…

    THOSE are the type of Sons we need to raise… not “metrosexual” milquetoast effete snobs who are not even interested in raising a family.

    Politics aside, Germany had many Sons of Quality in WWII.  In my opinion, they were the finest Warriors the world has ever seen.  The Russians, believing in numbers, threw whole Divisions at the German lines which were pitifully under-equipped and, due to casualties, very outmanned.  But they still held the lines, for their people, and sacrificed on a Heroic scale.  They had no misconceptions about what would happen if The Enemy reached their home…

    The same it is with us:  We must breed Sons of Quality. 

    As many as we can.

    Before it is too late.

  • Natassia


  •  Exactly.

    Why did this man choose to move to a white neighborhood instead of a black neighborhood; presumably with people he would feel a kinship?

    The fact is, despite this alleged arson, blacks know they are safer living with whites than with blacks.

    When given the opportunity, blacks will move out of a black neighborhood to a white neighborhood at the drop of a hat. It’s the dream of many blacks to leave ‘the hood’ and live with whites. They won’t say it like that. They’ll dance around the issue by saying they’re moving to a nicer neighborhood or a nicer house but never acknowledge that the nicer neighborhood is nicer because it’s white.

    On a side note, I was waiting for the bus one morning and two black teenage girls showed up. One was enraged screaming she didn’t like having to be in no ‘cracker-*ss neighborhood’. She was there because south Buffalo offers a highly successful GED and computer training program which isn’t offered on Buffalos’ black east side.

    Another time on the bus home from work, an Hispanic women and a black male teen were having a LOUD conversation about how much they didn’t like living in south Buffalo because ‘it wasn’t like their old neighborhood’. It’s likely the black male moved to south Buffalo with his parents and didn’t have any say in the matter. The Hispanic woman was an adult. Single or married, she made the choice to move to south Buffalo and then she had the nerve to complain it wasn’t like her old neighborhood.

    Minorities claim white people are dangerous and down right evil and yet they do everything they can to be around us.

    • Some time ago, a DC news show was doing a report on a shooting in one of the hoods, and a resident being interviewed said she wanted to move to where the white people lived.

    • Mainstreaming_Diversity

      They like to be around us because that’s how they destroy our White privilege.
      The are motivated by hatred and are full of evil.

  • If you want to know what’s going on in Buffalo and why this man holds the views he does, check out one of our recent ‘east side’ stories:

     One of MLK Park shooting victims dies

    Marquay Lee, one of the five people shot at Martin Luther King Park
    over the weekend, has died from his wounds, authorities said this

    Lee, 26, of Buffalo, suffered the most severe wounds and had been
    fighting for his life in the intensive care unit at Erie County Medical

    He died late Tuesday night, but news of his death was just released.
    Lee was at a picnic Saturday evening when a gunman approached him and
    others and began shooting before fleeing.

    No arrests have been made and an investigation was continuing.

    •  All you needed to do was quote four words from the article:

      “Martin Luther King Park”

      And we could have implied the rest of the story on our own.

      • As Chris Rock has said, words to the effect of, “If you find yourself on a street or anything named after MLK, get out of there fast.”  Sad, but true.

  • Christopher Cox

    Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE
    problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white
    country and ONLY into white countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan,
    but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing
    in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY
    white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e.,
    intermarry, with all those non-whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem
    would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought
    into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE
    problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of
    genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable
    conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  • On the same day this video interview was recorded and aired, within hours of this interview, there was a double stabbing in downtown Buffalo. Two white people were stabbed apparently at random by a man yelling at them.

    I didn’t want to bring it up until I could confirm the identity of the attacker but the local Buffalo news, print and TV, have yet to show a picture of the man who stabbed the two white people though they did identify him by name; Grill Williams.

    Man held in knifing of two at harbor rail stop
    Victims, from California, are hospitalized after attack prior to opening wharf concert
    A 50-year-old Buffalo man has been identified as the individual who stabbed a young woman and man from California on Thursday afternoon at Metro Rail’s downtown Erie Canal Harbor Station near Scott Street, authorities said.Grill Williams is charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon.Lema Lynch, 18, was listed in fair condition today at Erie County Medical Center. Rex Sandoval, 22, was treated and later released from the medical center.Grill attacked them at about 3:30 p.m., according to police.Grill fled on foot after the incident and was arrested near the Metro Station in the Washington-Seneca street area by Central District officers on routine patrol, after a description of the attacker was broadcast over police radioes.A witness said his two friends were stabbed by an unknown person who “started yelling at us” near the Metro Rail train. The witness, from California, said his two friends were also from California.Lynch was stabbed in the stomach, and Sandoval was wounded in the arm, the witness said, adding that the attacker had tried to bite him.Several Buffalo police cruisers were on the scene after the stabbing. Officers put up crime scene tape and interviewed people as concertgoers streamed from the Metro Rail station to the Central Wharf. 

    • alastairabbacle

      Thanks for the update, I hope this is unconnected. I wonder what the man was yellling about?

      You know, high up Blacks could easily order the rabble to attack. They could also coordinate through local gangs, through the Black Panthers.
      Thus, “random attacks”, through street contacts, could actually be hit jobs by those higher up. We would hope not, this particular incident is likely just a crazy…

      • Yes, it would be telling to learn what this man yelled at these two white people but the Buffalo News must consider it ‘need to know’ information. 

        The MSM can’t understand why their credibility is shrinking and they’re losing readers and viewers.  Doing their job of reporting unbiased facts might turn it around for them. Now instead of discussing relevant facts, we spend our time wondering why the MSM reports stories as they do. Are they hiding something from us?

  • Anon12

     I may have misinterpreted your meaning. For that I am sorry and apologize to you. No need for us White realists to ever be nitpicking at each other. We need to stand together.

  • What has Taras Shevchenko got  to do with all that ?

  • Church_of_Jed

    AmRen should be all over these:


    Are you an atheist or agnostic or race pagan?

    Study this quotation of the day and begin a new understanding our our plight:

    In the upcoming Presidential election in this country, the rights of all sorts of colored people will be discussed ad nauseum. But one people whose rights will not be discussed are the people who have no rights: the white people. Such will always be the case in Babylon. The only race that could reestablish a link between this world and His world shall not be allowed to establish a foothold in Babylon. I liken the plight of the white race to that of a boxer who has been knocked down in the ring. The referee, who hates the downed fighter, does not send the opposing fighter to a neutral corner but instead allows the opposing fighter to stand over his opponent and knock him down every time he tries to get up. There is only one rule in Liberaldom: the white race must die. How could it be otherwise? In a world that has not charity, there is no room for the Christ-bearing people.

    • Powerful words. I often think of all the beautiful young white girls involved in “modern” charity work. They raise money for starving African children, they speak out against racism and discrimination and they adopt black babies. I want to reclaim them. I don’t blame them for being too young, superficial or brainwashed to realize how futile their efforts are. Others are unworthy of this love and charity, they cannot use it or appreciate it to its fullest extent. If these girls invested their time and energy into helping their own, then our people would become that much more glorious. I know that someday, probably after a major racial event/war, they will return to us.

  • Too bad he couldn’t back it up enough on the radio show.  Poor guy.  He’s got stones for refusing to back down and I have massive amounts of respect for him because of it, but he should have been better able to articulate his point of view better before he called into that show.

    White trash arguments are easily crushed.  Rural white areas, the poorest areas of the nation that are full of what people call ‘white trash’ are some of the safest areas in America.

    Yeah there are white criminals too, but black males make up maybe 5-7% of the general population while composing over 50% of the prison population.  He’s “unfairly stereotyping” an entire race as criminals?  I think it’s pretty obvious that blacks do that just fine without his help, what with one of three black men ending up in prison at some point in their lives.

    • As I wrote before, blacks in Buffalo use the tactic of ‘yeah, but white folk do it too but we don’t hear about it’ all the time. It’s how they stop every disucssion. ‘Yeah, there are some bad black folk but white folk do the same stuff’.

      Blacks in Buffalo are convienced, or have convienced themselves, that white crime is out of control but the police and the media conspire to hide white crimes.

  • razorrare

    Just an observation…

    Are my eyes seeing correctly?

    On the right side of each posted amren article there is now an ‘ad placement’…

    I have seen such well known companies as Ford-AT&T-Coke-and others placing ads on Amren pages.Has anyone else noticed this?

    This is huge…any amrenner considering doing a major purchase should consider those who buy ad space on Amren…

    But is it true?

    If true,it is of huge significance. Need I explain why?

  • Periapsis,

    Having such close ties to the war in my family, on all sides, the only things I can say about it and WWI are that:

    1. They should never have happened.

    2. Cruelty and barbarism existed on all sides.

    3. In retrospect, there were no “winners”.  Only losers.

    4. We MUST learn from them, forget the hostility and ensure they never happen again.

    So much good white blood was spilled on all sides, it took generations for us to recover.  As an example, after WWI, the French could not conjure enough men to clear the fields of the dead or clean up the unexploded shells… The US dispatched the Boy Scouts (!) and the Red Cross to help clear the fields of the dead. 

    To this day, there exists a “Red Zone” in France where the shells from WWI lay thicker on the ground than pebbles.  Any dreams France has of recovering the millions of hectares of land pummeled to death by shells, bombs and flame in this century are just that:  dreams.

    I am a child of the Cold War.  I bear my Russian brothers no ill will at all.  GOVERNMENTS go to war… the people, however, are really no different than you or I, and I will never raise a hand against a racial brother so long as I live.

    There are simply too few of us left to waste time bickering about the actions of our fathers and grandfathers.

    We must UNITE under one banner and recognize the real enemy for who he is… we MUST preserve the white race at any and all costs.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Nicola Furlong

  • b&h

    We need to fallow the idea that to make a stand we need to start with are. Neighborhoods and work out from there. Make that more safe for are kids there’s really no reason to fight the hole country if you cannot right your own block. We all should take something form this if it is to take things into your own hands sometimes or just say what you stand for and not to care if they think we are wrong or right. The ripple starts with a pebble

  • b&h

    We need to fallow the idea that to make a stand we need to start with are. Neighborhoods and work out from there. Make that more safe for are kids there’s really no reason to fit the hole country if you cannot right your own block. We all should take something form this if is to take things into your own hands sometimes or just say what you stand for and not to care if they think we are wrong or right. The ripple starts with a pebble