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In 2014 campaign, he admitted that he “only stole a little bit.”

Police are investigating graffiti as a hate crime.

“Brazil’s white elite’s ever-present racial and class-based fears are palpable.”

Mexico gets $28 billion from the US.

Taxing remittances and charging fees for expediting green card applications are just two ideas.

Why Nations Fight, AR Classic Article

One hundred and seventy years ago today, the Mexican-American War came to a close.

Vicente Fox says Mexicans who enter the U.S illegally are “heroes.”

Most refugees don’t bother to file asylum claims once they learn how long it takes.

In a five-year period, 15 million Aztecs died from “cocoliztli.”

The Shithole Debate

Even the libs know that Trump got it right.


2017 was Mexico’s most violent year on record.

Trump thinks “temporary protected status” really means temporary.

$26.1 billion sent from January to November in 2017.

The explanation, of course, is poverty and flaws in the education system.

Murder, torture, forced disappearances are the norm for Mexico’s security forces.

“Race is the single most important determinant of a Mexican citizen’s economic and educational attainment.”

Even a police chief bought wives for his sons.

69 murders a day — so far.

Blacks are 54 percent of the population, but only 5 percent of those with management jobs.

Rapes and robberies are also up.

Top black lawyer calls it “subliminal racism.”

Welfare payments that boosted millions from poverty are now being cut.

Study shows each new Mexican immigrant sponsored more than six others.

Photos: The Gangs of Latin America

A land where criminals outgun cops.


Curiously, the Mexican government doesn’t seem to want to take these people back.

Masterminded from Mexico.

Some Mexicans sound like they are looking forward to a free trip home.

And there are no signs the situation will improve.

Valued at $48,000.

Mexico is the largest distributor of child porn on the planet, and has been for years.

US officials are no longer allowed to use public transportation in some states of Mexico.

This is the most corrupt generation of governors in Mexico’s history

Mexico: New Security Spending Not Delivering Gains, InSight Crime/Mexico News Daily

Internal security spending has gone up 61 percent since ’08 . . . but crime is still ravages the country.

More than half of Peru’s regional governors are in jail or on trial.

Left Central America, headed for America, dumped in Mexico.

ICE has the driver, a Mexican citizen, in custody.

Quaint Mexican practices come to US.

Another 13 percent failed the “integrity test.”

Mexican Foreign Minister still insists it won’t happen.

Mexico is now the destination, not the byway.

The Road to Oblivion

There is a fate worse than being conquered.


76 percent of Mexicans oppose immigration restrictions on Muslim majority nations.

The collapse of Venezuela could send us a wave of Hispanic immigrants.

Soldiers may be needed.

The UN notes: “some Mexican drug cartels have presumably benefited from the protection of police and politicians.”

Kidnapping rates going up, too.

Her goal isn’t to win, but to show the strength of indigenous people.

Fans for the American team were cordoned off behind razor wire.

70% of monuments and historic buildings in the capital are defaced.

Gangs expel the entire population of three different villages.