Posted on March 27, 2024

Poetry for Our Side

Mark Mazari, American Renaissance, March 27, 2024

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From US Citizenship

This badge of tin
creates fake kin
for whites’ resigned

each party’s win
lets millions in
so that our kind’s

progressive dins
of vice and sin,
we have no mind
to trace;

morals to pin
our lost chagrin
got left behind
with race.

Loving the Other

Progressives spin
our love for kin
as from outdated

at least our sin
is genuine,
not bait for prated

Collapse begins:
a star pulls in

the state as inn
to darker skins
feeds their elated

Call for Self-Exile

To those for whom good manners
or cultish sophistry
considers whites a cancer
to die descendant-free:

abandon, then, these manors
of first world luxury—
white men built them to anchor
their loyal progeny.

Don’t Pray for America

Nations of immigrants are blind
to cracks in the homestead,
while states defined by natives bind
one blood made dense as lead.

This jumbled mass of man has signed
the warrant—pray instead
estates are kind when late days find
America is dead.

Miscegenation & the Ethnostate

Who mix with migrants thus comply
with furtive genocide so sly
it has no need to kill;

a separate state would sanctify
our race’s irises like sky,
doors to inventive will.