Posted on January 19, 2024

Will Texas and the Feds Come to Blows?

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, January 19, 2024

The question is whether we do or don’t have a southern border.

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President Biden has pretty much abolished American borders. In December, ten thousand illegals were marching in from Mexico every day.

Credit Image: © Belinda Soncini/ZUMA Press Wire

Three hundred thousand a month; it’s like the entire population of Pittsburgh. Under Mr. Biden, even the northern border saw a 550 percent increase in illegals caught.

Texas governor Greg Abbott is furious, and the state’s battle with the feds is between people who think Americans should decide who lives here and people who have put the place up for grabs.

Credit Image: © Adam Davis/EFE via ZUMA Press

Earlier this month, the governor said Texas was doing everything it could to stop illegals.

“The only thing that we’re not doing is we’re not shooting people who come across the border, because of course the Biden administration would charge us with murder.”

The chairman of the Texas Democrat Party, Gilberto Hinojosa shrieked: “Greg Abbott and Texas Republicans have made it abundantly clear they have no morality or humanity.”

Here’s Gilberto, with the party’s leaders.

The white man looks out of place.

The latest round in Texas versus the Dems was at Eagle Pass, a town of 28,000 people, right on the Rio Grande.

Credit: 25or6to4, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The city’s welcome sign is in Spanish because the town is 95 percent Hispanic.

Billy Hathorn at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Last year, up to 3,000 illegals a day got the bienvenidos because this is the perfect place to wade across the river into Joe Biden’s arms.

Credit Image: © Adam Davis/EFE via ZUMA Press

You can cross even with a six-year-old on your shoulders.

A lot of what we used to call wetbacks splashed ashore at Shelby Park, the green open space, just to the right of the river, which runs North-South at Eagle Pass.

As you can see, on the Mexican side is the Museo de la Frontera Norte, the Museum of the North Frontier, with its mock border wall and exhibits that explain why the border is illegitimate anyway.

Illegals waded over to Shelby Park and the Border Patrol gave them space blankets to keep warm. They lazed around in the park for a while – there they are, as far as the eye can see – waiting for tour buses to take them on the next leg on their North American adventure.

Credit Image: © Adam Davis/EFE via ZUMA Press

Credit Image: © Adam Davis/EFE via ZUMA Press

Credit Image: © Adam Davis/EFE via ZUMA Press

Zero border control.

On January 10th, Governor Greg Abbott ordered the Texas National Guard to build a fence around the park and keep the feds out, as the Texas military explained, “to restrict access to organizations that perpetuate illegal immigrant crossings.”

Credit Image: © Adam Davis/EFE via ZUMA Press

White House Assistant Press Secretary Angelo Fernandez Hernandez – yes, there is such a person – complained that Texas was trying to “politicize the border.”

No. It was trying to bring it back from the dead.

Last Friday, a woman and these two children drowned trying to wade over to Shelby Park – at night.

The feds blame the Texans, of course, and have asked the US Supreme Court to order the National Guard out of the park.

This isn’t the only battle between Texas and the feds. Last summer, Gov. Abbot ordered 1,000 yards of buoys anchored in the shallowest part of the river to keep illegals from crossing.

Credit Image: © Bob Daemmrich/ZUMA Press Wire

Texas also put up razor wire on the US side, easily visible from the other side to discourage waders.

The feds got a court order to make Texas take out the buoys, and asked the US Supreme Court for the right to cut Texas’s razor wire so it could help illegals walk through it.

Governor Abbott was defiant: “Biden begs SCOTUS to let him cut razor wire TX installed on border. See you in court.”

Kamala Harris is bursting with virtuous indignation:

She said Texas is being “outrageous” and “unAmerican.” Kamala knows.

Last month, we got “Abbott signs bill making illegal immigration a state crime.”

Under the new law, which would go into effect in March, an illegal would have to go back to Mexico or face criminal charges. It took DOJ three weeks to file suit against the law.

The Democrat position is simple: Anything that keeps illegals out is cruel and unAmerican. If Greg Abbott warned he would shoot anyone coming across the river, he’d have to shoot only a few and everyone would stay on the other side. Nobody would drown, and this lady, who planted crosses in Shelby Park “in memory of all those who perished” would have nothing to do.

Credit Image: © Adam Davis/EFE via ZUMA Press

Short of that, Governor Abbott is making sure Kamala’s Democrat pals get a taste of what she wants for Texas. He has put tens of thousands of illegals on buses and shipped them to “sanctuary cities” that preen themselves on their moral superiority.

Credit Image: © Karla Cot/SOPA Images via ZUMA Press Wire

The preening soon stops. Last September, New York City Mayor Eric Adams said that the migrants “will destroy New York City.”

He said looking after illegals would cost billions and would mean budget cuts for police, fire, libraries, etc. The latest news is: “NYC Mayor Eric Adams Will Implement Curfew at Some Migrant Shelters.”

The foreigners prowl around at night begging, screaming, and scaring people.

Meanwhile, Governor Abbot is sending nice folks to Chicago, too, which now “struggles to shelter thousands of migrants, with more arriving each day.”

“With no place to go, some are sleeping in tents, city buses and even at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.”

So, if you change planes at O’Hare, you might see these folks.

Credit Image: © Armando L. Sanchez/Chicago Tribune via ZUMA Press Wire

This lot, by the way, complained they didn’t like the free food they were getting

At one point, 1,600 illegals were sleeping at Chicago police stations.

And here are Venezuelans, in spiffy new down jackets, in front of the buses they sleep in.

Credit Image: © Armando L. Sanchez/Chicago Tribune via ZUMA Press Wire

I’m sure they keep them very clean inside.

In California, “Over three hundred migrants move into San Diego airport.”

Maybe they’ll like the food better.

What do Democrat mayors and governors think the solution is? More money from the feds, of course. Control the border? No chance. Kamala says that’s “unAmerican.”

Last October, Governor J.B. Pritzker of Illinois babbled about “the fundamental right of every human, especially those facing persecution, to find refuge and live with dignity in this great country of ours.” Every human. All eight billion of them. The man is a museum-quality moron.

Credit Image: © Nancy Kaszerman/ZUMA Press Wire

I guess he’d love to tuck every Bangladeshi into his state, but “Unfortunately, the welcome and aid Illinois has been providing to these asylum seekers has not been matched with support by the federal government.” Those stingy feds. Gov. Pritzker wants tax money – your money – to move illegals out of O’Hare so they can “live in dignity.” Finally, we get this: “the federal government’s lack of intervention and coordination at the border has created an untenable situation for Illinois.”

This fool just can’t say, “Keep ’em out.” He says the situation is untenable for Illinois, not the country. “Coordination” at the border means send Bangladeshis to Arkansas or North Dakota, just not to Chicago.

Sometimes black people understand things better than white people. When a Chicago alderman told locals they were getting an exciting new migrant shelter, the crowd shouted, “You work for us.”

The deputy mayor of immigrant, migrant, and refugee rights – yes, there is such a person: Beatriz Ponce de Leon. She also got an earful.

One lady gave the officials a lesson in local politics.

Even CBS gets it: “Voter discontent rises: Immigration becomes pivotal issue for 2024 presidential race.”

According to a recent poll, “70 percent of Americans disapprove of Joe Biden’s handling of immigration, an all-time low for him and likely the worst showing for any incumbent.”

Needless to say, Donald Trump has a different approach:

I think those black Chicagoans might just vote for him..

So, Joe and Kamala will try to slow the flow, at least until the election. How? Get foreigners to do jobs Americans won’t. Since stopping them is “unAmerican,” Kamala is begging President Lopez Obrador to do it for her. As The Hill explains, “Mexico emerges as Biden’s immigration Hail Mary.”

But Lopez ain’t going to help just because he’s a sweet guy. To get Uncle Joe reelected, he’s holding out for a cool $20 billion for the region, and work permits for 10 million illegals – just Hispanic illegals – who are already here.

Is this not the most pathetic, miserable thing you have ever heard of a so-called super-power doing? “Please, Lopez. Please, keep them out. The check’s in the mail.” What does our joke of a president think the wall he is standing in front of is even for?

Credit Image: © Tia Dufour/Dhs/Planet Pix via ZUMA Press Wire

If Lopez actually does squeeze the spigot, he’ll do it in firm, un-American ways that would make Kamala squeal if Governor Abbott did it – but she’ll look the other way. And once Lopez gets his bootlicker back in the White House, he can turn the spigot back on and offload the dross.

Credit Image: © Adam Schultz/ The White House via ZUMA Press Wire

But you won’t hear anything about foreign interference in American elections.

Lopez says he’s got Governor Abbott on a string, too. When he heard about the law to bounce illegals back across the river, he said the governor would “lose support because there are a lot of Mexicans in Texas, a lot of migrants.”

He also said, “We don’t have to do much, just tell our compatriots not to vote for the governor.”

No foreign influence here, either.

Which brings us back to Texas vs. the feds.

Governor Abbott knows it’s insane and humiliating to ask Lopez Obrador to guard the border. He has the quaint idea that Americans, not Mexicans, should decide who gets in. If Joe stays in the White House, Texas could invoke the Constitution’s “invasion clause.”

Article Four Section Four requires the feds to protect any state from invasion. I’d love to see whether the Supreme Court thinks the administration is doing its constitutional duty.

And here’s a headline from December: “Texas Gets One Step Closer to Leaving US.”

The Texas Nationalist Movement points out that Texas has seceded twice already: once from Mexico and once from the US.

It likes to ask, “Would you vote to *join* the union?”

These are angry times. If a huge stink hangs over a Biden victory in November, Lopez goes back to waving in 10,000 invaders a day, and Trump is hauled off to jail, anything could happen.

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White people put up with an awful lot, but they might not stand to have their country taken from them quite this blatantly.