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They were all caught—and all claimed asylum.

American Bar Association wants the immigration court system to be modeled on the U.S. Tax Courts.

40,000 “asylum seekers” have crossed into Canada at unauthorized points of entry.

Skilled migrants will have to live outside Sydney and Melbourne.

More than a million illegals with “final deportation orders” are still in the country.

Nearly half of all Democrats think illegals should have driver’s licenses.

If it passes, Dems want to move on to “comprehensive immigration reform.”

A dozen Republicans joined Democrats’ efforts to stop Trump.

The other university admissions scandal.

That hasn’t stopped refugee boosters from criticizing the Trump administration.

Our “Fellow Citizens”: The ISIS Women in Britain and America

A country that belongs to everyone isn’t a country at all.


The orders alone are impotent.

ICE spends too much time facilitating “catch-and-release.”

It’s the Samoa First Party.

Trump wants to assuage businesses that want more cheap labor.

Ninth Circuit ruling applies only to California and Arizona.

The measure applies only to local elections.

Africans with special World Cup visas didn’t go home.

Democrats agreed there was a crisis in 2014; things have gotten worse since then.

Mumps can take 25 days to appear.

Catch and release of Central Americans is the biggest “pull factor.”

Trump is counting on his veto and the Supreme Court.

Finance minister: Denmark will no longer have a system in which “refugees become immigrants.”

SPLC is handling their case.

She raises money by breaking the law.

Just 262 “refugees” have landed in Italy the past two months.

Protections for 300,000 foreigners extended through January 2020.

Taxpayers pay for DACA recipients to go to college in 12 states.

He wants Florida law enforcement to work more closely with ICE.

Interior minister promises to “step up” efforts to get migrants out of the country.

Smuggling marijuana is a thing of the past.

In defiance of the state’s agriculture and tourism industries.

Illegals could still exploit asylum loopholes.

‘Fear Mongrels’

Jussie Smollett spread hatred for white America.


Hawaii is the preferred entry point for birth tourists due to lax customs.

New policy may include “permanent protection” for DACA beneficiaries.

The travel ban case has strong parallels.

Migrants at Piedras Negras must stay in Mexico while asylum claims are evaluated.

Trump anticipates the suit will go to the Supreme Court.

Claims the common criticisms were unfounded.

Trump’s Immigration Policy Is the Worst of Both Worlds

Trump talks like an authoritarian but wields power meekly.


Fast-tracked case will be heard in late April.

It’s official.

Democrats, some Republicans, will oppose the declaration.

And only about one-third of the applications are approved.

“California will not be a part of Donald Trump’s political theater.”

Only white Europeans can be illegals.

All kindly arranged by a Nigerian “chef-activist.”

Identity Evropa: “Build the wall. Make Chicago safe again.”

Foreigners who commit crimes in the UK “should be in no doubt of our determination to deport them.”