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Trump’s policies are America’s only chance to get rid of stupid immigration laws.

Ban doesn’t apply to people with “bona fide relationship” to someone in U.S.

Dozens of GOP congressmen say they’d join Dems to pass DREAMer protections.

America at the Crossroads

Will whites wake up in time to the crisis they face?

Interview by Jared Taylor

Honduras, El Salvador, and Haiti prefer the remittance money to getting their people back.

He demands an end to chain migration as well.

“It hasn’t been good and we have been against it.”

Heritage Foundation has sensible views for real “reform.”

Referendum campaign is now gathering signatures.

Déjà vu.

California sanctuary law will lead to more, and more dangerous, arrests.

Obama 2.0 calls for amnesty bill with no enforcement provisions.

Republicans may oppose WH proposed cuts to legal immigration.

DACA applications were not regularly verified.

Admin claims Homeland Security official was mistaken.

“They’re a benefit to the country, as are many immigrants coming in.”

Study shows each new Mexican immigrant sponsored more than six others.

A promising start; about 49 to go.

Venezuela, newly added to the ban, says it is “psychological and political terrorism.”

SCOTUS will starts reviewing its legality on October 10.

Will the Ephialtes of Germany Get Her Due?

The German election is Sunday.


SCOTUS will hear oral arguments about the ban in two weeks.

Leaked government report speculates that her unilateral immigration decisions were illegal.

Let the character assassination begin; former Rep. Tom Tancredo musing a run for governor.

Rasmieh Yousef Odeh is finally gone, and permanently barred from reentry.

They Don’t Call It ‘the Great Tweet of China’

“The wall has to get built, and nothing else matters.”


Free Medicare for Mexican moms-to-be draws many takers.

The law is an ass.

We’d rather return voluntarily than be deported.

All of them Hispanic.

. . . but that might not be the case.

Nancy Pelosi not leftist enough for activists.

Hispanic Consciousness, AR Classic Article

Happy Mexican Independence Day.

Is the Dream Over?

DACAmnesty would mean betrayal.


A ‘Read-My-Lips’ Moment for Trump?

Remember what happened to Bush in ’92 . . .


Is Trump playing Three-card Monte or 3D chess with immigration promises?

Guinea has refused to take back 2,137 criminals.

No Amnesty is a Good Amnesty

Trump must decide if he wants to save America, or end it.


Refugees don’t have a “bona fide” connection to the United States.

Number four is that it was largely concocted by La Raza.

There are very simple ways for the state to prevent future 9/11s.

Centrists look to take the wind out of the sails of the rising populist right.

DACA: What Is Trump’s Plan?

It may be only a setup for a later amnesty.


Trump is wobbling.

The DOJ will appeal.

This may tip enough Republicans to save DACA.

Cardinal comments that Bannon’s comments are so absurd they shouldn’t be commented on.

We Made Donald %#&@ Trump PRESIDENT—What Else Can We Do?

Will anyone in Washington ever listen?


It’s more complicated than many Trump supporters think.

Instead of their typical “undocumented immigrants.”