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Four anti-Trump protesters arrested.

Splitting the state in two would benefit President Trump.

Bulgarian volunteers plug holes in their border with Turkey.

Increasing Russian fertility is better than importing Muslims.

Viktor Orban: Islam is a “Trojan horse for terrorism.”

There is typically a 10 to 20 percent increase in crossings over the same period.

What an idea!

Human rights group may sue to oppose this measure.

CEO: “To kick off a merchant is to censor ideas and interfere with the free exchange of products”

Nearly a quarter million criminals have deportation orders but home countries won’t take them back.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins is embarrassed.

Author of “The Flight 93 Election” now works for Trump.

“Men of the west, you have the power to expose the anti-white double standard.”

The next step is to collect 600,000 signatures, and secession goes on the state ballot.

A Weekend to Remember


We are winning and the other side knows it.


AfD, PVV, National Front, and Northern League will participate.

Decision comes now because of Trump election.

Happy New Year!


We’re going to win so much we’re going to get tired of winning.


AP’s year roundup: “The uncertainty is thick enough to breathe.”

Pro-white activists are making an impact.

The election is this Sunday.

Now, the unthinkable has become conceivable.

Among white Millennials with an opinion on the Alt-Right, “the favorable-unfavorable divide is 33%-19%.”

A comprehensive look at how “far-right” parties in Europe have gotten to the brink of power.

Over the next six months, there will be key elections in Netherlands, France, Italy, and Germany.

We’re All “Extremists” Now


Trump tapes, Wikileaks, and the continued mainstreaming of our ideas.


50 percent of the French think Marine Le Pen should be “given more power.”

Never NeverTrump, National Review

National Review says its favored Republican candidates were “cuckolded.”

There is a 37-point gap between Republicans and Democrats on the issue.

The AfD bested Merkel’s CDU in her home state.

Rally for Refugees Is a Dud


Lackluster acts perform for an audience of 300.


Tweet analysis “complicates the easy dismissal of alt-righters as disenfranchised, neckbeard teens.”

German authorities say Generation Identity’s activities may be “against the free democratic order.”

These videos help explain.

Paul Gottfried first described the Alternative Right in 2008.

Washington Post’s “guide to the basics.”

Half of those surveyed in 22 countries agree with that claim.

His lead has widened in the wake of Brexit and Nice.

NYT on the rift between “beneficiaries of multicultural globalism” and “working-class ethno-nationalists.”

Researchers say the trend began before Trump, but he capitalized on it.

Pat Buchanan: “People sense that the fate and future of the West are in the balance.”

Pat Buchanan sees resurgent tribalism in support for Brexit.

Protestors called 2015 a “turning point.”

High energy and confidence at AmRen 2016.

“We’ve Never Been Weaker and Never More Hated”


Anti-racists gather to lament our gains.


Article is a catalog of rising support among European nationalist parties.

Lefties kindly transcribe interesting passages from a recent interview.

AmRen 2016: The Wind is in Our Sails


Attendance hits record high at 14th American Renaissance conference.


Austria could get a “right-wing populist” head of state.

61 percent of Germans now say Islam does not belong in Germany.