Posted on December 11, 2023

South Africa as It Really Is

Lynn Finlay, American Renaissance, February 2004

Editor’s Note: We have received the following letter from Mrs. Lynn Finlay of South Africa about the December 11, 2003 murder of her friend Johan Bester. It captures the bitterness many South Africans feel now that the the ANC has taken over their country, and the world-wide silence that has greeted the war on white farmers that has killed thousands.

A friend of ours from Walkerville was shot and killed yesterday by blacks supposedly looking to buy a tractor. He was shot in the head as he turned to go into his kitchen to fetch tea for his visitors, who had been there the previous day to look at the tractor. Bessie was not a small man and the cowards waited to shoot him with his back turned. He could have killed them with his bare hands and they could not risk him fighting back. Johan Bester and his family are well known and liked in our area and we are all horrified at this senseless killing. THIS IS THE 5TH FRIEND WE HAVE LOST IN THE PAST 10 YEARS TO THESE MURDERING SAVAGES. How many people in the civilised world can claim they have lost so many friends in ‘peace time.’

Let this be a warning to all who think that things ‘are coming right in SA’. The only thing that is coming right is that the blacks are wiping out everything that is seen as ‘white.’ Doing business with these savages and socialising with them is going to cost you more than your life . . . it is going to cost us our country, families and friends.


They called us Radicals, Nazis, right wing maniacs, white supremacists and every other insult that the liberal could think of. They chucked us in jail, hounded us, tapped our phones (and still do) helped the Sunday Times to destroy reputations and showed us that they would destroy us in their quest to get the black into power. They have all since buggered off out of the country and now chirp from the sidelines.

This is the result.

We were right.

If it takes 100 years for the world to accept this, then that is just too bad, and who cares what the USA, UK, Israel and the rest of the rubbish think about us anyway. They don’t live here.

But in SA, if we allow ourselves to be complacent, we are going to be murdered out of existence.

By the way, they did not take anything except an empty cash box . . . anyone who tells you the motive was robbery is very mistaken. As usual, it is the same old, same old. As far as they are concerned, the only good white farmer is a dead one. Funny, but I feel the same way about the entire black race.

Lynn Finlay