Posted on June 23, 2023

A White Homeland, A White Imperium

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, June 23, 2023

Credit: Ziko, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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Note: This article is based on remarks given by the author in reply to Dr. Greg Johnson at the 2023 Counter-Currents Spring Retreat.

There is no question about whether we live in an imperial order. It’s just a question about whose empire it is. You will always live under some sort of imperial ideals. It’s a question of which ideals you’re under.

Julius Evola contended that in the traditional world, “[T]he state had a transcendent meaning and purpose that were not inferior to the ones the Catholic Church claimed for itself in the West as a manifestation of, and a path to, the ‘world above.’”

It’s tempting to say such a notion has faded in the modern world, that we live in a purely technocratic, rational system. Yet that is not true. A new faith has emerged that legitimizes our political and social order. It may not have come from “above,” but we see the same pattern of a metaphysical ideal justifying power that Julius Evola saw. Jonathan Bowden argued that, in an age of subversion, traditional ideas are basically “inverted,” and we see that today. The structure of an imperial order exists – it’s just that today’s religious ideal comes from below.

Paul Gottfried has argued — and I agree with him — that antifascism is the creation story of the modern West. Leave aside the fuzzy definition of what “fascism” even is — it’s not necessary to define. We have a creation story that emerged from the ashes of World War II. The United Nations, international political institutions, and many postwar constitutions are explicitly based on the idea of avoiding the causes that our rulers say led to World War II.

Those causes include not just fascism or National Socialism, but racial identity, patriotism, and traditional religiosity. They are all the things that were once considered pillars of a nation or a society — R. R. Reno’s “strong gods.” The true meaning of World War II, however, was that it was a war against ourselves. That would certainly be a surprise to those who fought at the time. However, today, it is understood that fighting National Socialism wasn’t really about fighting Germany, but fighting the inner racism that lies within all white people. Thus, every government in the West is constantly looking for racism and ethnocentrism among its own people, even in the nations of the so-called victors. Today, there’s a bloodlust against “Nazis” that’s far stronger than what existed among the veterans who actually fought the Nazis.

This ideology is only deepening and growing more extreme and powerful. We can call it antifascism, or wokeness, or intersectionality. What’s clear is that it is becoming an actual religion, not just something like a religion. Incidentally, happy Pride Month to everyone reading this. In our new liturgical calendar, I think we have more feast days for martyrs (Matthew Shepherd, George Floyd, Martin Luther King, et al) and sacred groups than the Church had during the Middle Ages.

When we talk about an “empire,” we don’t just mean a state ruling multiple ethnic groups. We mean a polity that claims authority from a divine or moral idea. That is what rules the West today. The creation myth that grew out of World War II is the foundation of our entire civilization. It is the basis of our state boundaries. It defines ultimate good and ultimate evil. It tells us what is sacred. You are allowed to mock God all you want, but certain groups and historical events are beyond question, and you will be thrown in jail for blaspheming them. The list of the sacrosanct is even expanding — some in Canada want to make it illegal to deny that schools were killing American Indian children, even though there is little evidence for such a dramatic claim. Of course, when has evidence ever mattered against religious dogma?

Don’t doubt that you live in a theocracy. Just say a certain name, use a certain symbol, or utter a certain word if you are part of the wrong group. Note the hysteria that results. The implication seems to be that such blasphemy could cause a demonic creed magically to resurrect or at least cause severe emotional damage to certain groups. Don’t laugh — those kinds of premises are now common in the media and even in the law. It’s religious thinking — and when we hear the media insist that “black women are magic” or hear them credit the claims of miracles at the site where George Floyd died, we see that our supposedly “scientific” system has room for the supernatural.

The new creed is becoming more internally consistent and more expansive and is gaining more institutional backing. Now it even has its own symbol, in the intersectional or pride flag. This flag is simply anti-white, which is why it added black and brown stripes seemingly for no other reason but to praise the coalition against whites. In my time in Europe, I’ve seen that imperial banner fly triumphantly from government buildings to bars, from churches to monuments. Make no mistake — that flag means more to many white people, especially upscale whites, than their supposed national flags. It is a banner that isn’t just of the world order led from Washington, DC, but the army of well-funded NGOs and international organizations that carry out the Great Replacement.

Dr. Greg Johnson has referred quite often to the importance of national sovereignty. But we might as well refer to the intricacies of ecclesiastical law. There’s not a country in the West that’s still sovereign. Ethnic identities and even national states have proven no barrier to the imperial creed taking power in every Western nation. The regime that rules from the Potomac uses intersectionality to justify intervention throughout the world, and the Westphalian system of sovereign states is now practically nonexistent. In academia, media, and even fields like medicine, finding new ways to hunt down the demonic presence of “racism” is the best way to gain power and status within the imperial system.

I recently spoke with a Dutch nationalist who said that while each refugee who is brought in provides money and jobs for a host of left-wing activists, there’s no nationalist equivalent. The ideology that rules us isn’t just for show. It’s a political scheme that legitimizes rule and provides social and financial benefits to its adherents. It transcends borders and countries. It is the faith of the current imperial order. It is explicitly anti-white.

We must deal with that apparatus — let’s call it the imperial apparatus — before we can talk about anything regarding sovereignty. We must replace one imperial order with another.

Independence and sovereignty, by themselves, without a repudiation of the imperial creed, do nothing. Italy has a nationalist government, and yet NGOs have more power. In fact, basically the same class of managers govern every Western country. Perhaps, at best, if you shuffle some boundaries around, maybe you can throw up a few barriers to what’s happening. I’d support Flemish nationalism for that reason. But it’s just not true that decentralization is inherently helpful.

What was the great populist triumph? Brexit. What happened after Brexit? Non-European immigration increased dramatically. Brexit was a complete disaster. The replacement of the British people continues under a Conservative government that has ruled for more than a decade.

Look at some of the most prominent secessionist movements in the West, such as Scotland’s or Catalonia’s. They want to leave what’s left of their unitary nation-states so they can bring in more non-European migrants. Needless to say, they do not want to leave the European Union.

Is there even a real desire to break away from such pan-national institutions? France, one of the few countries that could be totally independent outside the EU, is back in the EU camp. Marine Le Pen abandoned her opposition to Brussels for political reasons. Any talk of the Netherlands leaving has long since faded. If anything, the EU will expand.

We must ask difficult questions about what ethnonationalism really means. In his “One White State or Many?” statement at the Counter-Currents Spring Retreat, Greg Johnson referred to the “bad old nationalism” that prompted intra-European conflicts within our race. However, there are certain questions that aren’t about right and wrong, but us and them:

  • Who does Alsace-Lorraine belong to?
  • Should Germany reclaim the lands that were stripped and given to Poland?
  • Does Hungary have a right to avenge the ruinous Treaty of Trianon?
  • Should Flanders seize Brussels?
  • What about Northern Ireland — do the Protestants, brought in by the English specifically to undermine the traditional resistance in Ulster, have a right to stay? They have been there for centuries after all.

If you are an ethnonationalist who doesn’t have a strong opinion about who has the right to certain territories, you’re not much of an ethnonationalist. Besides, where does secessionism stop? Should Northumbria be independent from England? Cornwall? Wales? The homeland that can prevent the most secessionist movements within its territories will be the most successful and powerful — and if you don’t want that homeland to be yours, you’re not much of a nationalist.

We should be clear-eyed about our present situation and be prepared to lead whites, not follow them.

Whites, all whites, are being given a white identity whether they like it or not. We are attacked as whites, and increasingly our national identities are secondary to that racial identity, even to our so-called national leaders. White identity is the moral basis of the post-war order, albeit a negative one. Yet a reaction could create a positive white identity.

We already sense this. When you walk around Europe, all the magnificent statues are essentially ruins, remnants of an older, greater time. In many American cities, we get the same feeling. Most of what is built now is of no worth, because it is designed to have no worth and to demoralize. The system preaches dependence and victimhood, but there are those who will reject such contemptible bribes. We call ourselves nationalists, but whatever country we come from, we have more in common with each other than we do with many of our so-called countrymen. Is it so unreasonable to call ourselves white nationalists in response?

A person who sexually mutilates himself in response to media campaigns is the model democratic, imperial citizen. A person like that has no country, but is in every country. We must overcome the ideology behind the media, and we can’t do it by appealing to the ethnic solidarity of imperial citizens. They do not share it. Instead, we must unite with each other, based on the positive white identity that we already possess. In response to a negative universal ideal, we offer a positive one.

From an American perspective, anything other than basic white identity is nonsense. Occasionally, some will argue about various ethnic distinctions among whites, but that is ridiculous. America was once an Anglo country, but today the core American identity is white. When racially adjacent Hispanics assimilate to the American mainstream, they begin to call themselves white. Despite centuries in the United States and a claim to some of the most distinctive parts of “American” culture, blacks still have their own identity and a deep disconnect with the symbols and history of the historic American nation.

White identity is the driving force in American politics and the key to American identity. It’s just a question of making it a positive characteristic instead of a negative one. This matters to everyone, American or not, because it’s the power of the Globalist American Empire that upholds the postwar order. If race can break or reverse that order, every nationalist should support it. Every European nationalist, even if he is an ethnonationalist, thus has an interest in white identity.

It’s easy to speak of making white identity positive, but doing so will be far from easy. I have no illusions about how hard it will be. However, anyone reading this is already interested in the issues. Why? The answer is simple. Unless we can overcome anti-white racial hatred, every political triumph in every Western country will be temporary. We can’t count on “conservative” governments that aren’t racially aware to help us. Just ask the Polish government, which is determined to keep Jared Taylor out of Europe.

Conservatism is not enough. We must have an ultimate goal. Where the other side gives us decline and disgrace as a moral commandment, we preach ascension. While they offer us occupation, we offer liberation. We must constitute a new sovereign authority — from above, directed from above. And it will have to be a real universal tradition — a historiography, a metapolitics, an Identitarian worldview that integrates the theoretical, pragmatic, and political elements of our struggle.

White identity is emerging not from theory, not by positing an identity and working backwards, but from the circumstances we face now. Power is confronting us on this ground, and it is natural that more people are responding in this way. Power is also inadvertently giving us our constituency. Whites of all economic classes are being displaced or prevented from moving up the socioeconomic ladder. Smart, ambitious, young whites are the ones who are hit hardest, and that’s traditionally who you want as a revolutionary class.

We are going to have to ask people to endure a lot. The “soft tyranny” of the West is becoming increasingly “hard,” overt, and authoritarian. Many Western countries openly restrict speech or prevent peaceful political organization. We must offer our people something worthy of the sacrifice needed. That will be a full reversal of the current social, political, and cultural order, where the best and brightest in our society are trained to lord over a broken mass of consumers. We are instead promising to use power that will be directed to bring out the best in our people. Ruins are not worth fighting for, even if you get to reign in hell. A white homeland is worth fighting for — and, if need be, worth sacrificing everything for.

The key is that we need a homeland as whites. If we achieve that, there’s no reason to abandon the dream of reuniting all white populations as our ideal. The Communists had the classless society — we have the Western Imperium, the political order that will keep our people safe, promote their upward development, unlock their fullest potential, and ensure that they are never forced to live like this again.

This is one struggle. We are moving toward becoming one people, if we are not one already. That is the only thing that can justify what has happened over the last century and everything that we are going through now. I am not willing to say that any side won the First or Second World War, or that those wars were anything other than two tragic civil wars where our people butchered each other instead of focusing on the only enemy that ever mattered.

The West works best at a time of unity, from the Greeks fighting off the Persians to the Crusades. That is our destiny. We must provide a vision of that destiny so profound that we can ask our people to sacrifice everything for it.

This is the ideal: the empire that was and will be, the imperium that comes from above and is directed from above. I say that our people have a holy mission and deserve a true state that will protect them. That is the only thing I think is worth striving for, suffering for, and dying for. I hope you will join me.