Posted on September 25, 2023

U.S. Foreign-Born Population Approaches 50 Million Under Joe Biden

John Binder, Breitbart, September 25, 2023

The United States’s foreign-born population is approaching 50 million, the highest ever, less than three years into President Joe Biden’s policy to expand immigration levels by executive power.

Analysis from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) of the U.S. Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey (CPS) reveals that as of last month, the nation’s foreign-born population stands at about 49.5 million — just 500,000 immigrants short of hitting 50 million.

The figure shows how quickly Biden has ballooned immigration to the United States. CPS data indicates that about 2.2 million illegal and legal immigrants have been added to the nation’s population in the last year alone.

The foreign-born population today represents the largest ever in American history.


At current legal immigration levels, where more than a million foreign nationals are awarded green cards annually and another million are given temporary work visas, the U.S. foreign-born population is expected to hit 70 million by 2060.