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There are six Hmong running for the Minnesota State House and most are likely to win.

Spanish leads the list, with 41 million speakers.

Lefty notes that the Japanese are doing much better than Hmong . . . doesn’t say why.

Diversity in the Army, AR Classic Article

A thin veneer covers serious trouble.

Laos refused to take her back.

Some Asians want statistics on Hmong, Samoans, etc. Others would rather not know.

28 percent of charter school students are black; 35 percent are white.

The Asian argument for racial preferences.

Fastest growing languages are Arabic and Urdu.

¡Adios, America!: Coulter’s Call for Immigration Sanity

A monument to common sense makes the best-seller list.

Reviewed by Jared Taylor

Ilana Mercer points out the demographic truths missing from the “conversation.”

Ferguson Forever

Diversity set Ferguson on fire.


EEOC says requiring English is discrimination based on national origin.

Whites and Asians score twice as high on new “success index” as blacks and Hispanics.

What opportunities?

Columnist explains the diversity farce.

“White oppression” doesn’t seem to be holding them back.

Freedom of association usually means segregation.

A rare act of legislative courage?

60 percent of Asians in America are foreign-born and 1 million are here illegally.

Surprise: It’s all white.

We’re Reaping the Harvest We’ve Sown, Milwaukee City Government Press Release

City fathers say blacks are going to have to solve the violence problem.

Funeral will fill stadium and go on for six days.

“Hmong love is ‘here honey, here’s this nice bit of meat for you.’”

Minnesota Students Are Put to the Test to Improve Scores, Star Tribune (St. Paul-Minneapolis)

Principal so desperate to overcome achievement gap she resorts to segregation.

The one group that tried to assimilate is giving up.

Hmong get some cancers at four times the rate of other Asians.

Has SPLC lost its zeal for integration?

Diversity in the Army, AR Classic Article

A thin veneer covers serious trouble.

Diversity in the Army, AR Classic Article

A thin veneer covers serious trouble.

Hmong not ready for surgery without a red string around their necks.

Middle Easterners want alternatives to “white” and “other.”

Many Somali refugees remain loyal to the neighborhood warlord back home.

Welcome to Albino Island, The Sun (London)

Albinos seek refuge from Africans who prey on them for their body parts.

Main cause of violence is “lack of cultural educational programs for Somali youth.”

Putting a happy face on immigration and white dispossession.

Bill would reduce history curriculum to nothing more than ethnic cheerleading.

Diversity in the Army, AR Classic Article

A thin veneer covers serious trouble.

Yapese? Malagasy?

Not all Asians are smart.

Not enough black, Hispanic, Samoans, Hmong docs; too many white ones.

UC will have 23 categories for Asians and Pacific Islanders.

Not At Home With English, Los Angeles Times

43 percent of Californians don’t speak English at home; 53 percent in L.A.

There are dozens of ways immigrants get into the country legally—and then stay.

Small ethnic groups want to be listed separately.

Don’t be surprised if they end up here.

Hmong leaders say they are tired of their contributions being overlooked.

Tackling Welfare’s Racial Gap, Pioneer Press (St. Paul)

American Indians and blacks stay on welfare longer than Hispanic and Somali immigrants.

Meat processor replaces illegal workers with blacks, felons; labor disputes increase.

Immigrants Reshape Hillsboro, The Oregonian (Portland)

How Latino and Asian “diversity” has changed an Oregon farm town.