Posted on January 5, 2024

Heather Mac Donald to Charlie Kirk: “White Civilization Has Decided to Engage in the Great Replacement Theory”

Media Matters, January 3, 2024

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): Here’s what’s upsetting to me, Heather, is if I’m dealing with somebody in customer service who’s a moronic Black woman, I don’t — I wonder is she there because of her excellence, or is she there because affirmative action? It almost creates thought patterns that are not necessarily wholesome. It creates resentment, doesn’t it, Heather? This is not a way to design society.

HEATHER MAC DONALD (GUEST): Yeah. We have to stop being scared by the race hustle. We have to stop —


MAC DONALD: Being called a racist and just say, sorry, the facts are these. You cannot have racial proportionality and excellence at the same time, not because necessarily there’s any inherent difference that — we don’t — we can put that question aside for now, but just because if you look at the fact that 66% of all Black 12th graders do not possess even partial mastery of the most basic math skills defined as doing geometry — doing arithmetic or reading a graph, 66% of Black 12th graders don’t possess even partial mastery of that. {snip}

So, at some point, it’s gonna end — especially when young white males say we are not gonna be canceled any longer. {snip}

KIRK: {snip} Can you just elaborate in about a minute here, Heather? This is suicide. This is I don’t want this to exist any longer.

MAC DONALD: There is something about European civilization that is highly susceptible to blackmail. We are now being blackmailed. The reality is Black privilege, not white privilege. It used to be white privilege. I am not denying that. But for some reason, white civilization has decided to engage in the great replacement theory, and to go down without a fight. And I’m gonna fight, you’re gonna fight, Charlie.