Fourteen Dismembered Bodies Found in Truck in Northern Mexico

MSNBC, June 8, 2012

Fourteen dismembered bodies were found in a truck in the center of a town in northern Mexico on Thursday in what appeared to be the latest atrocity committed by rival gangs battling over drug-smuggling routes, local media said.

The bodies of 11 men and three women were discovered in the sugar-cane farming town of Ciudad Mante in the south of Tamaulipas state, which borders on Texas, daily Milenio reported on its website.


More than 55,000 people have been killed in the conflict since President Felipe Calderon sent in the army to fight drug gangs shortly after he took office in December 2006.


Suspected drug cartel killers dumped 49 decapitated and dismembered bodies on a highway near the affluent northern city of Monterrey in May. Days before, 18 mutilated bodies were found near Mexico’s second-largest city, Guadalajara.

At the beginning of May, the bodies of nine people were hung from a bridge and 14 other dismembered victims were found in the city of Nuevo Laredo, also in Tamaulipas state and just across the border from Laredo, Texas.


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  • Fourteen dismembered bodies were found in a truck in the center of a
    town in northern Mexico on Thursday in what appeared to be the latest
    atrocity committed by rival gangs battling over drug-smuggling routes,
    local media said.

    As Glenn Spencer has proven, what little border fencing we have is working.  It’s reducing the useable non-secure paths from Mexico to the United States, and the drug gangs are all fighting over them.  Finish the fencing, and the gangs will really go to town on each other.  We just have to make sure we don’t intervene.

  • Johnny Reb

    What’s with all the decapitation and dismemberment?  Is this some aztec/mayan/voodoo thing like if you cut your opponent’s head off he wanders in eternity without a place to park his sombrero? 

    I would think thet if you did this once or twice, your enemy would say “OK, he’s bad . . . ”

    But 11 here, 49 there, 18 more over there . . . maybe something else is going on here and competition over drug territory is just the excuse.

    The aztecs had over 100 gods.  Maybe one of them has sent a message like:  “December 2012 is coming up boys.  Let’s get ready.”

  • libertarian1234

    This lastest total body count of 55,000 dead since 2006 amounts to war time casualties.

    But it’s been reported that the greatest danger to Mexico than the drug gangs fighting each other is the fact that the drug gangs have are much more powerful,  financially and militarily,  than they were just six years ago.

    Added to that danger,  are the reports recently that much evidence points to the liklihood of an alliance formed between the cartels and Middle Eastern jihadists.  Some are saying evidence of that is found in the increase in cross border tunnel construction,  beheadings,  and an increase in improvised explosive devices typical in construction to those used in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Obviously Holder’s “for my people”  justice department isn’t giving this threat the serious attention it deserves probably because he concentrates so heavily on allowing in as many illegals as possible in order to reduce white population percentages and deconstruct the white power base.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we woke up some morning and splashed across the Drudge Report is something about jihadists who decimated a large area of Los Angeles and were traced coming across the southern border,  just before the cartels staged a successful coup on the existing Mexican regime.

    And, if that occurred, I’m wondering if Los Angeles,  or other jurisdictions in the border area,  might elect to consider some form of alliance with the new cartel government and offer sanctuary for jihadists.

    • Kurt Plummer


      And, if that occurred, I’m wondering if Los Angeles, or other jurisdictions in the border area, might elect to consider some form of alliance with the new cartel government to prevent further attacks against their infrastructure.

      Corporate Socialism requires the world to be broken up into ‘sales regions’ for which each proximally dominant group is declared responsible.  This is why, going back to the early 1960s, the EADS (Euro Arab Discussion) group laid out plans for a Euro Mediterranean Sphere Of Influence which more or less encouraged the interchange of European living area for Arab money and slave labor populations (the Arab peninsula has grown some 400% from the 1950s to 2000, beginning with around 80 million and moving towards 320).

      The same will happen here with the NAU and the highway effort designed to create a trans-American highway corridor and ‘free trade zone’ (Mexico enclave) in central Kansas, officially taking places like Seattle and San Diego out of the game and pushing the Mexican solution from Lazaro Cardenas as a means to avoid union issues.

      In point of fact, the combined deal is simply a way  to open up the mid-west as the one remaining WHITE heartland while avoiding the taxes by which these ‘NGOs’ plan to gain enough money to run the planet without the yay or nay of anyone (though white Americans are paying for everything).

      Key to getting there is going to be intervention in Mexico -after- some kind of terrorist incident, either there (Awwwwwh) or here (Remember The Alamo!) makes it clear that -now- we cannot hope to be safe until we ‘secure our borders’.  By expanding them south.

      In which case, the number of Illegal Immigrants in the U.S. won’t really matter so much and whatever or whoever is being used to instigate such random as reprisal motived attacks will quickly fade into the background.

      The most likely vector for this type of attack is the detonation of 1-4 atomic munitions in the low KT class using the ‘fourth customer’ (unnamed) from the AQ Khan network which the CIA sponsored, going all the way back to 1974 when they had the Dutch and URENCO (European Uranium Consortium) allow the man to walk after he was caught stealing various design drawings and materials for G1-2-3 centrifuges.

      Being the monsters that they are, these fine folk then set up AQ Khan with a swiss family traitorson in the form of the locally hired Tinners/Tanners who owned a high end machining company.

      In the greatest traditions of ‘Firefox’ the CIA played a long hand and made a career out of watching these Swiss fools (nominally employed to stop the transfer of any useful materials/designs) come closer and closer to creating the uranium fluoride filtration assembly (known as The Monster) with the help of South African nuclear experts.

      They finally acted when Libya began to set up shop for a modern nuclear arms industry under a mountain in Tarhuna but despite the last minute ‘I am the lifeguard, you are the drowing man, we start bombing in thirty minutes’ success of that, the Pakistani sales pipeline functioned without stop and it is now believed that there may well be -more than- the initial 3 foreign customers (Syria, Iraq and Libya).  Perhaps as many as 5-7.  If one of those were Iran, the notion that they would provide a secret suitcase nuke to the Mexicans to funnel into the U.S. could be part of a gambit to ensure that when they start selling oil in RMB (Chinese Renmimbi currency) after Saudi Arabia goes post-peak in 2018 or so, there is insurance against massive U.S. intervention out of newly built bases in Western Afghanistan.

      Whatever; you can be assured that the attacks and the outcome planned from them is all carefully laid out on a cost:benefits basis of analysis that ends with several trillion dollars worth of annual revenues from a Monroe Doctrine Writ Large as the unification of  the Western Hemisphere with Euro-Africa/ME and the Chinese Hegemony of the Far East and Pacific.

      The bitter irony of which is that this is exactly the kind of regional imperial influence that Hitler and the Axis originally foresaw (with Britain’s Empire still in the game in the Far East) as being the likely outcome of WWII.

      ‘Just stay out of our affairs and we’ll leave The West to you…’ being ol’ Adolph’s gentlemans’ agreement vision of buying off America.

      The more things change…

  • steve1red

    This is why the drug cartels have got to be crushed.  A lot of Mexicans are coming here to escape them and many aren’t going back because of fear of them. The Mexican government is worthless when it comes to fighting them.

    If they aren’t put out of business, more Mexicans are going to come here and the cartels will set up shop here even more.  They already have agents in the US. We’ll start to see these types of incidents in America if they aren’t stopped.

  • SLCain

     Mexicans………….doing the jobs Americans just won’t do……………like decapitation.