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His lawyers have access to thousands of DEA documents.

Government cannot control crime.

Some leftists think China deserves an apology from Mexico.

Haitians denied entry to US are staying in Mexico.

Mexico tells the United Nations Human Rights Council the wall is racist.

Mexicans want to concentrate on relations with other Latin American countries.

“It really interrupts the economic and social norms of Mexico.”

It is rumored Sims will run for president next year.

Government urging citizens to remain calm.

Cost has gone up 130% since November.

Says it won’t accept illegals from other countries who came through Mexico.

The only requirement is being able to speak English.

The mayor of El Paso was there.

Liberals finally look at how Mexico treats immigrants.

Mexicans in Hollywood refer to themselves as “Frijolywood.”

Some signs read, “Thank you, Trump, for unifying Mexico!”

A diplomat explains what country really interfered in the election.

Mexican parties so hate each other they cannot even unite in opposition to Trump.

At least one vows to go back to US.

Rises to four times the US murder rate.

Pena denies that Trump said he might send troops to the border.

Just under 27 billion dollars.

Mexican national urges Peña to break ties with US and cozy-up to China.

Unpopular President of Mexico may be able to unify the country around opposing Trump.

President of Mexico: “I have said time and time again, Mexico will not pay for any wall.”

Ex-pats gathered outside the US embassy.

Obama did something good on immigration.

Venezuelan media interview Jared Taylor.

An import tax could raise more than enough money.

Many were decapitated.

Mexican smugglers reuse them.

Guadalajara Cartel tortured American agent to death.

Mexican official: “It’s a matter of dignity and national sovereignty.”

Mexican Peso hits historic low during Trump’s speech.

They have a large presence in every major American city.

Shooter appears to have been a professional, and is still at large.

Trump has threatened to halt remittances if Mexico refuses to pay for the wall.

Unpaid police officers are going on strike.

Tijuana’s murder rate is six times higher than Chicago’s.

Mexican official admits some may be heading to the US.

“He is not yet in custody.”

August and September were the most deadly months in almost 20 years.

Mexicans are at the bottom of the OECD in math.

They are members of the ruling party.

Part of the plan is improving their own economies to encourage citizens to stay.

Many victims were tortured and dismembered.

People like vigilante justice.

In one state, the boards even “measure lip size, hair texture and nose width.”

This is to fight the “campaign of hate against Mexicans.”

Mexico deported 175,000 Central Americans last year.