Posted on February 16, 2024

Ben Shapiro Reiterates That He ‘Doesn’t Give a Damn About the Browning of America’

Chris Menahan, Information Liberation, February 15, 2024

The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro, who has championed Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, reiterated this week that he does not “give a damn about the browning of America.”

“I don’t care about the race, I care about the ideology,” Shapiro said in a discussion with other hosts at The Daily Wire on Tuesday.

“I don’t care if you’re pulling those people from Latin America whether you’re pulling those people from the most liberal parts of Europe — that doesn’t matter to me — the ideology of the people who are coming in matters to me,” Shapiro added. “So when I say about the browning of America — again, I don’t — race is of no relevance to me in so far as it’s just race, the ideology matters to me.”

Shapiro in the past advocated for ethnically cleansing all “5 million Palestinians and Israeli Arabs” from Israel and the Palestinian territories in a column titled, “Transfer is not a dirty word.”