Posted on September 15, 2023

Law Professor Invites White Supremacist to Campus

Joe Patrice, Above the Law, September 14, 2023

After providing years and years and years worth of justification for her termination, University of Pennsylvania Law School professor Amy Wax finally landed herself on the wrong end of a formal process to revoke her tenure after bringing noted white supremacist Jared Taylor on campus to chew the fat with her students. And now she’s going to do it again!

Sorry. “Carey Law School.” Don’t want to offend the school by not recognizing how they sold their naming rights. They get very touchy if you don’t.

Anyway, while the school courted donor dollars by changing their Ivy League brand name to parrot the University of Maryland, Wax festered within the school. To be clear, the academy only thrives when academic freedom prevails to afford scholars the opportunity to pursue research without fear of persecution. But Wax isn’t in hot water for advancing some bold, unorthodox legal theory. Wax publicly insults Black law students as inferior, lends the school’s goodwill to white nationalist causes, and — sadly perhaps worst of all for a scholar — she cites Wikipedia for her core arguments. None of this has anything to do with her academic freedom — except to the extent you define “academic freedom” not as “the freedom to do academic work” but as “the freedom to troll because I call myself an academic.”