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“No nation, no society has ever changed this much, this fast.”

Starting wage in 1980s was $40 an hour; now it’s $11 an hour..

What real diversity sounds like.

Arab crime family now controls Berlin’s drug and prostitution trade.

What else would an “Institutional Racism and Systemic Inequities Task Force” call for?

The solution is to step up integration efforts.

Gun Rights Require a White Majority

Conservatives better wake up before it’s too late.


“Ireland was a colony of England . . . and now it’s a slave state again, of Brussels.”

Race does not matter: “If they’re a gentrifier, they deserve to … die.”

High birthrates and immigration from Central Asia are fueling the population growth.

The Fall of California

The “Golden State” goes brown.


Poland’s Baby Bump, First Things

Poland’s birth rate is increasing, but it’s still not up to replacement level.

“Your existence, privilege and success as a race is built on the backs, blood and death of people of colour.”

Hispanic voters think Dianne Feinstein is not liberal enough.

Germany’s migrants do not understand taking turns.

Unbelievable? Could be coming our way soon.

Even legal immigrants might be afraid to participate in the Census.

Islam becomes chic.

Hungarian city therefore cannot be a “European Capital of Culture.”

NGOs that support migration pose a security risk to Hungary.

This is, of course, unacceptable.

An inspiring video from a dating site for white people.

“So beautiful. So beautiful.”

This is supposed to be a point against it.

Where do they not exist?

Hungary threatens to quit the UN migration talks.

Why Nations Fight, AR Classic Article

One hundred and seventy years ago today, the Mexican-American War came to a close.

Government efforts to boost it have stalled.

Israeli Journalist and Politician Interviews Jared Taylor

Former Knesset member thinks race realism should be censored.


Victor Davis Hanson’s “Mexifornia: A State of Becoming.”

Italy must decide “if our white race . . . should continue to exist or if it should be wiped out.”

The state may lose congressional seats, electoral votes, and federal funds.

Trump: In Immigration Debate, Race Matters

Buchanan: “Are we on the Yellow Brick Road to the new Utopia—or on the path to national suicide?”


Nearly one in five California residents is poor.

Having five kids is irresponsible; Canada needs more immigrants, not more babies.

Many non-Japanese are arriving on student and training visas.

If We Do Nothing, a Review, Counter Currents

A review of Jared Taylor’s latest book.

Orban: “We see them [migrants] as invaders.”

“To say that in the long run this heralds the makings of a societal catastrophe is to understate matters.”

“What better way to show refugees that they are welcome?”

Cops were offered £5,000 a month to stop their tobacco investigation.

A talk by Jean Camus with subtitles.

Can America Be Saved?, AR Classic Article

A patriot’s plea for his country

Correct lesson: Fewer blacks means less crime.

Judge said ban served “an invidious discriminatory racial purpose and a politically partisan purpose.”

Estimate does not include “potentially millions” who are older than 18.

Illegal voters and the flip of a coin may determine who controls Virginia’s House of Delegates.

By 2060, one-third of all “Dutch” will be non-European.

EU migration commissioner: No corner of Europe must be allowed to remain “migrant-free.”

Whites feel they “don’t belong” in California.