Posted on September 1, 2011

College Football in Black and White

Joe Kowalski, American Renaissance, September 1, 2011

College football will kick off this weekend with a match of particular interest to those who follow the racial angle of the sport. The University of Georgia Bulldogs will play the Boise State Broncos in a nationally televised game. Boise State is ranked fifth in the nation, and has a chance to win the national championship. Georgia is ranked lower than usual at 19th, but is typically a top contender in college football.

The game will be as close to a black versus white contest as possible in modern day college football, with two schools that are perfect examples of two very different racial mentalities.

Boise State plays a more finesse oriented game while Georgia is known as a big, physical team. But more important is the mentality behind which players the two schools tend to recruit. Boise State builds their team around white kids from Idaho and surrounding states while Georgia recruits mainly blacks.

Georgia starts 20 black players and only two whites. The Bulldogs have several white backups, but only the quarterback and center will be white when the team takes the field. On defense, all 11 starters are black. This is the blackest team ever for Georgia and since the school recruits almost no white high school players, an all-black starting lineup cannot be far off.

Only one white man on the entire defensive roster is playing on scholarship. Most of the whites on the team are walk-ons, meaning they do not get scholarships to play. The NCAA limits the number of football scholarships a team can offer, and at the University of Georgia they are reserved almost exclusively for black players.

Boise State starts 16 white men, including a quarterback named Kellen Moore, who is a candidate for the Heisman Trophy. Another rarity nowadays: three starting white receivers. Most of Boise State’s back-up players are also white, so when the camera pans the Broncos sideline it will be a sea of mostly white faces.

The racial aspect of this matchup is even more interesting given that Georgia plays in the Southeastern Conference (SEC) which is made up of Deep South teams such as the University of Alabama, Ole Miss, Louisiana State University (LSU), Auburn University, University of Tennessee and other Southern teams. The SEC was the last conference in college football to integrate, and some teams were all white into the 1970s. Even the ones that did have blacks only fielded a few tokens. This did not stop the SEC from winning national championships, and Southern whites took great pride in the success of their teams.

Now several SEC teams have almost all-black starting lineups. Florida has only one white starter and did not offer a scholarship to a single white player in its 2010 recruiting class. Rosters in the SEC range from a relatively white-friendly nine starters at Vanderbilt to the lone paleface at Florida. Other mostly black teams include Mississippi State (two white starters), South Carolina (three), Tennessee (four), LSU (four) and Alabama (five).

Southern whites have the reputation of being the most racially conscious whites in the country. They are also known as the most passionate college football fans. Almost all the fans, boosters, coaches and financial donors to SEC schools are white. Why do they identify so strongly with teams that have gone from all-white to almost all-black in just 40 years? I write in depth on this issue in a forthcoming article at Alternative Right:

My own belief is that Southern whites are able to separate their political/cultural/racial views from their football allegiances. College football is a religion in the South, and game days are filled with parties, cook-outs, drinks, friends, and flirting.

Many of these white fans, even if they are racially conscious, have no problem with their nearly all-black teams. They would say that blacks dominate the rosters because they are better athletes, and they want the best teams.

But all-white high schools throughout the US-including the South-usually win state high school football championships, often by defeating all-black schools. Few of these white athletes are recruited and offered scholarships by top Southern schools.

For example, Eric Breitenstein is a five-foot, ten-inch, 225-pound running back who ran a very fast 4.49 for the 40 yards (the main time used to gauge the speed of a running back). He was North Carolina’s high school football player of the year in 2007 and ran for an amazing 2,619 yards his junior year. Yet he was not recruited by the University of North Carolina, North Carolina State or any other major university. He is currently winding down his career at tiny Wofford University, where he was a second team all-American last year and a pre-season candidate for the Walter Payton Award, given to the most outstanding offensive player in Division I football.

The blog Stuff Black People Don’t Like is doing a series on the changing racial makeup of SEC teams and it makes for fascinating reading. The author went to an SEC school and was a top high school athlete. He knows many of the SEC fans and several of the white players and former players on SEC teams. He assures me that the white fans are very conservative and many wave Confederate flags (often in their team colors) at the tailgating parties before the games. It takes a strange devotion to football for at least somewhat racially conscious whites to cheer for almost all-black teams against mostly white teams.

The same day as the Georgia-Boise State contest, there will be a similar matchup between Brigham Young University (BYU), which starts 14 whites and six Polynesians, and another SEC school, Ole Miss, which has only four white starters. BYU safety Daniel Sorenson has come under attack for comments he made in an interview:

“What if we go out there and dominate (at Ole Miss, Sept. 3) and people start seeing us? And they put us on the map, and we’re on ESPN. And they start wondering who these kids are–what are they doing with their lives, and why are they so good?

“And maybe a bunch of white boys out there go down and beat up on an SEC team, a big, physical team like (Ole Miss). If we go in there and dominate, what does that say? It starts raising questions and curiosity.”

Perhaps victories or even just strong showings on Saturday by white-heavy teams such as Boise State and BYU will make some SEC fans wonder why whites are disappearing from “their” teams.

78 responses to “College Football in Black and White”

  1. Jack in Chicago says:

    I was very bored with American addictions to football and basketball and saw few reasons to care about College football at colleges that don’t teach much of anything good about our people.

    But, I have noticed the surprising successes of Whites in supposedly Black dominated sports of football and boxing. Thanks to Joe Kowalski and others at I’ve found this hidden inspirational story of our boys doing great against stacked cards.

    I do lots of things with White Latter Day Saints/Mormons and note with great pleasure when the BYU football teams beats the LA boys from the Hood at UCLA by scores like 48-0.

    But, don’t put too much of your hopes in to White football as teams like BYU, Notre Dame, Boise State who do rather well are tempted to make huge racial compromises to go all the way be #1.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The White boys from the rural areas always win the Illinois championships in all the sports.

    The blacks are always from ghetto thug high schools. Because they roam around Chicago beating up single Whites in packs they swagger downstate thinking they will whip the White sissies as they call us.

    They sure get a surprise. Little saying from when there were still a few Whites in Chicago public schools.

    One on one is a White fight. Five on one is African fun.

  3. Bernie says:

    BYU was national champion in the mid 1980s (1985, I believe) with an almost all-white squad.

    The SEC has won the national championship the last few years, however. Alabama won in 2009 with a team starting 8-9 whites. Same with LSU in 2006 or so. They even had a starting white running back!

    Teams like Wisconsin, Stanford and Colorado will all be very white and very good in 2011. Hopefully they can win one for the good guys.

  4. Question Diversity says:

    3 Bernie:

    That might be a trend that continues. It used to be that most major conference teams stocked the benches with whites that would never start and rarely play for two reasons: (1) Hoping that the good habits of the whites rub off on the blacks (fat chance), and (2) To keep the team’s academics and graduation rate up. Of course, if you extract graduation stats based on the starters, then it goes way down.

    But the NCAA wants to tweak the standards upward, ironically, at the behest of Arne Duncan. I think that means that more college football and basketball teams will have to give more scholarships to whites, and that will inevitably bleed over into the starting rosters.

  5. Boone says:

    “Perhaps victories or even just strong showings on Saturday by white-heavy teams such as Boise State and BYU.”

    Both are favored to win. Will it change the SEC schools from looking like an HBCU team? Not likely.

  6. P T says:

    I have just recently discovered and become a follower of AR. I wouldn’t consider myself as hard-core as many others seem to be, but I think we are in agreement that there is something wrong somehow and that whoever claims any type of authority in the US Govt. should open their eyes or grow a new brain or something, or the nation is doomed!

    That said, at the risk of posting something inappropriate, may I add:

    More Football!!!

  7. underdog says:

    “Televised thug-a-lete sports and refrigerators full of Miller Lite are the opiates of the masses.”–Karl Marx, Jr.

  8. GreatNorthWoods says:

    Many southern whites disappoint me to no end,- they really do. How do you go from slavery in the 18th & 19th centuries, to sometimes hangin em’ during Jim Crow, to unbridled support of em’ and voluntary social intermingling, in the present? What a conundrum this is!

    I can understand the first two reasons being northern force, but not the last, because that one’s optional. I’m well aquinted with the social norms and graces of the deep south. Lived there for nine years, traveled the region extensively and attended my share of SEC games.

    It made me sick to watch all those pretty white coed’s(many southern), cheering on their mandingo’s from the stands, partying with them before game day, lending them their support and disgustingly more than that sometimes. To be fair, this goes on in the north to, but the south seems to relish this open racial social mixing on a completely different level.

    Whites up north might be hypocritical,sanctimonious and duplicitous in regards to the black/white thing, but we aren’t sell-outs. This goes further than college football.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Of these two teams, which one recruited players from high school that also did well academically? Witch one will graduate the most football players? Which one has the players take meaningful classes and maintain grades? Just curious. When one hears of a physical team, its code for very big and aggressive. But wouldn’t every team want that? But why doesn’t every team have that?

  10. Anonymous says:

    I too am not too interested in these sports. Although it may be where some race fights break out this fall.

  11. Jeff says:

    College sports today are a total fraud. The teams are not made up of representatives of the student population. There is no real college to college rivalry as in days past where the schools competed with each other-and the competition (school spirit) reflected the differences in the makeup of the students attending their respective college. Today the teams are nothing more than “hired guns” made up of blacks who are totally alien to the average student who attends the college they play for. In many cases the blacks illiterate criminals. Remember O.J. Simpson’s letter that was read on national television? The only “real” college teams are the military academies where the players have to meet the same academic standards and course completion requirements as every other student. Even Stanford has a percentage of blacks on their teams far in excess of their representation in the student bodies.

  12. The Incredible White Machine says:

    If this is somehow rescheduled for a region only televised event instead of all around america…i think us amren’ers will know why.

    But if not, for three hours I will be a couch potato. I’m still waiting for Vermont vs. Camden University…boy would that get people talking!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Boise State, starting 16 white players (out of 24), is not all that white. It’s a poster-child for the US census bureau.

  14. UNCCHmyalmamater says:

    I went to grad school at UNCCH, and coming from CA it was a total shock to my system to see the truth of the statement that in the South, college football is a religion. In those days, the women all wore heels and party dresses, at least early in the season, to the games — and every group of people carried a GIANT cooler jug, which I assumed had lemonade in it….dumb me!! It had SOME kind of fruit in it all right, laced with a healthy amount of Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. I didn’t know alcohol was allowed at a college football game – it wasn’t in CA. THEN I was warned about not going outside anywhere near the stadium, or into any street in the city, after the game, because nearly every driver was dead drunk and driving badly. Cops ignored it; it was apparently tradition, and as long as no one got hurt there was no reason to go after anyone. Besides, how would they pick which person to nail? EVERYONE was drunk! But even in THOSE days, the players were at least 50-50 black/white. This was in the mid ’70’s. It seemed to me that the spectators sort of considered the black players “THEIR” blacks, and while they didn’t want their daughters dating them, if they played for our school then they were OK. It was a strange time; racial incidents still occurred, like a fraternity beating up a black pizza delivery boy – but blacks were gradually getting acceptance via athletics, football but especially basketball. I guess it was a “transitional” time. I am not pleased with how my alma mater has now become a PC hypocritical institution; it WAS a good school way back then. Now it’s just another brainwashing center.

  15. FtR says:

    What is happening is massive racial discrimination against white players. What is happening is the ethnic cleansing of whites.

    White supporters of anti-white football programs are fools. They have a self destructive addiction they need to overcome.

    Is the genocide of your own people and condemning white children to a world with no future for them worth having a tailgate party?

    If you’re going to support a football team pick a white one. Even better is to spend your time opposing the war being waged against white people.

  16. Lee says:

    Being from GA, I am well aware of the UGA squad. The transformation to a nearly all black squad is one of the main reasons I no longer care to watch UGA play anymore.

    UGA has to hire “class checkers” to make sure their players are actually attending class. Somehow, 18 – 23 year old ADULTS cannot figure out the “Student” part of Student-Athlete.

    UGA players have made the news numerous times in the past few years with their arrests. To Coach Mark Richt’s credit, he has kicked several off the team for these infractions. They still can’t seem to get the message though, and continue to embarass the program.

    The few times I have watched UGA, I see an undiciplined team with lots of personal fouls and unsportsmanlike penalties.

    UGA has a racket going where they take an academically inelligible player and send them to Hargrove Military Prep School for a year, and then allow them to “transfer” into UGA.

    Unfortunately, there are too many white guys who will don the school colors and spend their hard earned money supporting this fraud. Newsflash – your white daughters are watching you worship these blacks and from there, you do the math….

    Every so often, a college president or member of the Board of Regents, or a professor will tire of this fiasco and bring up the academic side. But they are quickly quieted by the inevitable charge of being “racist”. I wish we would see a nationwide effort to make the student-athlete apply and get accepted to college just like every other student who walks through the door, but that would never happen because it would disqualify about 95% of the black athletes.

  17. whiteraven says:

    If more whites were like me, we could change the discrimination against whites in just two seasons: Don’t watch spectator sports.

    I used to be able to name all the coaches and players on every football and basketball team.

    No more. I haven’t watched ANY sports for over 15 years now.

    It was difficult at first, since I was so engrossed in it, but it only took one season to get out of the habit.

    Just knowing I would be watching ten nondescript blacks running up and down the field slam dunking the ball with no strategy involved, plus knowing I would be watching some primitive do a childish end zone dance, were enough to keep my hand from the boob tube on/off switch.

    I took up sailing and horseback riding, and have been much happier as well as in great physical shape.

  18. Anonymous says:

    American football should be a sport thats exclusively reserved for blacks. Why? Because it ruins your brain, and blacks don’t have much to lose brain wise anyway.

  19. Scott of the Arctic says:

    Watching two nearly all black US college or pro football teams is of no more interest to me than if I saw a soccer match on TV between the Ugandan national team and the Kenya national team — zero interest. Either way you’d be watching foreigners who do not share the same values, mentalities, outlooks, mindsets or beliefs as you do.

    The only difference would be that Uganda and Kenya do not, so far as I know, have a “caste football” system, because they have no need to do that. Search “caste football” and see what you find.

  20. Cid Campeador says:

    I wonder whether there’ll be a riot after the game should the Idaho team wins the game. Actually given the present zeitgeist, there will be attacks on Whites regardless of the outcome of the game.

    I really think that Whites ought to start boycotting both footbaw and baathketbaw both on the scholastic AND professional level and see what happens.

  21. Scott says:

    As a Georgia fan and graduate, I can say that we have four white boys as starting players, if you include the punter and the placekicker.

  22. Orv says:

    In the pro’s, the New England Patriots lead the way with an almost all white offense, depending on the formation. In fact, they have expressly stated that they prefer players from two parent families, i.e., with a father in the home. Such players are believed to be easier to coach and better disciplined. This came up in an episode of “Inside the NFL” on Showtime last season. Sports journalist Jason Whitlock brought this up, which led to a spirited discussion about the disparate impact this would have on black athletes and therefore is completely racist. Whether it works or not was not addressed.

    This approach seems to be catching on with other teams, such as the Indianapolis Colts, Green Bay Packers, and St. Louis Rams. I always look forward to Caste Football’s annual breakdown of all the NFL teams.

    White wide receivers, safeties,

    and even running backs (Peyton Hillis, Danny Woodhead) are making a comeback. Support them by purchasing gear with their names if you can.

  23. Nick says:

    Look at it this way:

    * 99% of black players never make the NFL

    * And according to the Internet 78% of NFL players are bankrupt within 5 years of leaving the game.

    * And of course they don’t “leave” the game they are unceremoniously cut.

    27 year old has-beens.

  24. R.L. Stevenson says:

    Interesting that BYU has so many Polynesians. The ethnic group most over-represented in the NFL is (can you guess?)–Samoans. Constant war on those small islands selected for male speed, strength, size, and aggressiveness–just the attributes one needs for professional football.

  25. Anonymous says:

    1. Football players are covered almost entirely with equipment, making race less noticeable.

    2. Black high schools consistently churn out top athletes, attracting more recruiters.

  26. Preparation H-Bomb says:

    Dang, #20 — maybe THAT’S why my Oakland Raiders always have such a problem winning! The players are mostly rebels, kids with ghetto backgrounds, no father, street drugs — and they end up losing most of their games on fouls that they commit. Never thought of that!!! I mean, the Raiders DO have good players – but they hand their opponents the win really often, via fouls or just bonehead plays, lack of concentration….

  27. Howard W. Campbell says:

    My parents attended Georgia when Wally Butts was the football coach. Until her final days, my mom was a die-hard Georgia Bulldogs fan. However, I think I will root for Boise State this weekend.

    A guy who was in the Navy with me came up with what he called the “Felony Factor” to determine who would win the University of South Carolina – Clemson game. The team with the most felons (or those accused of some felony) would be the annual winner. It sounded as good to me as any other sports handicapping.

  28. Bernie says:

    “Boise State, starting 16 white players (out of 24), is not all that white.”

    It is 16 white starters out of 22 (11 each on offense and defesen). That’s pretty white for today’s college football.

  29. Paul Kersey says:

    There are only 22 positions on a football field (11 on offense/11 on defense).

    Each team has a punter, a placekicker, and a field goal kicker. Most of the time, the latter two are the same person.

    For Boise State, they are both white.

    That means 18 of the 24 starters are white.

    Even better, 16 of 22 comes out to 72 percent — which is rather impressive for a top 5 team.

  30. Blaak Obongo says:

    “I have just recently discovered and become a follower of AR. I wouldn’t consider myself as hard-core as many others seem to be…”

    You think AmRen is “hard-core?” Only compared to the swill dispensed by the media.

    Stick around and keep your eyes open, and you’ll learn more than you ever dreamed.

    More Football!!!

    Yup, you really are a newbie. As I said, you’ll learn.

  31. Anonymous says:

    What would be something to see is a black college fielding a mostly white lineup. Can you imagine the outcry among black alumni? How many remember that disgusting scene when on national tv that black football player from Boise State asked that white cheerleader to marry him? This happened a few years ago when I believe Boise State was playing Oklahoma. Boise state probably recruits more blacks then you think.

  32. Cogitator says:

    Back in the early 60s I was a jock at a southern university. I lived in the athletic dorm, and all were white, even the basketball team — slam-dunk white boys.

    Now the team is dominated by blacks, with few white players. The football team is a top rated team, but I still have no interest, and don’t watch them on TV, even in bowl games.

    I now no longer watch any sports. Besides, sports are the new opiate of the masses. I have better use for my time. When NASCAR wanted more blacks, I decided they didn’t want me anymore. Apparently blacks will not support any sport that does not have significant numbers of them participating. In that regard they may have more sense than white people do. If we would quite supporting teams that don’t look like us, things would change, regrettably that doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Just like the country in general, the NFL cannot survive without Whites at the most important positions–quarterback, coaching staff, front office, and fan base. All fans would eventually lose interest if Blacks were forced into these positions through more affirmative action.

    I no longer follow college football because I know that virtually all the Black athletes on the field don’t belong on a college campus in the first place. I taught at a major football university, and I can tell you without a doubt not that one of them who showed up in one of my classes belonged there. The athletic departments have an enormous amount of power to make it appear that these Black athletes are getting a legitimate education, which they are not.

    As long as one of these Black athletes can “graduate” from one of these schools, none of those diplomas for any of the rest of us are worth much.

  34. Stiv says:

    #8 GreatNorthernWoods—

    Southern people have always ‘mixed’ socially with blacks, in a sense. Until now, there was always an unspoken set of rules and boundaries that governed interactions between blacks and whites; it was taken for granted. We were usually able to get along with them better because of those unspoken boundaries, etc. I don’t think it has changed quite as much as you believe.

    I think you’re jumping the gun a little when you imply that Southerners overall are so much more liberal with blacks these days. I was born in MS. and grew up there in the 70s and 80s, but you only lived there 9 years, and the evidence you’re presenting is from a more liberal setting like a campus full of college students..?..

    I don’t think you experienced a thorough representation of the South and you don’t understand all of the underlying social conventions. Southerners can seem cozy and friendly with them without being a serious part of blacks lives. When you see whites and blacks together in ‘the north’ they are often far more closely involved.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I will miss this one. I haven’t watched a football game in 20 years. This weekend for me will be full of lifting weights, kick-boxing, and practicing at the shooting range. I suggest the rest of you do the same, this weekend and every other. Put down the Miller llghts and turn off the TVs. Make yourself strong and learn how to fight again. Let the minorities chase balls around the field. That won’t save our civilization.

  36. Courtney from Alabama says:

    I am a regular on here and I must say that college football is one of those topics that I fail to see through a racial lense. The reason being is that at this point most other parts of the country have their own share of black thuggish teams, so why not the South? Furthermore, I run into very few white Northerners who have the same racial awareness as I do. Once white Northerners or Westerners start taking pride in their few so-called mostly white teams based on the fact that they are , well, mostly white, THEN and only then will I stop cheering for my Southern teams in exchange for theirs’. Every time I get into a discussion about football with someone outside the South, it turns into a South bashing session. If Southern football represents Southern culture, then I will continue to cheer for it. I just meet too few Northerners who do NOT show the utmost hatred for Southerners. Sorry, I have no interest in cheering for these “white” teams from other parts of the country until certain things change.

  37. Strider says:

    Bernie (#3) said: Teams like Wisconsin, Stanford and Colorado will all be very white and very good in 2011.

    Apparently the Wisconsin fan base is too white. A few years ago the UW powers that be were dismayed when no blacks turned up in any of the fan photos they wanted to put in their media guide. So they Photoshopped a black kid into one of the shots and published it. Who knows, maybe this year they can stock their photo archive with shots of black flash mobsters.

    A major part of the problem is the large number of former NFL coaches in the college ranks. The prejudice against white players started in the NFL, and those coaches have taken that prejudice with them.

    It would be interesting to see the racial makeup of the teams in Division III, where no athletic scholarships are allowed and academic standards are (likely) stricter. One thing’s for sure — as Jeff (#11) notes, the service academy teams are far whiter than the Division I average. As a result, I’m a bit surprised the Army-Navy game is still televised.

  38. Bernie says:

    “If Southern football represents Southern culture, then I will continue to cheer for it.”

    But that is the point of the article. How on earth does a team starting one white man and 21 blacks represent white Southern culture?

  39. white advocate - Canada says:

    I think we can all agree that whites and especially AmRenners can only be fans in a limited way with emphasis on restraint. Forbidden is just soaking up whatever is on. The barons of TV and sports are not on our side as whites so we can’t just let them manipulate us. So for those who can’t go cold turkey, I suggest some rules: 1. Have only one sport. Soak up as much as you like but ignore the rest. 2. Only partake among buddies but never when on your own. 3. Skip the games and focus on the management side like trades, strikes, drafts, expansions, re-locations, and economics. 4. Just watch highlights.

  40. Anonymous says:

    I am surprised at the still extant enthusiasm for football and other such sports by Amren and posters. After all the revelations of late in Florida and the never ending flow of examples of the bad effects of placing far too much importance on these sports, one would think that race realists at least would feel some disgust with the entire world of at least football, baseball, and basketball. Our heroes should be warriors, white warriors, and scientists who buck the PC culture in the disciplines that require high intelligence.

    By supporting these sports with interest, money, etc., you are actually supporting the corruption that led to for example, all those black players in Florida getting cars, trips, women, etc., just to keep them on the team or reward them.

    It’s going to require real discipline to forge any sort of white survival in the future. Putting it off and indulging in frivolities, especially that support what you purport to disagree with in general is no longer anything but hypocritical.

    Do what Anonmymous #35 says – get your activities focused on what you really want, or be honest and drop out.

    I don’t mean to insult anyone, but we are at a kind of point where more active awareness of reality is required. And it is going to take some real discipline, because we cannot go off aggressively and execute pre-emptive acts like Breivik did in Norway. It is going to be a real test, but as white males, we ought to be up to it, right?

  41. Cid Campeador says:

    36 — Courtney from Alabama at 8:39 PM on September 2:

    Count me as a White Northerner ( by virtue of birth only) who has a great respect for White Southerners). My ancestors weren’t in the US during the War of Northern Aggression and I realized during the “Sixties” that there was a reason for segregation and laws forbidding interracial marriage.

    I agree with you one hundred percent.

  42. Courtney from Alabama says:

    Bernie, did you read the rest of my post? My point was that whenever I discuss football with fans from the North or the West Coast they always enjoy bashing Southern football and associating it with backwards, racist, Southern culture. They pride themselves on integrating their teams before we integrated ours’ down here. If Southern football is good it is only because we copied these more liberal parts of the country by putting blacks on our teams, apparantely. I guess the great white teams of the past such as Ole Miss, Georgia, and Bear Bryant’s Alabama don’t even matter to these people. Anything bad about the South is attributed to rednecks and other Southern whites while anything good is attributed to blacks. If this is how fans from other parts of the country wish to go about things, then I will cheer for my Southern football loud and clear.

    And I also agree with Stiv’s rebuttal to that poster above who claimed that whites in the South intermix with blacks more than Northern whites do. What??????? This is something else I want to elaborate on in relation to what I wrote before as well. Whenever these topics come up on these websites, everyone acts as if the South is the only part of the country with blacks on it’s teams. As I said before, the rest of the country is just as guilty, plus the whites in the rest of the country are much more brainwashed than Southern whites are on race. Why should I have an interest in cheering for the one or two white teams from these parts of the country over my Southern teams if that is the case? Once whites all around the country are in agreement on race, then I will gladly give up my Southern teams for teams like Boise State and Utah. Right now, the “holier than thou” attitudes that most whites in the rest of the country display towards my people, are enough for me to not want to have anything to do with them until certain things change.

    I never understood why whites in other parts of the country feel they have the right to lecture my people (for good or bad) on the race issue when we live around larger numbers of blacks than anybody else does. I am talking about the lecturing that comes from liberal whites in Maine as well as the ridiculous accusations coming from some whites on here from up North such as “you interact with them more than we do”. Of course we do to a degree. There are more of them down here.

  43. jack in Chicago says:


    I doubt few if any Whites from other regions outside of the South want to bash White Southerners. We just wish the current Southern Football teams weren’t 90% plus Black.

    I saw the BYU vs Mississippi game today and noted that the home Mississippi crowd was at least 90% White – looked like lots of very handsome White Southerners were enjoying a folk outing.

    On the field I rooted for the very White BYU team ( a few Samoans) who dominated the whole game but had to rally at the end to win by one point.

    The Mississippi all Black team played wish discipline and good sportsmanship thanks to the good White coaches – it was a good day.

    Still I think Whites in the South can find a way to recruit good White players in state for their home teams.

    And all viewers would probably agree with me that the White Southern gals in the stands like you – Courtney are the best, most beautiful, desirable women on planet earth.

    May you soon marry a worthy Southern White gent and have a big family, one son should be a staring half back for an SEC team that allows local White boys a decent shot to do what their grandfathers once did.

  44. Bernie says:

    BYU beats New Miss!

    Boise State is starting to just overwhelm Georgia in the second half. It may be politically incorrect to say it, but the white kids from Idaho are simply too quick and agile for the all-black Georgia defense.

    And what a black team Georgia is! They certainly don’t like playing whites on the “Dawgs.” Georgia is essentially an HBCU team.

    How can any white person cheer for this team over a bunch of unheralded, quiet white kids who just go out there and play hard?

  45. Ken says:

    Did anyone else watch the white Australian woman dust her competition in the 100 meter hurdles today?

  46. Nidia Arcudi says:

    As I have explained, this is a company tool. It’s not a miracle apparatus. It could without difficulty develop into yet another expense if you don’t put the time and effort into learning how to cash in on it.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Great, BYU and Boise State won. As far as white players go, Ive noticed over the last 5 years, that there are much more white recievers, even Peyton Hillis RB from the Cleveland Browns whos top 5 in the NFL. Hes on the front cover of Madden 2012. Almost ever QB in the league is white maybe race IQ has something to do with considered there the main player on the team and have to know how to read defenses.

  48. Greenmountainboy says:

    As far as southern whites socially intermixing with blacks more often than northern whites as Poster #8,#34 and #42 discussed.

    Well, more than half of all US blacks live in one southern state or another. Because of this, it’s virtually impossible to go about one’s daily business without interacting with them. This helps explain the greater civility between the two races. I see this as a social survival mechanism.

    Also, unlike northern states, black populations are not just concentrated in and around populations centers, but in rural areas and everywhere else in between. It’s really an apples to oranges comparison between the two regions in most cases.

    Choosing not to have frequent contact with blacks is usually comparatively simpler in the north unless you live in the city. So much easier in fact, you often don’t have to try.

    Where I live in Vermont now, your almost more likely to have an encounter with Bigfoot than a black person. I once lived in a southern state, so I think I’m in a good position to compare and contrast.

  49. Boone says:

    Boise State and BYU both beat the SEC/HBCU teams!

  50. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations to Boise for knocking University of Georgia down a peg.

  51. Xenophon says:

    Well, the verdict is in. Boise State beat Georgia 35-21. So are you telling me that the state of Georgia could only put ONE white player on its flagship university’s football team? It could only find ONE white boy good enough in a state with a population of nine million of whom blacks make up only 25%? Pathetic.

  52. Courtney from Alabama says:

    I am loving all the “holier than thou” fingerpointing comments above directed at people like me such as “how can anybody cheer for a black team”. It is this knee-jerk reaction judging that keeps many whites away from these websites. Why is everything all or nothing?

    If you didn’t grow up in a home that has a favorite college football team going back generations, you wouldn’t understand, would you? My family has been cheering for both college teams in Alabama ever since both teams were still white. The universities and fan bases are still mostly white, as are the coaching staff, kickers, quarterbacks and other positions. Why would we suddenly stop watching just because most positions are now occupied by blacks?

    It doesn’t work that easily. The average Southerner still thinks of college football as an overwhelmingly white preoccupation and we all think back to the days of Bear Bryant when most of the players were white. It is hard to let go of something so dear just because of a racial transformation that happened in recent years. You have no right to judge me over this.

    It would be just like me judging Northerners over why they can’t stop cheering for the Yankees, or why they are so fascinated with their giant Third World cities like New York and Detroit. Well, why would they NOT be fascinated over them? They miss what they once were and are hoping for the best.

    Just because I cheer for college football , that doesn’t make me a race traitor, and I have NEVER had an interest in dating a black man. Stop slinging these ridiculous accusations at people such as myself. It is not necessary for everything in this movement to be all or nothing all the time. There are going to be differences and disagreements.

    As for the people above cheering about the wins last night, you must not follow college football that much. Why is nobody mentioning the fact that Auburn (a mostly black SEC team) beat Utah State last night? There are all sorts of factors that make the SEC a strong conference, such as the white coaches and the few white players that make a difference.

    As far as the black players go, SEC teams may win by force instead of intellect, but it still allows SEC teams to win a lot regardless. Last year the guy from the Caste Football website was certain that Oregon would beat Auburn but he was proven wrong. There are a lot more factors involved here other than race. The SEC has always been a strong conference, even before integration, and football has always been a big part of Southern culture. Boise State played a Georgia team that was ranked far below it. As for the Ole Miss and BYU matchup I can’t really comment.

    Jack from Chicago says this: “Courtney, I doubt few if any Whites from other regions outside of the South want to bash White Southerners. We just wish the current Southern Football teams weren’t 90% plus Black.”

    I can assure you Jack that most whites in other parts of the country ARE NOT on the same page as Southerners when it comes to race. You obviously made that up.

    As for the rest of your post, thank you for the compliments. I really appreciate that. I too would rather see Southern teams go back to all white players, but nobody on here should expect me to suddenly give up on a tradition just because of recent years of integration.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t it odd that the North East is the LEAST interested in College Football?

    NY and New England care about College Basketball exclusively. I think Rutgers and Boston College are about the only squads that have over 50% attendance at seasons end.


  54. Stiv says:

    53, one reason for that might be because the NE and New England are more urban, and basketball is a lot more of an urban or, even, inner-city sport.

    Their football teams usually stink too, lol.

  55. NO-TO-SEC says:

    #52. Boise State played a Georgia team that was ranked far below it.

    I picked up the game late in the second quarter when GA was being overwhelmed by the mostly white team from Boise. Already the excuses for GA were flying about. Comments were made that this or that great black super star was out for some reason or other. The implication of these remarks was clear.

    Concerning rankings, the point is that the conventional knee jerk reaction holds that a black team will always beat a white team, and a black boxer will always beat a white boxer. When this pairing is made, blacks are supposed to always win and rankings make no difference. But unfortunately for black worshipers, it doesn’t always happen that way.

    One of the themes on “Castefootball” is that this bias creates poor recruiting of solid white talent in favor of overrated second class black “affleaks”. Many credible examples are pointed to on that website.

    Why do whites in the south still attend and cheer nearly all black teams? They don’t. It’s hype to drive up TV ratings to soak advertisers and to get a lot of elitists fools to the stadiums for the commercial benefit of the tourist industry.

    As for as UGA is concerned, many of their fans, besides students, are Georgians who remember the national championship year back in the 80s. Even that “great” team, with its black super star and his white girlfriend, came within a fumble of losing to the nearly all white team, BYU. This was back in the day when “raters” held that the WAC was little more than a pee-wee league.

    To listen to the black worshipers on TV you would think that every southerner kneels to the alter of black king football. Most whites in the south have little interest in watching thug blacks act out their antics on the football field, some of which we saw last night. They deal with blacks every day and are not inclined to watch them on Saturdays.

    White southerners, especially the young, are estranged from the university system and don’t identify with it and the camp followers who suck-up to their latest black god. What’s more they point the guilty finger at these elitists who are the ones who sacked the Georgia banner that displayed the confederate battle flag on it.

    Commercial and football interests in Atlanta forced the flag change to avoid business boycotts of Georgia. The attitude of many whites I talked to then was, “get rid of the FalCONS, keep the flag”.

    I only watched the Boise game because it was mentioned AMREN. Otherwise I wouldn’t have known.

  56. Pete from Georgia says:

    Stiv wrote post 54 saying the NE and New England are more urban making basketball more popular.

    It does amaze me how many of us southern folks mistakenly think northern states are one continuous mass of concrete and envision the south as exceptionally rural in comparison.

    Here’s the rub. Just three New England states in a region you think of as urban,- NH, VT and ME, are considerably more rural on a scale not found in the south, especially Maine.

    Now throw in the Adirondack region of upstate New York, the northern half of MN, WI, MI and it’s Upper Peninsula. These places can be downright wild and remote. And I can’t forget to factor in the tough climate which goes along also.

  57. Reformed says:

    I know I’m late to the party, but I’ve cut off watching all sports. Football and basketball are the worst offenders. They’ve turned into just so much Black worship.

    College football is a perfect metaphor for 21st Century failed white policies: Neck-tattooed, retarded thugs getting “college scholarships” to put on 40 pounds of body armor and chase around a synthetic watermelon for a few hours are worshiped like gods and make tens of millions of dollars for racist colleges off of white spectators.

  58. Mike H. says:

    Not being a sports fan myself, this article has a glaring contradiction that I found amusing nonetheless.

    It says that southern whites don’t mind all-black football teams because they want the best teams, and then afterwards states that all-white teams regularly dominate all-black teams. Why are universities refusing to put whites on their football teams, then?

  59. Courtney from Alabama says:


    Ummm, yes Southerners overall DO cheer for their overwhelmingly black teams. Now what they say to each other behind closed doors as to whether or not they are happy about the racial makeup is another story. But, as this article and others set out to prove, Southerners DO make a big deal about their college football teams. Let’s not try to sugarcoat things just because perhaps you are one of the few who don’t watch it. Or perhaps things are a little different in Georgia compared to my state? I highly doubt it.

    I am also noticing commenters picking and choosing certain games to comment on. I checked the stats yesterday, and the SEC at that point in time was either 9-2 or 10-2. This conference doesn’t seem to be doing too badly, now does it? As I said before, football isn’t like ice skating, or swimming, or even baseball. It is a sport that has multiple dimensions to it. Just because one team has most of its on the field positions occupied by blacks, that doesn’t mean it is going lose against a mostly white team. There are so many different positions in football and the ones that require critical thinking , including coaching, are still largely occupied by whites.

    Let’s start looking at other factors, such as the fact that football has always been a big deal in the South.

    As a Southerner I find all this undeserved hype over these Western teams from wimpy conferences in recent years quite insulting. Most whites who live out there probably could care less about race to the same degree that most white Southerners do. I don’t have much respect for the West Coast liberal culture either, yet most people posting on this website think I should start cheering for their teams just because they are mostly white? Let’s wait and see how the season goes. So far Boise State hasn’t really earned their seat at the national title game yet. Rankings make a big deal about strength of schedule for a reason.

  60. Boone says:

    “yet most people posting on this website think I should start cheering for their teams just because they are mostly white?”

    If you for these almost all-black SEC teams you are supporting teams that:

    1. Discriminate against white athletes

    2. Support black supremacy in sports

    3. Do not represent you

    4. Represent the destruction of a proud white Southern tradition

  61. NO-TO-SEC says:

    #59. Ummm, yes Southerners overall DO cheer for their overwhelmingly black teams.

    Ummm, yes SOME southerners DO…cheer for their ….black teams. On average most do not. Don’t fall victim to hype.

    I should have added as well that media hype around football generates a great deal of money for useless college programs and overpaid “perpetual boy-men” head coaches and their jock washer assistants.

    I don’t go by what people say, I go by what they do. Southern white working class people don’t identify with SEC universities and their all black teams.

    In recent years, these whites were big followers of NASCAR until that organization tried to recruit blacks and disavow its southern identity.

    Don’t confuse finesse with wimpy. In the 60s and 70s the Cowboys were thought of as a finesse team. Nobody called them wimpy.

    Yeah, it was a wimpy Boise that defeated the black GA team; it was a wimpy BYU that defeated a beefy black “Rebel” team; it was a wimpy Boise that defeated the great mostly black Sooners in a major bowl game a few years ago. It is the wimpy BYU that at least goes 50-50 with big, black, eastern and SEC teams.

    As far as rankings go, they too are influenced mostly by big money and some by PC. Highest rankings go to the teams that will play in major TV markets. Western teams will be ranked somewhat high IF their schedule includes play in a number of major markets. High rankings = Hype = TV ratings = Big money = the cycle renews every year.

    Yes, the few times I watch sports, I cheer for the whitest team. I cheer for the Europeans in Olympic basketball and track. Flawed as they may be, they are part of my clan. Come to think of it why should I be any different than blacks who always go with “brother blood”.

  62. Stiv says:

    Fine, much of New England and some of the Northeast is rural. They also contain some of the largest cities and metro. areas in the nation. DC to Boston is like a web with a few gaps in it.

    I’ll have to remember all the small regions of New England next time….

  63. GreatNorthWoods says:

    Stiv #62 . . .

    We might have more and bigger cities, but also plenty of hard- core ruralness to go along with that without black populations to boot.

    I agree with Georgia Boy’s last post. IMO, he was just being honest and you seemed to respond harshly to that.

    Sorry if you don’t like it but, rural areas in the upper Great Lakes Region of the Midwest, Northern New England, Adirondacks and Allegheny’s of western NY and even upper PA, north of I-80 are indeed more extensively more rural than what you’ve got in the south as GB said.

    Assuming that everyone up north is an urban dwelling rat, makes no more sensethan thinking every southerner is a poor rural Redneck farmer.


  64. Anonymous says:

    I’m a proud White Georgian and attended our flagship UGA. Now that I’m a WNRR, I cheer for White football teams even when they play my Dawgs.

    Recognizing Evil in the world forces us to reexamine our attitudes and realign our loyalties. I was thrilled that the White players at Boise beat the dark out of our thug Dawgs. May it please happen all season long. Let Coach Ritch get his Diversity Curse all up ‘en he’ah.

  65. Bernie says:


    “I don’t have much respect for the West Coast liberal culture either, yet most people posting on this website think I should start cheering for their teams just because they are mostly white?”

    You are not cheering for their schools or their ideology (which is not on display in any event). You are chering for people that look like you.

    Besides, what is the ideology of the blacks who make up the bulk of SEC rosters?

  66. ATBOTL says:

    What Courtney doesn’t understand is that these teams will not go back to having white players until they lose their white fan base. Supporting them now will cause the situation to remain unchanged. This is the kind of stupidity that gives Southerners a bad reputation among other whites. They seem unable to think through simple logic. If I recall correctly, Courtney was urging us to vote for Bush and McCain. To the extant that Southerners are more racially conscious than other white Americans, it’s useless if it comes along with that kind of thinking.

  67. Stiv says:


    I wasn’t responding harshly, but I’m not as soft spoken or patient as I used to be. I wasn’t very patient in the past either come to think of it. I was just floating a theory off the top of my head.

    I don’t think this issue is as important as others in the grand scheme of things.

  68. WHC says:

    BYU beat Mississippi. Boise State crushed Georgia. The “White boys” made a strong statement last weekend. Football fans across the country, got to see first hand how well whites can play big time college football, if given the chance. We saw huge numbers of white athletes perform well at Wisconsin, Ohio State, Stanford, Nebraska, Northwestern, Boise State and BYU, this past weekend. There were also solid performances from white tailbacks at Nebraska (Burkhead), Northwestern (Trumpy) and SMU (Line). It was particularly gratifying to see the large number of whites playing on defense. Could there be some cracks forming in the foundation of the NCAA’s Caste System?

  69. Anonymous says:

    … despite what you want to believe. Boise State skill position players are from California, Texas, a few from Oregon and Washington. And, the kid that made the key interception vs Georgia is from Miami. That’s right, Miami is about as black as black can get. Boise State has recruited inner city WRs, Legedu Naanee, Titus Young, and Austin Pettis. Watching Young and Pettis ten strides down field of a CB from Montana or Idaho State is a freakin’ joke! Take a good look at Boise States roster, and you’ll see this article is one big lie! Hardly ANY of Boise State players, much less, skill positions are from Idaho. With the technology age, kids are not as hesitant to leave their home state and play for teams like Boise State. Why be a backup RB, WR, or CB at Oklahoma, Texas, USC, when you can start at Boise State? Trust me, other schools are going to follow Boise State’s blueprint and start recruiting from the southwest and southeast. In about 5 years, you’ll see Utah State, Nevada, maybe even Wyoming with runningbacks and receivers from Alabama, Florida, Georgia. Open your eyes people, don’t be brainwashed. The reality is right there before your eyes… just look at the roster.

  70. Courtney from Alabama says:

    Everyone is ignoring how LSU beat Oregon the other day as well (two teams that were actually matched up appropriately). How come nobody on here is talking about that? Everyone keeps bringing up how a white team beat a Southern team with lots of blacks on it that was ranked much lower than it.

    If you have followed my posts on here you should know that I am not a race traitor. I have over explained my stance on this and I am about done now. Most of the most recent rebuttals that have gone up aren’t worth responding to, because they are indirectly accusing me of being a race traiter when I already explained where I am coming from. As I said before, we aren’t always going to agree on everything 100%.


    Once again, I don’t know what you are talking about. In Alabama, I have yet to run into anyone who doesn’t cheer for either Auburn or Alabama. Again, perhaps Georgia is different.

    “….This is the kind of stupidity that gives Southerners a bad reputation among other whites. They seem unable to think through simple logic. If I recall correctly, Courtney was urging us to vote for Bush and McCain. To the extant that Southerners are more racially conscious than other white Americans, it’s useless if it comes along with that kind of thinking. ”

    Wow, if this is what this conversation has devolved into, then I am finished. I thought personal insults weren’t allowed on here. Plus you just insulted Southerners by calling us “stupid”. Who was it that forced integration on us among other things? I think you have started a battle that you aren’t prepared to finish on that note. Do you really want to discuss which region of the country is the brightest and which isn’t when it comes to racial awareness?

    It also isn’t fair to mention something I said a long time ago (in regards to who I wanted to vote for) while the other people on here reading don’t know for themselves what context I was going about it in. The men in this movement get upset about how there aren’t enough women involved yet you continue with this sort of harrassment that drives many (not just women) away.

    I have been to an Amren conference and I have shook Jared’s hand. How many women in my age group especially have done that. I support the movement financially and I have called into James Edward’s show before. I am well liked by many. I have never dated a nonwhite which is more than some men on this website can say. I plan to have a family one day with lots of babies.

    Yet, posters such as ATBOTL feel the need to harrass me over something I said a long time ago about politics (I was barely past my teenage years back then), and the rest of you choose to make a big deal over what sport teams I cheer for. Are we all supposed to be clones of each other on every little issue? Stuff like this continues to make me wonder why I stick around on here.

  71. Stiv says:

    Courtney, white people from certain ‘areas of the country’have a superiority complex(if there is such a thing)when white southerners are involved. SOME of this was learned years ago, maybe before they were racially aware or became a little more socially conservative. That attitude is entrenched in their minds. Ignore most of it; I’ve learned to ignore all but the worst.

    There is variety and difference among white populations too. I don’t want us all to be too similar. So some people will have to learn to respect the white southern way of thinking and living; hopefully it’s not going to disappear(completely)anytime soon.

  72. NO-TO-SEC says:

    #70. Everyone is ignoring how LSU beat Oregon the other day as well (two teams that were actually matched up appropriately).

    Nobody talks about LSU-Oregon because that result is supposed to be the rule among black jock carrying white fans and media hounds who worship blacks. The talk is about BYU and Boise because these games flew in the face of that conventional myth.

    I haven’t heard anyone on AMREN or anyplace else say that a nearly all white team will always beat an nearly all black team, but Ive heard plenty to the contrary.

    The point of all my posts is that as the SEC becomes blacker and blacker, it will lose its fan base. It will go the way of the NBA. And, if NASCAR doesn’t wise up as well and return to its native roots of a southern heritage and stop with its diversity kick, it too will go the way of the NBA.

    I have a lot of conversations with young southern white kids, and by far they care little about the con game that is major university black football. If they do occasionally watch it,it is because a superior white superstar somehow snuck onto the starting 22, probably as a walk-on.

    As I pointed out previously, the seeming craziness that surrounds SEC is driven by the older generation who remembers the glory days of southern football when it was overwhelmingly white. As this generation passes along, support will fall drastically.

    The other phenomenon driving southern football fanatics (besides commercial hype) is the young white college kids themselves who are upper middle class and above. Young working class whites who go to trade schools, learn to drive 18 wheelers or go into the army don’t identify with them or their black football gods.

    It must be remembered too that the demographics of the south has changed. North Carolina, Florida, and Atlanta can be considered honorary northern states much of the time. With the Yankee invasion comes Yankee ways, (i.e., worship of blacks, at a distance of course, don’t ya know.).

    Concerning the comment about recommending votes for Bush and McCain, southerners vote RepugniCON out of self defense. They know full well that most of these politicians do not have white interest at heart. But it’s better than the DemonRats who are openly anti-southern and anti-white.

    BTW during all those years of struggle the south made against busing,integration, black privilege, judicial tyranny, destruction of white heritage, and demonizing of western civilization, they got zero help, I say that again, THEY GOT ZERO HELP, from their northern white brothers.

    I admit to some satisfaction as I see black mobs in the north openly attacking whites with impunity, raping their daughters, and turning their great cities into ghettos. Are these whites ready to listen to white southerners now? Likely not.

  73. WHC says:

    Anonymous #69: No one said Boise State or BYU were all white. Both schools have teams that are PREDOMINATELY white, with mostly white starters on offense and defense. This is what college football used to look like in the 70s & 80s before the decision was made to no longer recruit whites. John Cappelletti won the Heisman Trophy as a white tailback for Penn State in 1973 and is still to this day considered one of the all time great running backs in the history of college football. If Cappelletti was an 18 year old high school senior today, it is highly doubtful that any team in the SEC would even consider him for recruitment. That is the point you seem to be missing.

  74. Bernie says:

    “Boise State has recruited inner city WRs,”

    OK, but they have gotten whiter the past few years and actually dared to play three white wide-outs against Georgia. And the “speedy” blacks could not keep up with these unheralded white men for some strange reason.

    That’s the point of the article. Many schools like Georgia do not recruit whites and do not want them on the team (except for kicker or punter). Yet some teams – BYU, Boise State, Stanford, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Navy ..etc actually recruit whites and give them scholarships.

    Why would we cheer for teams that discriminate against whites over teams that respect whites and let us play for their teams?

  75. jack in Chicago says:

    NO-TO-SEC wrote at 10:19 AM on September 7:

    “I admit to some satisfaction as I see black mobs in the north openly attacking whites with impunity, raping their daughters, and turning their great cities into ghettos. Are these whites ready to listen to white southerners now? Likely not.”

    Jack responds:

    Please take back and apologize for this terrible, racial treasonous statement. Any White person anywhere in the world who takes pleasure in the rape of White daughters by Black rapists in some other region, country – that person is the lowest of the low and brings terrible shame to his family.

    This is the worst comment I have ever read by any supposedly White person on American Renaissance comments section. Shame on you.

  76. GreatNorthWoods says:

    I agree with you “Jack in Chicago”

    That was way over the top by “NO-TO-SEC. He was probably being overly dramatic though. I doubt any contributor to AmRen would mean what he wrote in literal terms.

    It’s obvious though, based on these posts and others, that a few regular posters from the south aren’t that wild about how us Yankees think on certain issues and vice- versa for the Johnny’s. But I’m certain this falls far short of hatred though.

    Personally, I don’t harbor a superior complex against southerners, but I do consider myself fortunate and proud, by not having to mix with, or live in close proximity to black populations to the same extent southerners do. I don’t consider this a ridiculous point to make by any means.

    Believe it or not, I’m not without criticism for northerners either.

    The duplicitous stance and often outright hypocrisy northers display on race drives me crazy to. I’m mean, how do you argue with a man for example, who calls you racist from his driveway, living in his 95%-plus white suburban community and then has the nerve to say “well. . . they don’t bother me”.

    “Well there Mr Smith,- obviously! I wonder why?


  77. William Hendershot says:

    I’m a little late but let me add the theory that people follow team sports because it is genetic. There is a theory (no way to prove)that hunter gatherers would send their hunting group off to find food for the clan. The very survival of the group depended upon the success of the hunters. Over many generations it became hardwired into their brains that support of the hunting “team” was synonymous with survival.

    There is no denying that team support is not logical, we all have been caught up in it at one time or another, and in most cases it is completely healthy. I would hope that people would see this and at least try to support a team that somewhat reflects their values and lineage. But supporting teams made up of dysfunctional blacks who have no qualifications for college other than athletic ability is too much for me.

  78. Anonymous says:

    My son just went through the college football recruiting process last year. It turns out that all the D-I schools told him that he was a top player and that they wanted him on their team….if he would play as a PREFERRED WALK ON. They openly told him that since he came from a white family that could obviously pay for his college, that he would help the team even more by walking on and letting a “poor kid” (black kid) have that scholarship.

    I think they call this reverse discrimination!! Has anyone done a study to see the ratio of white walk ons to black walk ons as compared to the black vs white scholarships?