Posted on April 22, 2024

Mexico Offers Assistance to Texas Residents Against ‘Anti-Immigrant’ SB4

Julian Resendiz, Border Report, April 17, 2024

Alicia Barcena was in El Paso on Wednesday with a message to residents of Mexican descent uncomfortable with Texas’ aggressive efforts to enforce immigration laws: You are not alone.

“We want Mexican and immigrant communities here to know Mexico will support them whether or not SB4 is enforced,” Mexico’s foreign minister said during the first of four stops in Texas to meet with her 11 consuls general in the state. “We are very concerned; that’s why we are here to promote initiatives like ‘Know your rights,’ legal assistance and 24-hour protection for our nationals.”

SB4 is a Texas law banning local governments from preventing law enforcement from arresting migrants illegally in the country. It’s been blocked by the courts while a federal circuit court weighs whether it’s constitutional.

“SB4 is not in effect, but we need to be prepared as to how we will protect our migrants, our immigrants who live in Texas and in states that are contemplating similar laws,” Barcena said. “We believe it’s a law that discriminates, that is anti-immigrant.”

She emphasized that her country will not accept any migrants, from Mexico or other countries, that Texas attempts to return to Mexico. {snip}

SB4 is Texas’ response to what its leaders call inaction from the federal government to rein in historical migration in the past few years. More than 9.4 million migrants have come across the border since the start of fiscal year 2021 either to surrender and request political asylum or try to avoid capture {snip}

The state has surged Guard members and Department of Public Safety troopers as part of the $10 billion Operation Lone Star. It is also building border wall in Maverick and Zapata counties and a forward operations base near Eagle Pass.