Posted on August 8, 2018

Video with Jared Taylor Goes into Deep Freeze 8 Minutes After Upload

AR Staff, American Renaissance, August 8, 2018

On Monday, Devon Tracey live-streamed a conversation with Jared Taylor. It was two hours about race, immigration, national identity, and even how to pronounce the words “Cool Whip.” After the live stream, Mr. Tracey uploaded the video to his YouTube channel, AIU-Resurrection. In about eight minutes, he got a message from YouTube announcing that some features had been “disabled.” It’s the usual quarantine: no comments, no sharing, no view count, the video won’t be recommended, etc.

Mr. Tracey also got a message listing the countries in which the video had been completely banned.

Our fans in Wallis and Futuna are furious.

Mr. Tracey has since made another video expressing his outrage. We are outraged, too.

As usual, YouTube has not explained what was so offensive about the original conversation. Mr. Tracey thinks no one at the company even listened to the whole conversation — maybe not even part of it — and that it was Jared Taylor’s name alone that blew the circuit breakers.