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Chinese-Americans want a system based on merit, not victimhood.

A Report from Europe and an Invitation to Viewers

The 2018 AmRen conference is just one week away.


The Scandza Forum: Normalizing Nationalism

A report from Sweden.


At least a dozen local governments have already joined DOJ’s lawsuit against California.

The America They Fought For?

95-year-old veteran murdered out of “misplaced anger.”


“White judges will preside over an increasingly diverse population for decades to come.”

ICE has an ally in California.

He’s the only sheriff in New York to cooperate with ICE.

At present, EU countries send back only half of migrants denied visas.

The bill wanted to label Alt-Right “a very real threat to social and racial progress.”

Leftists react in horror.

Nationalist parties win 37 percent of the vote and will probably hold a majority in parliament.

CPAC and the ‘Death of Conservatism’

But we are very much alive.


Bill allows for longer detentions and shorter time to file appeals.

Closings due to record low numbers of refugees.

Their message to Black Caucus: “Represent or go away.”

It no longer has the means to “inegrate” foreigners.

Bill requires local governments to comply with federal agents.

Even French leftists are discovering the costs of multiculturalism.

They’re escaping “incessant racism and prejudice.”

Trump: “DACA is probably dead because the Democrats don’t really want it.”

They recognize that diversity comes at the expense of whites.

Contracts with companies profiting from migration will be bought out.

Alexander Gauland, Foreign Policy

The German intellectual steering the AfD.

The decline is attributed to a deal with Turkey and to the closing of the “Balkan route.”

Populism could become “the new normal” for Europe.

Nationalist party will control Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Interior.

University officials never criticized paper’s racist columns until white students began complaining.

“Europe belongs to us.”

Campaign against an unnamed chain will be Trump administration’s first.

Tom Homan: When it comes to enforcement, “No one is off the table.”

Removal orders are up 29 percent.

It’s so divisive to be white.

Half of those polled in California would consider independence.

In Italy, Migrant Welcome Cools, Christian Science Monitor

“There’s a perfect storm right now in Italy.”

Halloween Happenings

Horrifying hoaxes, pallid politicians, and more.


About half of voters say Australia “feels like a foreign country.”

The “young, media-savvy campaigners” are “weaponizing internet culture.”

Trumpian candidate trounced the opposition.

Europe on the March

Two conferences that are signs of progress.


Nationalist opposed to Muslim immigration may lead Czech Republic.

Austrian Voters Reject Immigration

Sunday’s elections saw decisive gains for the Right in Austria.


They enjoy 47 percent public support. Their opposition? 16 percent.

NYT Magazine profiles Götz Kubitschek.

And we got more Christians than Muslims.

Nobody is more deserving.

A promising start; about 49 to go.

SCOTUS will starts reviewing its legality on October 10.

Europeans showing signs of a will to live.

Tucker Carlson’s Last Laugh

Full-throated nationalism is winning out over snarky centrism.