Posted on February 1, 2004

O Tempora, O Mores! (February, 2004)

American Renaissance, February 2004

Letter From South Africa

We have received the following letter from Mrs. Lynn Finlay of South Africa about the Dec. 11 murder of her friend Johan Bester. It captures the bitterness many South Africans feel in this tenth-year anniversary of the ANC takeover of their country, and the world-wide silence that has greeted the war on white farmers that has already left more than 1,500 dead.

A friend of ours from Walkerville was shot and killed yesterday by blacks supposedly looking to buy a tractor. He was shot in the head as he turned to go into his kitchen to fetch tea for his visitors, who had been there the previous day to look at the tractor. Bessie was not a small man and the cowards waited to shoot him with his back turned. He could have killed them with his bare hands and they could not risk him fighting back. Johan Bester and his family are well known and liked in our area and we are all horrified at this senseless killing. THIS IS THE 5TH FRIEND WE HAVE LOST IN THE PAST 10 YEARS TO THESE MURDERING SAVAGES. How many people in the civilised world can claim they have lost so many friends in ‘peace time.’

Let this be a warning to all who think that things ‘are coming right in SA’. The only thing that is coming right is that the blacks are wiping out everything that is seen as ‘white.’ Doing business with these savages and socialising with them is going to cost you more than your life . . . it is going to cost us our country, families and friends.


They called us Radicals, Nazis, right wing maniacs, white supremacists and every other insult that the liberal could think of. They chucked us in jail, hounded us, tapped our phones (and still do) helped the Sunday Times to destroy reputations and showed us that they would destroy us in their quest to get the black into power. They have all since buggered off out of the country and now chirp from the sidelines.

This is the result.

We were right.

If it takes 100 years for the world to accept this, then that is just too bad, and who cares what the USA, UK, Israel and the rest of the rubbish think about us anyway. They don’t live here.

But in SA, if we allow ourselves to be complacent, we are going to be murdered out of existence.

By the way, they did not take anything except an empty cash box . . . anyone who tells you the motive was robbery is very mistaken. As usual, it is the same old, same old. As far as they are concerned, the only good white farmer is a dead one. Funny, but I feel the same way about the entire black race.

Lynn Finlay

Carr Brothers Redux?

In Carthage, North Carolina, three blacks are charged with the murder of four whitesaged 18 to 21, and the attempted murder of a fifth. According to police, Mario Phillips, his girlfriend Renee McLauglin, and a friend invaded the trailer home of Eddie Ryals, and shot and stabbed the owner and his friends Joseph Harden, Carl Justice, Amanda Cook, and Harvey Hobson. The blacks then set the home on fire to destroy the evidence. Mr. Phillips, the ringleader, lived across from Mr. Ryals’s trailer, and the murderers were friends of the victims: They first met more than a year before the crime, when Mr. Hobson helped out Mr. Phillips and his girlfriend when their car ran out of gas. This is how they repaid the favor.

One of their victims, 15-year-old Amanda Cook, miraculously survived being shot twice and stabbed 22 times. As the blacks watched the trailer burn down, they saw her stagger out the back door. They threw her in the back of their truck, and drove off to dispose of her. The truck got stuck on a stump, and they abandoned it when they heard police sirens. They ran back to Mr. Phillips’s home — just across the street — and were arrested. Miss Cook’s life is still in doubt.

Police say robbery was the motive but there was only about $170 in the home. A neighbor says the murderers were involved in drug trafficking. [Wade Rawlins,, Dec. 21, 2003. Mary Anderson, Robbery Starts Tale of Horror, Courier-Tribune (Asheboro, N.C.), no date. Survivor of Moore County Shootings, Stabbings, Fire Remains in Critical Condition, WRAL. com, Dec. 20.]

Where Are They Now?

Damian Williams was one of the first blacks to start rioting in Los Angeles after the 1992 acquittal of the officers who beat Rodney King. He was one of several men filmed by a television news crew as he attacked white truck driver Reginald Denny. He served four years of a 10-year term for felony mayhem.

In July 2000, he got into an argument with Grover Tinner in a Los Angeles crack house and Mr. Tinner ended up dead of gunshot wounds. Last December, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge sentenced him to 30 years to life for murder and another 21 years for theft of a firearm. Mr. Williams’s co-defendant, who actually pulled the trigger, got 110 years to life, plus 20 years. [Monte Morin, 1992 Riots Figure Sentenced, Los Angeles Times, Dec. 6, 2003.]

Out of the Past

Chicago Alderman Dorothy Tillman, who is black, was the driving force behind the Chicago city council’s directive in February 2003 requiring all companies with city contracts to report whether they or any corporate predecessor had anything to do with the slave trade. Since then, more than 2,000 city contractors have filed “slavery disclosure” affidavits, and all but one denied any tie to the slave trade. The investment bank Lehman Brothers reported that the three brothers who founded its predecessor, H. Lehman & Brothers, bought a woman named Martha in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1854. The brothers may have owned other slaves, but the company says “historical records provide no evidence as to what role, if any” Martha or any other slave played at the firm.

Lehman Brothers is co-manager of a $145 million bond issue for Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, and last September, Mayor Richard Daley appointed a black Lehman Brothers senior vice president, Carole Brown, as chairman of the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA). When the press reported the story about Martha, Miss Brown defended her company, saying, “[T]he Lehman Brothers in the 1850s is not the company that it is today. That’s evidenced by my leadership and the fact that they don’t condone violations of fundamental human rights in any form.”

Miss Tillman is outraged. “She should have kept her mouth shut and said, ‘I’m not going to speak against my people,’” she said, and on she went: “Why is this young lady trying to speak on behalf of slave owners? [They’re saying] ‘let’s parade this black woman out there.’ Who is she to say that things have changed? Things have not changed. The economy for blacks is just as bad as it was under Jim Crow. We still have only one percent of the wealth. She’s not there because of her merits or because someone loves her. She’s there because of the fight waged for parity in this country.”

Miss Tillman insists that either Miss Brown apologize for allowing herself to be used to “sanitize the reputation of a company built on the backs of her own people” or resign as CTA chairman. “If she’s that insensitive as an African-American woman not to understand the effects and residues of slavery, she certainly can’t represent us on the CTA board. She cannot speak for them and us too.”

Conrad Willett, chairman of the National Black United Front, applauds Lehman Brothers for at least admitting ties to slavery, but thinks they reported “only the tip of the iceberg.” “We’re working with a major researcher who has uncovered Lehman Brothers’s deep involvement in the slave enterprise that they did not admit to in their affidavit,” he says. Miss Tillman thinks many other city contractors had historical ties to slavery: “I warn those companies who have lied on the affidavits that when we get through looking through and find out they have lied, we’re going to shine the light of truth on them, and whatever contracts they have with the city will be terminated.” [Fran Spielman, CTA Chief Told to Apologize or Resign, Chicago Sun-Times, Nov. 25, 2003, p. 13.]

Viking Sperm

Denmark collects more sperm for artificial insemination than any other nation, and the Danish sperm bank Cryos International, which offers only Danish sperm, is the largest in the world. Danes contribute to about 1,000 pregnancies a year in more than 40 countries. In fact, demand from the United States has been so great Cryos has opened an office in New York City. Donors, most of them students, receive $40.50 for every donation. Not all sperm is good enough for Cryos, though; the bank sells only about 10 percent of its donations. Women can browse for sperm on Cryos’s website (, where information about the appearance, education, and profession of the donors is listed under Viking aliases, such as Birk, Gorm, Olaf, and Thor.

There is more Sperm donation in Denmark than in other countries because laws assure donor anonymity. Cryos has found that only 12 percent of its donors would continue to provide sperm if they were not guaranteed anonymity. Donation decreased markedly in other Scandinavian countries when courts banned donor anonymity. [Elinor Schang, World’s Top Sperm Donors Live in Denmark, Reuters, Dec. 28, 2003.]

Try Anything Once

Malaysia has struggled for many years with diversity. Its large Chinese minority is far more successful academically and economically than the native Malay majority, and the country has long practiced what it calls a “Bumiputra” (sons of the soil) policy of discrimination in favor of Malays. Ethnic relations continue to be bad, and as this BBC news story (quoted in full) suggests, the government is willing to try just about anything to improve them:

Malaysia is to consider using mass circumcision ceremonies to promote racial harmony.

Circumcision is a rite of passage for young Muslim boys, and in Malaysia it is common for the ceremony to become an event with dozens, or even hundreds of boys being circumcised together.

Now the prime minister’s religious affairs adviser has suggested that circumcision can bring Malaysians of all races and religions together.

Dr Abdul Hamid Othman said that with the growing popularity of circumcision among the country’s non-Muslim minorities — who see it as good hygienic practice — they too could be invited to join in the celebrations with their Muslim friends.

He believes the idea could promote better race relations and he wants to see a nationwide circumcision ceremony organised.

Just over half of Malaysia’s population is Muslim, mainly members of the ethnic Malay community, while the country’s Chinese, Tamil and tribal peoples follow a variety of other faiths.

The government has been exploring ways of stopping the different groups from drifting apart, including the introduction of a national service scheme which begins in February.

[Jonathan Kent, Malaysia Moots Cross-cultural Circumcision, BBC News, Dec. 17, 2003.]

Chiefs Have Privileges

The man who came be to known as Yusef Bey was born in 1934 in Greenville, Texas, and was given the name Joseph Stephens in Greenville, Texas. When he was five, he moved to Oakland with his parents. He grew up, joined the Air Force, moved to Santa Barbara where he opened a beauty salon, and joined the Nation of Islam. He moved back to Oakland and opened Your Black Muslim Bakery, which he expanded over a period of 30 years into a multi-million-dollar empire of food stores, security services, apartment management, and even a health spa. A whole block of downtown Oakland is filled with his businesses, and his trademark bean pies, muffins and carrot cakes are even sold at the Oakland Airport. He had a weekly cable television program in which he promoted “family values” and denounced the white devil’s “tricknology” that keeps black people down. He grew to be a very powerful man in Oakland, and even ran for mayor in 1994.

Now, it appears that his prominence protected him against serious charges of rape. In 1978, Oakland social services put two sisters into foster care with one of the many women Mr. Bey claimed as “wives” — he had one legal wife and a large harem of concubines — who lived at his residential compound. According to court records and police reports, he soon started raping the girls, and kept it up for eight years. The younger sister had her first child with Mr. Bey when she was 13 and had two more by the time she was 18. The older sister bore him two children before reaching age 18. Many of the men and women who lived at the compound reportedly knew about the rapes, but told the girls they would get used to it. Tarika Lewis, who was married to the sisters’ biological father, tried to get help from the police and the city’s social services department, but got the cold shoulder. “I kept running into brick walls or threats,” she says.

The sisters moved out of the compound when they turned 18, but Mr. Bey reportedly raped other young girls. He also turned his attentions to a 13-year-old who got a job at one of his bakeries. He raped her over a period of 18 months, and sent men to threaten her and her family when she stopped showing up for work. The woman, now 23, says that when she complained to a social worker she was told, “Yusef Bey is too powerful. We can’t go up against him.” The bakery worker committed an assault and ended up in a group home in 1996, where she told the police what Mr. Bey was doing, but nothing came of it.

Oakland police finally began to act in June 2002 when the younger foster sister spent several hours giving them a detailed account of what she knew. An investigator got DNA samples from Mr. Bey and several of his children, looked up the old records from the 1996 complaint, and finally got prosecutors to file rape charges in Nov. 2002. Needless to say, Mr. Bey called the charges “malicious lies,” and suggested they were part of a white conspiracy to take him down. The net was beginning to close on him when the 68-year-old Mr. Bey died in September, 2003. Forty-three children and a number of “wives” attended his lavish memorial service.

Only a few blacks — mostly women — appear to have lowered their opinion of Bey. Many of his supporters say the charges are nonsense, and others say it makes no difference even if they are true. “He was a born leader in the sense of an African chief or a Muslim caliph,” says 62-year-old supporter Maleek Al Maleek “What is prohibited here is not prohibited in East India, where there are child marriages. I can show you chiefs in Africa who have 30 wives . . . The ways of the high priests are not shared by the commoner.” [Lee Rommey, Dignity, Diligence, Scandal, Los Angeles Times, Dec. 30, 2003.]

Shift Right

In December, Christoph Blocher, whom the press calls “a fervent nationalist,” won election to Switzerland’s federal cabinet, the country’s most powerful elected body. He is a billionaire industrialist who wants lower taxes, less government, and a strict clamp down on “refugees” and illegal immigrants. He also opposes closer ties with the European Union, arguing that it would be suicide for Switzerland to give up its independence to bureaucrats in Brussels. His election was met with praise from bankers and businessmen, and shrieking from refugee aid groups. He said he looked forward to working with his six colleagues in the federal cabinet, some of whom he has criticized as “incompetent.” [Clare Nullis, Right-winger Elected into Switzerland’s Cabinet, San Mateo County Times (Calif.), Dec. 11, 2003, p. 2.]

In Serbia, a man the papers like to call an “ultranationalist,” Tomislav Nikolic, led his Serbian Radical Party to the best showing in December elections, with 27 percent of the vote. The second-place finisher, with 17 percent of the vote, was the Democratic Party of Serbia, which the papers call “moderate nationalist.” Serbia is likely to have a sound immigration policy. [Dusan Stojanovic, Nationalists Win Plurality, Washington Times, Dec. 29, 2003, p. A12.]

Hmong Coming Soon

The Hmong, primitive Laotian mountain tribesmen, were recruited by the CIA to fight Laotian communists during the Vietnam War, and became refugees in Thailand when the communists won. In the 1970s, about 130,000 came to the United States as political refugees, mainly settling in Minnesota and California. The Hmong have been highly unsuccessful here and are noted for their high rates of poverty, unemployment, and suicide.

Many Hmong in Southeast Asia have still not been resettled, and American Hmong have been pressing the US government to let even more of them in. They now have their wish: the State Department agreed in December to let in 15,000 more Hmong, and activists are hoping for more. One reason is the State Department thinks America has not been getting enough refugees recently: President Bush agreed to accept 70,000 per year, but admitted fewer than 30,000 in each of the last two years, mainly because of stricter security after the September 11 attacks.

Some Americans have objected to shouldering the costs of resettling the Hmong. However, Minnesota State Senator Mee Moua, the first Hmong elected to state office, explains, “These are people who need help and will make good Americans.” Bo Thao, director of a Hmong advocacy group in Washington, adds, “We greatly appreciate that the United States is again living up to its role as protector of refugees.” [Marc Kaufman, 15,000 War Refugees Allowed to Apply to Leave Thai Camp, Washington Post, Dec. 21, 2003.].

Biased against Whites

A recent study discredits the view that British police are biased against non-whites. In fact, the study found the opposite: whites are more likely to be stopped and searched than blacks or Asians, even though white Britons are less likely to commit crimes than non-whites. The study found that in Slough (a suburb of London), whites were 36 percent of the street population, but more than half of those stopped and searched by police. The figures for blacks were 19 percent and16 percent, and for Asians they were 42 percent and 33 percent. [Mark Ludlow and Alison Gordon, Whites More Likely than Blacks to Face Police Searches on Streets, Sunday Times (London), Oct. 26, 2003.]

Bright Idea

Europe is plagued by low birth rates, but in Italy the problem is particularly grave. Italian women have, on average, only 1.2 children. According to economist Giuseppe Pennisi, “If projections are right, then in 2050 Italy will have 15 million fewer people than today, which means we won’t have enough young people to pay for [the] welfare system, pensions, health and so on.” Rather than encourage immigration, the government is paying women — but only women of European origin — to have children. From Dec. 1, 2003 to the end of 2004, Italians who have a second child will get a one-time payment of 1,000 Euros ($1,200). Some local areas are doing even more to increase birth rates. Laviano, a small town near Naples whose population declined by nearly half since 1970, is offering a bonus of 10,000 Euros ($11,900) per baby. [Frances Kennedy, Italy Offers Families Baby-Cash, BBC News, Dec. 1, 2003. Tamsin Smith, Italy Baby Cash Aims to Boost Births, BBC News, Oct. 2, 2003. Italian Town Offers $11,900 per Baby, Reuters, Dec. 3, 2003.]

Islamic Honor

Washington State police have detained Khalil Nassar on charges of attempted kidnapping and felony harassment for trying to abduct his sister and punish her for marrying a Christian. His sister had taped him, threatening that he would return her to her family “dead or alive.” He was arrested with a partner a block from her house in a rented van, where police found rope, gloves, coveralls, and a hardhat; the last two items were, presumably, to be used as a disguise. Prof. Farhat J. Ziadeh of University of Washington, who specializes in Islamic law, explains that Islam requires continuation of the faith. “The man is the head of the family, and the children follow the man’s religion and they don’t want anyone to be cut off from Islam.” [Police: Man Tried to Kidnap Sister for Marrying Christian, AP, Dec. 27, 2003.]

Muslims in Europe have committed similar crimes, and this is not the first in the United States. In February 2001 in Ohio, a Pakistani computer scientist named Nawaz Ahmed killed his wife and three members of her family because her suspected unfaithfulness besmirched his honor. [Frank Hinchey, Ohio Killings Were Motivated by Husband’s Need For ‘Honor,’ Experts Say, Columbus Dispatch, Feb. 8, 2001.]

No Head Scarves

A government-appointed commission in France has reported that French Muslims are carrying out a “guerrilla assault” against the secular state. Young Arab radicals encourage and even force Arab girls to wear head scarves, especially at school, where religious symbols are forbidden under French law. Muslim students and families torment female teachers, assault Jewish students, and disrupt classes about some historical issues like the Holocaust. Muslim men insist that only female doctors treat their wives and daughters, and some Muslims refuse medical treatment entirely, because French doctors are infidels.

On Dec. 17, President Jacques Chirac proposed a law to ban Muslim headscarves at schools, in an effort to reestablish the separation of church and state and quell Muslim nationalism. The law was needed, he said, “to protect our children, so that our youth are not exposed to the ill winds that separate, that divide, that pit one against another.” The law is expected to pass parliament. Some commentators believe Mr. Chirac proposed the law to steal the thunder of the National Front, which will offer the stiffest competition to his center-right party in this year’s regional elections. [Sebastian Rotella, Chirac Proposes Ban on Head Scarves, Los Angeles Times, Dec. 18, 2003.]