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Black Scholar Unmasks a Fundamental Lie of Race Relations

But hopes we can all get along anyway.


“We want the country that our parents had back.”

No Defense Against ‘Racism’

Even marrying a black will not save you.


Teenagers in prison are even ordering “hits” on officers.

“Approximately 150 youths stole phones, goaded police, and terrorised the public.”

Criminal Aliens, AR Classic Article

Immigrants brought their bad habits with them.

“The white Afrikaner faces extinction in the growing insanity of envy and obsession with the past.”

When Whites Hunted Blacks, AR Classic Article

American race relations of 100 years ago.

Ending “Identity Politics” Requires White Identity

“Whites need to defend their history and identity on their own terms.”


On Cynicism and Faith

What we leaned from Nathan Phillips.


Another crime of the white man.

More Verified Hate

Elites cheer on attacks on children.


Groups have to meet racial quotas and pay off the kleptocrats.

White Catholics were blamed for confrontation with Indians and “Black Hebrew Israelites.”

Nice white people continue to live segregated lives and reproduce racist outcomes.

No, This Is Not JFK’s Democratic Party

“Are Democrats inviting an eventual Balkanization of their party and country?”


They commit 4.3 times the number of sex crimes; 3.5 times the number of violent crimes.

Vietnamese say Sudanese don’t deserve to be in Australia.

“Racist trolls” to get “anti-hate training.”

‘Stochastic Terrorism’

Another excuse to silence us.


Because it will help the country be “fully reconciled.”

Non-whites at American University just don’t feel “safe” or “welcome.”

Black man and woman attack three girls over a parking space.

EU’s agency “for fundamental rights” calls for more action against discrimination.

“Why can’t Western countries enforce their own cultural norms?”

Leader of Indian group: “Millions upon millions of Native Americans have died in European-perpetrated genocide.”

“You got to grind your boot into white supremacy’s throat until you hear it stop breathing.”

Their “rights” must “be respected, protected and fulfilled at all times.”

Gangs of Slovak gypsy children roam the streets with whips.

Indian police chief: “Do you realize that this picture has potential of causing communal riots?”

Race unspecified in story, but video tells all.

The State of Hate, Washington Post

WaPo does a somewhat critical dive into the SPLC.

New York Times profiled the black man when he was working on initiatives to end hate crimes.

Racism on the Rise, American Thinker

Diversity is not a virtue; it’s an anti-white political program.

She mistakenly thought the couple was white.

Pakistanis and Gypsies don’t get along.

“White job-seeking youth” should look on other websites.

Grégoire Canlorbe Interviews Jared Taylor, Counter-Currents Publishing

Thoughts on American history, society, and culture.

How “diversity” works against American blacks.

What Do Blacks Want?

What I learned at the premiere of “Race War.”


With Chinese funds come Chinese insults.

Parents believe the brawl was a race riot.

Adjustment Day

New novel explores racial separatism.


Race is the Main Political Divide

New study confirms what we have been saying all along.


Blacks say that immigration is making their lives worse.

Prejudice “can easily become incentivized in virtual populations.”

Black vs. Hispanic confrontation over language.

Economist: “Sweden’s experiment with large-scale immigration from the Third World to a welfare state has failed.”

They say the plan creates tension between blacks and other non-whites.

Whites leave because “there’s a lot of tension.”