Posted on February 2, 2024

Get Ready for the Next Great Anti-White Swindle

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, February 2, 2024

It’s the latest bad-faith trick to make you feel guilty.

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 White people, get ready for the next great swindle. On top of reparations. And the idea that America is stolen land. It’s the next big reason why you have no right to your own country.

The New York Times explains it all in a big article called “The Great Climate Migration.”

In the Guatemalan state of Alta Verapaz, where this photo was taken, “Half the children are chronically hungry, and many are short for their age, with weak bones and bloated bellies.”

Why? Because of you. Rich white people warmed the planet and made it impossible for these people to make a living.

The Times has nifty graphics to show the terrible damage we are doing. One percent of the planet is already uninhabitable.

By 2070, we will have made it impossible to live in all of this.

The Times says people will literally drop dead from the heat. It notes that “billions of people call this land home,” and that with every one-degree rise in average temperature, one billion people more will have to move.

“Where will they all go?”

They’ll move in with us and we’ll be grateful. “As the United States and other parts of the global North face a demographic decline, for instance, an injection of new people into an aging work force could be to everyone’s benefit.”

The US grew by 18 percent in the last 20 years. In 2022, only white people were dying off: “there was a decline of more than 668,000 people in the white population since the number of immigrants couldn’t overcome the steep drop in natural decrease.”

It’ll be great to see us go, but in the meantime, “the nation would have to be willing to invest in preparing for that influx of people so that the population growth alone doesn’t overwhelm the places they move to.”

We better start building houses and schools and hospitals for them right away. And in Europe, too.

The Times model ignored any resistance in the “global north” to the Great Replacement because “there is no data on anger or prejudice.”

The BBC has it figured out. “Why climate change is inherently racist.”

“Climate change and racism are two of the biggest challenges of the 21st Century. They are also strongly intertwined. There is a stark divide between who has caused climate change and who is suffering its effects.”

The BBC quotes Asad Rehman, executive director of War on Want.

“So we have to understand the connection between slavery, colonialism and racialised capitalism, which creates the conditions for the climate crisis.”

Without slavery and colonialism, there would be no climate change.

And the Beeb asks: “Who will pay for the damage caused by climate change?”

It quotes Mia Mottley, prime minister of Barbados: It would be “immoral” and “unjust” if whitey doesn’t pony up.

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Another great article: “Are white people bad for the environment?”

Yes. Look at those white hands tearing apart what looks like a weeping Africa. “The origins of global warming are “rooted in a racism of ‘I know better.’ ” I read the article, but I don’t know what that means.

Greenpeace wants to know, “Is climate change racist?” This lady has the answer.

It’s “racism going back hundreds of years.”

Naturally, she has the solution: “We can’t win the fight against climate chaos without dealing with racism.”

First thing on the climate agenda? Fix those awful white people.

Here’s another one: “How White Supremacy Caused the Climate Crisis.”

“White supremacy is the theory of human supremacy over nature: an attitude of aggression and disrespect towards the Earth.”

This means either the Chinese have never produced one ounce of greenhouse gas or they’re white supremacists. It’s got to be one or the other.

Foreign Policy used to be a respected magazine, but here’s “The Case for Climate Reparations.”

Another nice graphic. “The great climate migration that will transform the world is just beginning.”

That link is the Times article I mentioned. It’s just the beginning. “To adapt, the international community will need a different approach to politics.”

Otherwise white people will be guilty of “climate colonialism.”

Foreign Policy quotes Tendayi Achiume, born in Zambia, attended Yale and Yale Law School, teaches at UCLA, and just picked up an $800,000 MacArthur genius award.

Credit Image: © Photographer Lev Radin/Pacific Press via ZUMA Wire

She wants “Third World persons” to [have] “a form of First World citizenship.” She “reconceptualizes” state sovereignty to abolish the right to “exclude political strangers.”

She has already convinced Joe Biden.

Here in the US, the Washington Post says, “Whites are mainly to blame for air pollution, but blacks and Hispanics bear the burden.”

A “study” claims we pollute more because we consume more. But if consumption makes you pollute, Asians are the champion polluters. They have twice the median wealth of whites.

And even though the US cut air pollution in half between 2003 and 2015, you realize that we force blacks and Hispanics at gun point to go breathe the pollution that’s left.

If you don’t think human activity is warming the planet then you are just proving “Climate Denial’s Racist Roots.”

“Climate denial was never about science and always about white supremacy.”

If you’re white and believe in climate change, but think solutions don’t require millions of Third-Worlders moving north, then you are an “ecofacsist.”

The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism calls itself a think and do tank, and is taking the lead in “Building resiliency to ecofascist radicalisation.”

“Anti-immigration rhetoric in current political discourse is now dressed up as concern for the environment.”

Ecofascists may actually support renewable energy, biodiversity, banning chemical pesticides and fertilizers – this makes them sound respectable – but then they make “ecofascist demands for an immediate halt to immigration.”

In Europe, “far right populist parties have already started masking white supremacist ideology within their anti-immigration rhetoric by carefully staying within the boundaries of hate speech laws and avoiding overt incitement to violence.”

Those clever fascists. But they still engage in “violent hate speech,” as if there were such a thing.

Talking Points Memo frets “white nationalists” are “using overpopulation as a fig leaf for efforts to either keep out or exterminate people of color.”

The Nation, warns that “violent extremists increasingly “disguise racist and nativist ideas behind environmental concerns to lure in young people and environmental activists,” utilizing slogans like “Love Nature, Kill Non-Whites” and “Save Bees, Plant Trees, Shoot Refugees.”

“Love Nature, Kill Non-Whites.” Boy, that’s nativism in really heavy disguise. The only place you can find those phrases in the entire internet is on lefty sites. I think lefties invented them.

There’s something called the Journal for Deradicalization with an article on Neo-Nazi environmentalism.

It frets that ecofascism is going mainstream. Here is a terrifying example: “William Perry Pendley of the Bureau of Land Management under President Trump claimed that immigration was one of the biggest threats to the environment.”

I bet he did a Nazi salute as he said it.

Immigration – more people – obviously strains the environment, and for years the Sierra Club opposed mass immigration. In 1996, it suddenly went mute on immigration. As this article explains, a Wall Street investor named David Gelbaum said he would give the club $100 million if it changed its tune.

He said his grandfather escaped Jewish persecution by immigrating to America. The Sierra Club kept all this a secret until 2004.

Thanks to David Gelbaum, the Sierra Club escaped being a nest of ecofascists.

The Center for Immigration Studies finds that the average immigrant to the US produces four times more CO2 after he crosses the border.

If the 482-million-ton increase in CO2 caused by immigrants coming here were a separate nation, it would be 10th in the world in emissions. But “climate migration” is the solution to global warming? These people are frauds.

And the newcomers are all such nice, grateful people, right. Like Ilhan Omar, and Rachida Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Remember the Bataclan Massacre in Paris? Migrants killed 130 people and injured 416. In a single day.

Credit: Mstyslav Chernov, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

And none of the articles I have quoted says one word about family planning in these allegedly unlivable places, where the population is booming.

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Let every African woman have six children. That won’t hurt the planet because mom and the kids will move to Dusseldorf.

Third-Worlders aren’t innocent victims. It’s not Europeans cutting down the Amazon rain forest.

Credit: Ibama from Brasil, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

White people didn’t clear cut the entire country of Haiti.

That yellow line is the border with the Dominican Republic. Trees on one side, not on the other.

And the next time the prime minister of Barbados says it’s “immoral” for white people not to bail her out – which is what she’s doing here at COP 28 – ask her where electric power in Barbados came from, and the cell phones and the automobiles.

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Who set up public health that led to a five-fold increase in the population under British rule and 44,000 more since independence?

Photo credit: CC-BY-SA-3.0 /Matt H. Wade at Wikipedia

That earlier Greenpeace article explains how to solve climate change. “For thousands of years, people of colour have lived in harmony with nature, by practising sustainable farming.”

It’s remarkable how ecologically sensitive stone-age people can be – even though the American Indians did manage to kill off all the North American megafauna.

“People of colour hold answers to many of the problems of climate change, so we should make sure that they are given the resources and freedom to implement these solutions!” Exclamation mark.

“People of color” will bring us clean energy, solve the nuclear waste problem, and perfect hydrogen fuel cells? Will the Zambians, whose ancestors practiced sustainable agriculture for thousands of years, decide that “Yes, white people found all this copper ore, but to save the planet, we’re going to leave it in the ground and go back to living in grass shacks”?

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Did you ever hear such rubbish?

Finally, not one of the articles about “climate migration” talks about sending people anywhere but Europe and North America. Kazakhstan is bigger than Germany, France, Spain, Britain, Italy, Norway, and Poland all put together.

How come Greenpeace and the New York Times aren’t pestering it to take in “climate refugees.” Because the Kazakhs would say, “Are you crazy?” So would the Mongolians and the Chinese and the Turks and the Japanese. Only white people fall for this.

Will Israel take its share? Or would David Gelbaum have decided that the Jewish State should have an immigration policy?

Did I call this the next great anti-white swindle? It’s a vicious, disgusting, hateful, bad-faith swindle. Fight it as hard as you can.