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Justice Kennedy appears to be siding with the conservatives on the Court.

Government can’t phase out the program because its reasoning is “capricious.”

The “travel ban” is the first Trump policy to undergo full review by the Court.

Ending the rule created by the Obama administration will affect 70,000 H-4 visa holders.

Speaker Ryan wants to pass a bill only if a majority of Republicans back it.

Another word that white people aren’t allowed to use.

Supporters say they have the votes to pass a DACA amnesty.

They say that DACA is not a compaign issue; it’s an “avoidable crisis.”

“In a democratic society everyone should be entitled to participate and feel safe,” says pro-immigration MP.

At least a dozen local governments have already joined DOJ’s lawsuit against California.

Five Dreamers and their contributions to society.

A network of 19 government-funded non-profits provides legal advice to illegals.

State funding will be revoked for any would-be “sanctuaries.”

More than 2,000 DACA students currently receive the in-state rate.

Trump Must Stop ‘Refugee Caravan’ Invasion with Executive Order

“Other than stare these brazen people down, what will the National Guard do?”


Agencies receive receive $3,000 to $5,000 for each refugee they resettle.

San Antonio and Houston are in counties where thousands of non-citizens are on voter rolls.

Illegals’ private information will be kept from the federal government.

Donald Trump thinks “temporary” means temporary.

Opponents say illegals will be afraid to fill out the Census form.

Coulter “can’t imagine how it could be any worse.”

“No nation, no society has ever changed this much, this fast.”

“That bill is a sellout to the entire community, we would never support something like that.”

City councilors say sanctuary law conflicts with US Constitution.

But California’s sanctuary law may prevent him from getting the documents he’s demanding.

Protesters make it clear they don’t want to assimilate.

The suit is modeled on the one Obama used against Arizona’s SB1070 immigrant law.

Federal judge says judges need to “butt out of politics and stick to the law.”

State must make payments to resettlement organization.

High Court supports positions of both the Trump and Obama administrations.

Director: “We can’t forget that we serve the American people.”

Supreme Court ruling leaves the DACA pending before a California court of appeals.

There is no chance that issuing this card will increase voter fraud.

50 percent of diversity lottery winners are from Africa.

“They took advantage of catch and release.”

Activist for illegals: “We’re supposed to be a united community and we obviously are not.”

Bill allows for longer detentions and shorter time to file appeals.

NGOs that support migration pose a security risk to Hungary.

This is supposed to be a point against it.

Trump says Democrats seem not to care what happens to DACA beneficiaries.

Illegals have learned “magic words” from smugglers and relatives to get refugee status.

Non-whites benefit disproportionally from the diversity lottery and chain migration.

They also didn’t like it when he mentioned victims of crimes committed by illegals.

They were repeat offenders.

“The family’s case exposes the unique immigration challenges facing binational LGBT couples.”

Bill requires local governments to comply with federal agents.

Chain migration and the diversity lottery have reduced the education level of African immigrants.

Mark Krikorian: “Time to start burning your #MAGA hats.”

The mere prospect of a language test is deterring immigration.

Even amnesty for all the “Dreamers” doesn’t satisfy the Democrats.