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What Does it Mean for Whites if Climate Change is Real?

It doesn’t have to be national suicide.


Who’s White; Who’s Not?, AR Classic Article

Census data vs reality.

Liberals look at the women of the alt-right.

What Can Replace Religion?, AR Classic Article

A look at Professor Raymond Cattell’s “Beyondism.”

The mainstream believes President Trump is reading us.

Unite the Sane: What Charlottesville Means for White America

Your disavowals won’t save you.


PHOTOS: Chaos at Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally

Violence reigned as police stood down.


Three Big Questions After Charlottesville

Anarcho-tyranny is here. How will we respond?


“God sent his son – a brown Middle Eastern man . . .”

Tough Guys, Honest Opinions

Race realism in American hardboiled fiction.


Journalist turns to Jared Taylor for answers.

2017 American Renaissance Conference Videos

The full speeches are now available.


Even the Right has civil rights.

“They are the KKK in suits and ties.”

“Something’s happening here, and it’s a privilege to be a part of it. I only wish I’d been born 50 years later.”

A Weekend to Remember, Audacious Epigone

Audacious Epigone on our conference.

“AmRen 2017 could not have been a better introduction to our movement.”

AmRen Diary, The Z Man

A popular blogger reflects on his first AmRen conference.

Sell-Out Conference Shrugs Off Anti-Fa

AmRen 2017 was electric with optimism.


The Sombre Enemy of the Pram

Why are whites in demographic decline?


Pastor of Renaissance Presbyterian Church: “What’s going on in there is sin.”

“White supremacy, like race, is a construct developed to divide and disempower those who are oppressed.”

Sam Dickson in His Own Words

A veteran activist reflects on a life of devotion to a cause.

Interviewed by Hubert Collins

Why I Don’t Care About Russian “Scandals”

And why you shouldn’t either.


From Wide-Eyed Liberal to Race Realist

With a pause as a conservative.


Race and the American Identity, AR Classic Article

To claim that we are a “universal nation” is to deny the past.

The kids are alt-right.

Kill All Normies

A leftist tries (and fails) to understand the Alt-Right.

Reviewed by Gregory Hood

White South African liberal doesn’t back down.

Why I Am (Among Other Things) a White Nationalist

You may not care about politics, but politics cares about you.


2012 American Renaissance Conference Now on YouTube

You can now watch the full lectures for free.


Nathan Damigo: Why We Fight

From race-blind soldier to public white advocate.


What the Founders Really Thought About Race

Racial consciousness is as old as the Republic.


Life After the Collapse, AR Classic Article

Guillaume Faye looks at how whites will emerge from the rubble in “Archeofuturism.”

Campus in a tizzy over posters that promote “ideology of hate.”

Women in the Alt-Right

Lana Lokteff explains why so many women are joining us.


Why Race Matters, AR Classic Article

The assault on our race and culture must be met in explicitly racial terms.

America Discovers Poor Whites

What we can learn from hillbilly culture.


AmRen makes Newsweek’s cover story.

AR makes waves.

Remembering Lawrence Auster

His insights should be remembered by everyone who cares about whites today.


Notes from a White Country, Part I

If diversity is a strength, I live in one of the weakest places on earth.


Jared Taylor was a guest on the debut episode of ABC News’ new podcast series “Uncomfortable.”

How I Saw the Light About Race

My convoluted path to racial awareness.


Camp of the Saints — a haunting novel about the end of the white race.

Why the Left Wants a Non-White America

Less white means more left.


“Majority rights are uncharted territory for liberal democracies.”

How I Saw the Light About Race (Part VIII)

Stories of people who could no longer lie about the racial realities around them.


How I Saw the Light About Race (Part VII)

Anti-white racism and casual observation of other races often lead whites to their sense of racial identity.


‘I’m Proud to Be White’

How to rehabilitate racial consciousness.