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$17 billion sent to Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras in 2018.

Bolsonaro: “The vast majority of potential immigrants do not intend to do good to the U.S. people.”

Tijuana is the most violent.

The orders alone are impotent.

Salvadoran police may even form their own “caravan.”

Lax immigration laws, not violence in home countries, account for Central American immigration to US.

Protections for 300,000 foreigners extended through January 2020.

Communist rule in Venezuela has sent more than 400,000 Hispanics to the U.S.

Smuggling marijuana is a thing of the past.

Migrants at Piedras Negras must stay in Mexico while asylum claims are evaluated.

More “optics” over substance.

Driving was dodgy since a cartel had stolen billions of dollars worth of gas.

Mexico governor: “We’ll block the entry to Coahuila.”

Another crime of the white man.

The drug trade used to supply the United States. Now it supplies locals.

Corruption Perceptions Index 2018, Transparency International

Of the 19 least corrupt countries, 17 are white and 2 are Asian.

They’ll wait in Mexico while their asylum requests are processed.

The visas are part of President Obrador’s new policy of welcoming immigration.

“The more Mexican they are, the more discount they get.”

Many of them are from a new caravan that entered Mexico last week.

Millions of dollars go to “s-hole countries.”

Some of the Tijuana migrants are heading south to join a newly forming caravan.

Mexico threatens the caravan: “[W]hoever wants to come in illegally will be deported.”

How forced marriage, child rape, and chain migration intersect.

Parents bring their sick children hoping to use them as shields against deportation.

Policy was supposed to be “effective immediately.”

He promises to free Brazil from “ideological submission.”

$28,000 per day—to say nothing of the cost of 280 arrests.

They claim that they want to work in Chiapas.

Christianity Turns Brown, AR Classic Article

A look at “The Next Christendom” by Philip Jenkins.

Making migrants wait in Mexico for years could deter them from making bogus claims.

Women are killed with particular viciousness.

“We don’t want that for Brazil.”

Unlike Confederate statues, the Villa statue was not put there to “scare people.”

And they want the U.S. government to overthrow Honduras’s government.

Homeland Security has identified 600 criminals within the caravan.

“Migrants” walk past border agents—chanting, waving Honduran flags, and throwing rocks at the agents.

Migrants were frustrated because the border was just a “stone’s throw” away.

TB, chickenpox, HIV, lice, skin and respiratory infections, Hepatitis—all traveling with the migrant caravan.

Mexican police take a lesson from U.S. Border Patrol.

Mexicans don’t want to be invaded either.

It will cost about $4 million to provide shelter and food for two months for the migrants in Tijuana.

“In more than a third of all disappearances, the perpetrators are identified as agents of the state.”

Mexicans do not assimilate the way European immigrants did.

Columbus’s image ” should not be celebrated anywhere.”

The attack was to take place in Mexico.

They get water tanks for bathing and big-screen sports and movies.

Caravan shrinks as some drop out or seek asylum in Mexico.

An account of the caravan’s invasion of Mexico.

Bolsonaro appears set for a landslide victory.