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What Really Happened at Charlottesville, Part I

October 12, 2021
Credit Image: © Michael Nigro/Pacific Press via ZUMA Wire Anne Wilson Smith, Charlottesville Untold: Inside the Unite the Right Rally, Shotwell Publishing, 2021, 396 pages, $24.95 paperback, $5.00 e-version from publisher Nothing has quite brought home to me the dishonesty of American journalism like watching the major “news” networks tell us what was happening in […]

Equity is Entropy

August 13, 2021
America’s post-white future will be degeneration.

Unite or Die

March 5, 2021
Whites can hang together, or hang separately.

Antifa’s Bravest Enemy

February 19, 2021
Andy Ngo's new book documents "Antifa’s radical plan to destroy democracy.

Will Asians Stay Woke?

October 28, 2020
Or could they lead a conservative shift in elite attitudes about race?