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We now have a truly all-star lineup.

Identitarian conference in Stockholm, March 30th.

Victorious court battle paved the way.

Quarantined in the US; completely banned in 40 countries.

Judge’s finding may have far-reaching consequences for social media.

A Report from Europe and an Invitation to Viewers

The 2018 AmRen conference is just one week away.


AR accused of “being affiliated with a violent extremist group.”

Race Differences in Rates of Venereal Disease

Blacks have by far the highest rates.


Photos: The Gangs of Latin America

A land where criminals outgun cops.


2013 American Renaissance Conference Speeches Now on YouTube

With speeches from Richard Spencer, John Derbyshire, RamZPaul, and more.


Corporate America is waging war on us.

PHOTOS: Chaos at Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally

Violence reigned as police stood down.


Photos: The Face(s) of MS-13 (Literally)

Anybody still want open borders?


The Death of Europe in 29 Pictures

Scenes from the “refugee” crisis.


Announcing a New Book by Jared Taylor

And we want your input.


Anti-Trump Hate Map

We’ve documented nearly 200 attacks on Trump supporters.


2012 American Renaissance Conference Now on YouTube

You can now watch the full lectures for free.


UC Santa Cruz doesn’t want diversity of opinion.

Campus in a tizzy over posters that promote “ideology of hate.”

Identitarian Emigrants, Special to AR News

Frenchmen are moving to the East to rediscover ethnic and cultural homogeneity.

EXCLUSIVE: Bill Kristol Says ‘Lazy, Spoiled’ White Working Class Should Be Replaced by Immigrants

“I hope this thing isn’t being videotaped or ever shown anywhere.”


Blogger Forces Black Official to Resign from Post

Official may be removed from other positions.


Politically motivated Twitter bans are against freedom of expression.

Notes on the Survey Results, American Renaissance

Thanks! Now it’s time to address your feedback.

She says “history will condemn” the French government if it fails to act.

AmRen Welcomes New Staff Member, American Renaissance

Chris Roberts will be Director of Special Projects.

Congratulations on Brexit!

The vote to leave the EU was a rejection of immigration and multiculturalism.


Invincible Ignorance at NBC

African journalists are much more open-minded.


The Great Replacement

What the think tanks think about 50 years of non-white immigration.


Open Letter to Frank Gaffney, Special to AR News

Don’t let your enemies limit the debate.

Full text of the radio interview of August 31, 2015.

SPLC founder says it is as much part of his heritage as Martin Luther King.

Readers aren’t buying it.

“Hands up, don’t shoot” was a lie.

United Daughters of the Confederacy to celebrate victory on May 23.

He’ll be back with his unique blend of humor and insight.

A white advocate debates a black intellectual in 1927.

They shouted “Allahu Akbar,” and “The prophet is avenged.”

Charlie Hebdo has been infuriating Muslims since 2006.

Seventh annual conference to be held at the end of October.

It was hard to choose our favorites.

Winners will get the originals of their cartoons and a caricature of the person of their choice.

Jared Taylor asks a smart question; gets stupid answers.

Can you spot the “racial discrimination?”

But blacks give more to black charities.

When the conquistadors arrived in the Andes, they were amazed by the light-skinned “Chachapoya.”

Dear Mr. Holder

I, too, want an honest discussion of race in America.


Spectator columnists apologizes for momentarily forgetting this.

Could lead to a full-time career.