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How Poles and Hungarians Turned Back the Mongol Horde and Saved Europe

March 27, 2020
In the midst of worries about the Wuhan coronavirus, it is worth remembering that the scholarly consensus has long been that the Black Plague reached the Mediterranean in 1347 because of the Mongol invasion of Crimea. The Mongol Empire and its derivative kingdoms were, themselves, considered plagues at the time. Some modern historians celebrate Mongol […]

On Gypsies

March 25, 2020
A look at Europe's first underclass.

The New Bigotry

January 13, 2020
"The multicultural society we aspire to is nothing more than a useful myth to be exploited by minorities."

Blood and Soil

August 4, 2019
The world-wide struggle for ethnic dominance.

The Great ‘White’ North

July 1, 2019
Happy Canada Day! At its current rate, it will become a third-world nation even before the United States does.