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AmRen makes Newsweek’s cover story.

“VDARE, American Renaissance and Radix have become part of the political landscape.”

“Hate group” is Center for Immigration Studies.

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AR makes waves.

Jared Taylor was a guest on the debut episode of ABC News’ new podcast series “Uncomfortable.”

Not apologizing for being white is “white supremacy.”

The ADL is unhappy with American Renaissance’s new posters.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins is embarrassed.

“Men of the west, you have the power to expose the anti-white double standard.”

Media get it wrong again.

Venezuelan media interview Jared Taylor.

Quebec is stirring, too.

American Renaissance Fuels Leftist Infighting

American Renaissance is now a talking point when Bernie Bros and Clintonians are at each other’s throats.


Our podcasts are popular.

The Daily Beast discovers Alain de Benoist and Guillaume Faye.

Jared Taylor is quoted at length.

Jared Taylor chats with Vox’s Zack Beauchamp.

“Conservatives” support Twitter bans.

“Defaming the defamers just doesn’t work.”

Through the Eyes of Sam Francis

What he wrote 25 year ago is even more relevant today.


Jared Taylor: Trump’s win is “part of a worldwide reawakening of nationalist sentiment.”

Media try to grasp difference between American and racial nationalism.

This election will be seen as the “beginning of a new stage.”

Rise of the Alt-Right, The American Conservative

A thoughtful account of the factors contributing to the rise in white racial consciousness.

Documentary includes the AR conference and a four-minute interview with Jared Taylor.

Media Self-Destruct over Trump

Their hysteria and dishonesty have backfired.


Rolling Stone profiles Richard Spencer.

A “conservative” tries to refute Jared Taylor.

Yes, because our rulers are utterly blind about race.

The conference was held despite the National Press Club’s earlier cancellation.

The media cover it with trademark fairness.

That will be the challenge no matter the outcome of November’s election.

The first report on the Alt Right press conference.

Obscuring the True Sam Francis

He was first and foremost a racially-conscious white man.


It’s the first event the club has ever cancelled for political reasons.

National Review takes aim at “a politically insignificant band.”

Alan Colmes talks American history, white identity, and the Alt-Right with Jared Taylor.

Jared Taylor: “We are heretics of the state religion, and the state religion is one of relentless egalitarianism.”

Jared Taylor: “We have thoughtful things to say about problems for which the prevailing orthodoxy has no solutions.”

Jared Taylor live on NPR with Norman Ornstein, Robert P. Jones, and Rosie Gray.

Dave Weigel dares quote the subjects of Clinton’s speech.

MSNBC reads at length from AR-issued press release.

The Guardian profiles Jared Taylor.

Jared Taylor: “We weren’t counting on Hillary for being so generous in sharing the spotlight with us.”

. . . and American Renaissance.

Jared Taylor is interviewed for “Special Report with Bret Baier.”

“We intend to call out this ‘alt-right’ shift and the divisive and dystopian vision . . . .”

More AR mentions in Washington Post.

Trump’s new top adviser: “A country is more than an economy.”