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Jared Taylor to Speak at Conference in Estonia in May

Fróði Midjord, Guide to Kulchur, February 23, 2023

Announcing the Event of the Year

A view of Old Town in a mysterious city. (Photo: Creative Commons.)

You’ve asked me a hundred times. Maybe more. “When is the next event?”

I don’t blame you.

Interacting with people through the Metaverse (online “reality”) gets stale pretty fast. You need to get out and about to feel like a human being.

(As one writer put it, something about life just feels so off versus how it felt in 2019. And social life still hasn’t recovered completely.)

Well, you can stop waiting.

The Event

The Spring Conference is less than three months away. (No time to waste. Get busy making travel plans, posthaste.)

When is it? – We’ll meet the weekend, 13-14 May. That’s right, it’s a two-day event – speeches are both Saturday and Sunday. (This is the biggest event I’ve hosted so far, so one day isn’t enough!)

Where is it? – We’ll be in Tallinn, Estonia – one of the most beautiful cities in the world (check out the pictures and see for yourself). Old Town of Tallinn is well preserved and goes all the way back to its medieval and Hanseatic origin. (The area is registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List.) By mid-May Tallinn will have comfortable spring weather, which makes it perfect for a visit.

(Another benefit is that prices in Estonia are quite reasonable compared to most of Western Europe.)

Moving on…

Market and restaurants in Tallinn Old Town, which has medieval origins. (Photo: Creative Commons.)


You’ll get speeches by a range of prominent speakers from America and Europe, including members of the Estonian Parliament.

Since this is a two-day event, we will have eight individual speeches and a panel discussion, with plenty of time to socialize in between.

Here are the speakers, in no particular order:

Ruuben Kaalep (Estonia)

Member of Parliament, author of Litoriinamere loits & teisi luuletusi (‘Song of the Littorina Sea & other poems’, 2020).

Ruuben Kaalep giving a speech in 2018. (Photo: Creative Commons.)

Guido Taietti (Italy)

M.A. in Political Science (specializing in political communication), author of Essays on Sovereignism (2019) and Political Witchcraft (2021).

Guido Taietti. (Photo: private.)

Dr. F. Roger Devlin (USA)

PhD in philosophy, author of Sexual Utopia in Power (2015), about the sexual revolution in the West. Dr. Devlin is also the editor of Sam Francis’s posthumous magnum opus, Leviathan and its Enemies, about how the modern world is run.

Dr. F. Roger Devlin. (Photo: YouTube screenshot.)

Professor Edward Dutton (UK)

Professor of Evolutionary Psychology, author of numerous books, including At Our Wits’ End (2018) and The Past is a Future Country (2022). Professor Dutton is known for his popular YouTube channel, The Jolly Heretic, where he talks about controversial science.

Professor Edward Dutton addressing the Traditional Britain Group. (Photo: YouTube screenshot.)

Fróði Midjord (Scandinavia)

Independent writer, speaker, culture critic, podcast host, and conference organizer.

Fróði Midjord in 2019. (Photo: private.)

Jared Taylor (USA)

Prominent writer, speaker, translator. Mr. Taylor is the founder and director of American Renaissance. His books include Paved with Good Intentions (1992) and If We Do Nothing (2017).

Jared Taylor speaking in Stockholm, 2018. (Phtoto: Scandza Forum)

Mark Weber (USA)

Historian, writer, speaker, and current affairs analyst. Mr. Weber is co-host of the podcast, Weekly Roundup with Mark Weber, which deals with current events.

Mark Weber speaking in Stockholm, 2015. (Photo: private)

Timo Hännikäinen (Finland)

Author, essayist, poet, translator, publisher. Mr. Hännikäinen is the director of the Kiuas Kustannus publishing company. His most recent book is A Portrait of Stalin (2023).

Timo Hännikäinen. (Photo: private)

Discover The Future

The theme for the Spring Conference is: “The Year 2050”

The speakers will talk about trends and expectations. What will Europe (and the West) look like in 2050?

We’ll also discuss visions for a better future. What could Europe (and the West) look like in 2050?

The point is of course to get us thinking and talking about the future…

…both in negative and positive terms (concerns and hopes)… both in short-term and long-term trends.

Because if you don’t have a clear vision of the future, you’re just driftwood… with no agency. No will.

But there’s more to the event than “just” speeches…

Looking for signs of the future in a crystal ball. (Photo: Public Domain.)

Recharge Your Batteries

Now, you may be thinking that the speeches will be recorded and posted online… at least some of them.

But it’s not enough for you to watch more videos online. This event isn’t just about information – it’s also about inspiration.

It’s about you recharging your batteries. Feeling the energy in the room, listening to the speeches as they happen, being around the other guests.

You know what I always say:

Humans are only rational to a limited extent. First and foremost, we are social creatures.

Renewed Energy

You come to Tallinn on Friday and meet up with old and new friends.

On Saturday, you go to the main event. You listen to speeches, talk to other guests, and get a chance to meet the speakers in person.

You’ll have plenty of time to socialize between speeches.

Saturday evening you’re welcome to join the speakers and other attendees for dinner and refreshments.

Sunday morning, the main event continues with speeches and a panel discussion where you’ll have a chance to interact with speakers and ask questions.

Sunday afternoon you have an opportunity for sightseeing and further socializing.

In other words, this is a social event. A networking event. An opportunity for you to get away from the metaverse for a weekend and come back home with renewed energy and inspiration. (And hopefully a whole bunch of new friends.)

Read on to find out how to register…

Photo from a 2018 conference in Stockholm, Sweden.

General Information

Age limit: 18 and up.

Dress code: Semi-formal. Dress shirt and suit jacket for men (tie is optional). Equivalent for ladies. If in doubt, err on the side of more formality. See link for examples.

If you have any questions, email: register.conference (at)


You can choose from three types of tickets:

1. General Admission: €240

Saturday evening dinner is optional (separate charge).

2. Patron Registration: €200 in addition.

Patrons who donate €200 in addition to the General Admission ticket get a special invitation to a private dinner with the speakers on Friday (the evening before the main event). This is an optional donation to support the conference. The meal is paid separately at the restaurant.

3. Student Registration: Email to ask about student discounts.

NOTE: The registration fee (ticket) is non-refundable.

Remember to keep an eye on your email (and spam folder) when you’ve registered. That’s where you’ll get all updates.


To register, email: register.conference (at)

Include in your message:

  • Name Surname
  • Nationality
  • Age

Make sure to use an email address that you check often!

If you have any questions, email: register.conference (at)


See you in May!

/ Fróði


Before you even think about sitting this one out… let me tell you something:

Some 12-13 years ago I had the opportunity to see Jonathan Bowden speak (I was a fan). But I couldn’t go because the events were too far away…

…and as a result, I never met Bowden.

It still bothers me to this day, more than a decade after he passed away. If I knew then what I know now, I would have made it happen.

So don’t be mañana about these things. Seize the opportunity quickly, when you have it, because you never know when or if it will ever come again.

Go claim your ticket right now.

Tallinn Old Town. (Photo: Creative Commons.)

Russian Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Tallinn. (Photo: Creative Commons.)

Tallinn Old Town. (Photo: Creative Commons.)

Tallinn Old Town. (Photo: Creative Commons.)