Posted on December 9, 2022

City of Boise’s Investigation Into Former Police Captain May Cost $500,000

KBOI, December 5, 2022

It may cost the city of Boise $500,000 to investigate whether a former police captain’s views impacted the Boise Police Department

The Boise City Council will take up the contract with Steptoe & Johnson at its next meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 6. Last week, Mayor Lauren McLean announced Steptoe & Johnson would conduct an independent investigation into the matter with senior counsel Michael Bromwich.

{snip} Key lawyers involved will be paid $825 per hour – up to but not to exceed the cumulative total amount of $500,000.


Bromwich “will investigate whether Matt Bryngelson’s stated racist beliefs impacted his policing during his employment, his on-duty interactions with the community, officers or BPD staff and whether any city resources were used to create or distribute racist materials or content,” according to Mayor McLean.

Captain Matt Bryngelson had been scheduled to speak at a white nationalist conference in November. The organization, American Renaissance, is designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. {snip}