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Bringing in the nationalist party will help “represent voters widely across counties and political preferences.”

By definition, anything white nationalists say is hateful propaganda.

Where Europe is Still European

Jared Taylor reports on inspiring nationalist celebrations in the Great White East.


He wants Florida law enforcement to work more closely with ICE.

78 percent of whites and even 62 percent of blacks.

Putin: “The more children you have the less tax you should pay.”

Finally, a Useful Book on Identitarianism

A Portuguese scholar has written a fair account of the movement.


A Torchlight March for Lithuania

Where Europe is still European.


And only about one-third of the applications are approved.

Victorious court battle paved the way.

Opposition to the UN Migration Pact brings down the government.

The Santa Barbara school district has paid more than a million dollars to propagandize children against whites.

Happy 75th birthday to Alain de Benoist.

Hungarian government claims the Soros-founded university wanted only “political commotion.”

I’m not a “foot soldier of the patriarchy.”

They’re an “obstacle” to protecting refugees.

“Tropical Trump” wins. “Brazilian democracy is now in complete crisis,” says American lefty.

Aftrer the next election, she will “withdraw completely from politics.”

The Marrakesh Declaration “affects Denmark’s social and cultural cohesion.”

Party chairman: “Vlaams Belang is back.”

Today Show meets Identity Evropa.

Fewer ethnic Germans are leaving, and more are returning.

Sebastian Kurz: The solution to the migrant crisis is tougher border controls, not “sharing migrants.”

No NGO rescue vessel has operated between North Africa and southern Europe since August 26.

“There should not be any enticements to help traffickers and their business to lure even more people to Europe.”

Study: “Parties say they will raise child benefit payments and make related allowances to promote families.”

Who Are the White Dissidents?

Are we many or are we only a few?


The number would be cut to 25,000 for fiscal 2019.

15,000 Boers want to move to Russia.

Transport minister: Previous agreements “sold out” Italy’s interests.

Let’s hope so.

Merkel says preventing illegal migration is necessary so legal migration can continue.

Time for More Travel Bans

Supreme Court action paves the way.


Judge’s finding may have far-reaching consequences for social media.

Italy’s interior minister is making migration the most important issue in the country.

Italy and the Will to Say ‘No!’

New populist government closes all ports to “migrants.”


Judge finds in favor of American Renaissance.

Whites are being “portrayed . . . as a distinct subculture with bizarre and threatening habits.”

“Tens of thousands” of “relatively well educated” young people have joined the movement.

Ordinance presumed landlords’ only motivation could be prejudice.

“Across Europe, nationalist and far-right parties have made significant electoral gains.”

“[Our] party puts Slovenia, Slovenians first.”

New interior minister says Italy will not be “Europe’s refugee camp.”

All 500,000 of them.

Blue-collar Swedes are polling right-wing due to immigration and crime.

Bill allows communities to create their own charter schools and limit enrollment.

Sweden Democrats are just four points behind the leading party.

Judges must now decide deportation cases instead of suspending them.

Lega Nord is likely to be part of a governing coalition.

AmRen 2018: The Fire Taking Hold

The stakes could not have been higher.