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Guillaume Faye, Rest in Peace

We have lost a brilliant and impassioned champion for our people.


By definition, anything white nationalists say is hateful propaganda.

Among the Living Again, AR Classic Article

RIP to Guillaume Faye, who first introduced himself to American Renaissance readers at our 2006 conference.

Studying the Racialists, AR Classic Article

Academic Carol Swain tries to understand us in “The New White Nationalism in America.”

Identitarian conference in Stockholm, March 30th.

Finally, a Useful Book on Identitarianism

A Portuguese scholar has written a fair account of the movement.


Ending “Identity Politics” Requires White Identity

“Whites need to defend their history and identity on their own terms.”


Victorious court battle paved the way.

“White conditioning is based on shame.”

“If everyone is Canadian, then to be Canadian means nothing.”

Be Reasonable: Episode #057 – Jared Taylor, The Merseyside Skeptics Society

Jared Taylor explains race realism and white racial interests.

Steve King Muffs It

But he could still redeem himself.


Republicans Strawman Steve King

Congressman stripped of committee assignments.


Tucker Carlson and the Question of White Victimhood

Fox News commentator has raised the ire of Conservatism, Inc.


White people feeling good about feeling bad about being white.

A Class in Iconoclasm

Interview with Jim Goad.


You can visit him and encourage him to finish his final work.

Who Created the Modern World?

Whites. But you better not say so at Columbia.


A Conversation with Greg Johnson

On traditionalism, free markets, Christianity, and the European Union.


Shop owner reportedly said “it would be nice if we [whites] had some kind of greater solidarity.”

The Closing of the Conservative Mind

David French leads the way.


The White Nationalist Manifesto

A timely and timeless statement of our values.


And the liberal inability to acknowledge it.

Unusually informative video from NBC News about Identity Evropa.

Today Show meets Identity Evropa.

The Left Now Hates White Women

The Kavanaugh confirmation opens the floodgates.


Adjustment Day

New novel explores racial separatism.


Andrew Cuomo and the Rotten Elite

The New York governor’s battle with America and Identity Evropa.


Dating apps that allow discrimination make discrimination “normal.”

Who Is ‘Radicalizing’ America?

It’s the corporate media.


Antifa App Targets Right-Wing Media for Censorship

Journalists help market it.


“There is no future for a Republican Party that is not a white nationalist party at this point.”

Who Are the White Dissidents?

Are we many or are we only a few?


The white race is doomed, and whites should all accept their doom quietly.

Has the White Nationalist Movement Collapsed, or Is It All Powerful?

Media want to have it both ways.


Uncle Jared Wants You!

To stay in touch, just in case . . .


Parody is no longer possible.

Distort de Nouza actually gets a few things right.

The Demography of the Alt-Right, Institute for Family Studies

Analysis contradicts several stereotypes.

Quarantined in the US; completely banned in 40 countries.

Jared Taylor will be speaking.

Guillaume Faye: Philosopher of White Survival

A European perspective on the great questions of our time.


The shameful treatment of James Edwards and his congregation.

“Demographic change . . . is one of the tectonic forces shaping this era in American life.”

The Fatal Complacency of Conservatives

And what it means we must do. Now.


Activism, Fellowship, and Community Service

Identity Evropa serves our people.


The Racial Consciousness of Robert E. Howard

“Conan” author taught us to embrace the barbaric.


Whites are being “portrayed . . . as a distinct subculture with bizarre and threatening habits.”

Managing the Multicult

It’s not easy but pays well.