Elizabeth Warren and the Frauds of Diversity

Bruce Thornton, Frontpage Magazine, May 10, 2012

For anyone familiar with the American university and its gospel of multicultural diversity, the revelation that Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren exploited her 1/32 Cherokee ancestry to pass as a minority is a dog-bites-man story. For decades now universities have depended on the superficially non-white “other” to fulfill and tout their “commitment to diversity” and their doctrine of “multiculturalism.” Meanwhile, the only diversity that counts, the diversity of minds and points of view, is ignored. Instead, the rigid leftist ideology of American historical wickedness and oppression is imposed on the presumed bastions of truth and free minds.

The phoniness of such “diversity” is evident on multiple levels. Warren’s ploy is not that much more egregious than the thousands of Caucasians with Hispanic surnames who pass as minorities in American universities. White Chileans, Argentines, and Mexicans come to American colleges and are transformed into “Chicanos,” a category that has little reality outside a college campus. Hiring Basques or Spaniards counts as increasing “diversity,” even though they have nothing culturally in common with the mestizo or Indian children of farm-workers. So too African or Caribbean blacks are hired not because they bring the unique perspective of their homelands to their intellectual work or teaching, but because they count as “black,” and thus are assumed to have some mystical connection with American black students and their cultural identity, which owes much more to American culture and history than to African.

Of course, socio-economic differences among American minorities are also ignored in the rush to promote diversity. A Mexican-American dentist’s or schoolteacher’s daughter who never cut a grape or washed a dish supposedly has some special insight into poor or working-class Mexicans. A light-skinned black son of college-educated parents who grew up in the suburbs gets to campus and suddenly has a rapport with the “brothers” and their experiences. An upper class Chinese is thought to be better able to relate to anyone designated by the meaningless category “Asian-American,” which obscures the fundamental differences and histories of Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Thais, Laos, Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Hmong. The social capital that comes from education and wealth and that is used to define “white-skin privilege” suddenly has no value when it comes to the equally privileged ethnic “other.”

And don’t forget, no matter how poor or underprivileged, no white people have anything to bring to the campus diversity table in the eyes of diversity-mongers. Indeed, not even all the non-white ethnic groups get the same privileges given to those anointed as contributors to “diversity,” no matter how much their people have suffered. Punjabis darker than most black Americans don’t add “diversity” to campus. Armenians whose ancestors were slaughtered in the Turkish genocide, and who faced legal discrimination like real-estate covenants barring them from certain neighborhoods, don’t count either. Other groups like Italians or Poles faced discrimination and racist slurs in at the turn of 20th century, when General Francis Amasa Walker, president of MIT, wrote in the Atlantic Monthly that such dusky immigrants were “beaten men from beaten races; representing the worst failures in the struggle for existence,” possessing “none of the ideas and aptitudes which fit men to take up readily and easily the problem of self-care and self-government.” So pervasive were these prejudices that the 1924 immigration law effectively stopped such “unfit” people from coming to America. And obviously, despite their long subjection to anti-Semitism, exclusion, and mass-murder, Jews don’t add diversity either. Indeed, they’re fair game for campus prejudice and ethnic slurs. To the university, all these victims of historical oppression and exclusion based on their cultural differences are officially “white” with nothing to offer to campus diversity.


Finally, this victim identity promulgates a crude, dishonest version of history in which the West is the arch-villain, the perpetrator of colonialism, imperialism, exploitation, and racism. Thus students hear from their teachers all about Western imperialism, but nothing of the brutal Islamic imperial conquests stretching from Spain to China, nothing of the enslavement, slaughter, plundering, ethnic cleansing, and cultural destruction that accompanied the armies of Allah. Students incessantly hear about American slavery and its horrors, but learn nothing about the role of African kings and rulers in supplying the humans to be sold. They never are told that the Arabs took as many slaves from Africa, around 10 million, as the Europeans did, or that most of the males were castrated to serve in harems, with millions dying in the desert during the long march to the Mediterranean. {snip}

This melodramatic history is the antithesis of the only diversity that counts, intellectual diversity, for it reduces a complex, variegated, universally flawed humanity into cardboard villains and victims. But the point of multiculturalism has never been “diversity.” If true diversity were the aim, then the university would promote the diversity of religion, region, socio-economic background, and most important intellect and philosophy. And that’s what “diversity” of the sort that allowed a blue-eyed, blonde Elizabeth Warren to pass as evidence of Harvard’s “commitment to diversity” is really about: imposing a leftist ideological conformity predicated on America’s historical crimes and sins.

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  • Church_of_Jed

    “As bad as lynching and racism were, Diversity is worse.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “White privilege needs a comeback,” 2008

    • cultural_marxism

       Political correctness run amok. 

      Jews are anywhere between 20-50% in All American universities, yet this author is suggesting Jews don’t count as diversities. Because they don’t need to.

      You have to look with a microscope these days to find white christians on college campuses.

      • Church_of_Jed

        On most campuses, you see ugly Diversity everywhere, especially the public spaces. It gives the impression that the schools are mostly non White.

        But really what’s going on is that the good looking White students are sequestering themselves AWAY from the vibrant and enriching Diveristy. That gives us hope.

        “But the grand secret of the separation or the separate existence of the races is the Love of the Beautiful, that instinctive and innate feeling wisely implanted by the Creator in us; it will forever and ever keep the higher race distinctive from the inferior races.”

        -John Campbell, Negromania, 1851

      • It is virtually impossible to be published by David Horowitz’ Neocon Web site without remarking about how anti-Semitic his erstwhile, Leftist comrades all are, and about what horrible prejudice his co-ethnics face in America, since political correctness has metastasized. Jews are counted as Whites so as to pad Whites’ statistics for education, income, wealth, influence and power– even though very many Jews do not even think of themselves when they refer to Whites. (Consider, most infamously, the malignant case of Susan Sontag….) Even in the supposedly bad old days of the early Twentieth Century, the “anti-Semitic” quotas for Jews in the Ivy League were set at at least 10% of all admittees– although Jews have never been more than about 3% of the American population. To Horowitz, however, this was a crime against humanity almost on the same level as the chattel slavery of Blacks, or the genocide of the Indian natives.

        • cultural_marxism

           David Horowitz is pushing his own ethnic agenda.  And look at these sites.

          The Blaze, DailyCaller, brietbart, Fox, all these are saturated in political correctness.

          Looks like Whites are hell bent on Suicide in next few decades.

          • robinbishop34

            David Horowitz is pushing his own ethnic agenda.

            Jews have this down to an art. Unfortunately, advancing a Jewish ethnic agenda requires mitigating the power, political influence, and racial makeup of whites.

    • Fakeemail

       Lynching and segregation were very necessary means of self-defense.

      And if they were crimes, well let’s just tally up the number of lynchings to the number of black on white crimes of theft, murder, rape. . .

  • NYB

    Campus Marxists can embrace the privileged children of wealthy Chinese or  Hispanics while staying true to their ‘class war’ dogma.

    The Marxists of academia don’t want a class war to completely destroy the rich;   they just want whites toppled from power, at any cost.

  • Oil Can Harry

    When whites like Ms. Warren and Ward Churchill pretend to be Injuns they’re criticized for taking away opportunities that should’ve gone to nonwhites.

    They should really be criticized for trying to pass as another race because they’re ashamed of their own. 

  • Today, if we lynched every black rapist murdering thug who deserved it
    Millions would be dead.

    And Maobama would lose

  • According to recent DNA analysis, I’m apparently 3% Neanderthal. Can I get my diversity scholarship now please? 

  • Luckily most campus experiences only last for four years.

    After White students are out in the real World for awhile, they soon learn about the horrors of ‘diversity’ (the school of hard-knocks).  They then re-enter the White main-stream by taking advantage of White Flight or other forms of self-segregation.  (White Churches).

    Even Jared Taylor went to Yale!  

  • Space4jan

    Just one other little true story from across the pond.  A Norfolk school some years ago were looking for a more diverse staff.  The Religious Knowledge department needed a new teacher.  A Muslim applied and got the job in an  interview for the two applicants.  He was a white convert using the first name “Ibrahim”.  It turned out that he was a dedicated anti-Semite and showed me one of his Islamic group’s pamphlets saying that after victory there would be entertaining television programmes showing Jews being forced to fight one another to the death in gladiatorial combats.  A bit of an own goal in this case.

  • robinbishop34

    I bought one of those little dreamcatchers at a Missouri gas station when I was about 17. I think that makes me part native American.

  • Warren’s claim of 1/32 native-American ancestory cannot be proven and the Cherokee National Council has demanded that she recant. Anyway, according to the communists that run our country, one cannot call oneself a native-American with a 1/32 marker. She is the worst kind of lying witch, living off of others’ misery.

  • My experience was similar to yours although I was finished with my higher ed degree by 1980. Even by then in my Catholic University, many leftists were finding comfort. There is some justice left to be meted out however. As I was neared graduation, a major urban riot broke out in which several of these white “professors” were caught and suffered physical harm. I didn’t even have to say a word, even the left leaning white women all of sudden had a dose of reality that broke through their ivory towers. I don’t know how lasting the lesson was but they knew that just by barely escaping the black mobs their lives went on.

  • Can’t really judge her ancestry from just this one trait though.

    I mean, is David Bowie a Native-American now because of his famous cheekbones??!!?!

  • newscomments70

    “only White folks in the office (other than yours truly) who seem to have a true Pride in what they are are the Russian immigrants.”

    I know how you feel, but that issue has always confused me. I am of German descent. They always told us that we should be ashamed because of the nazis and all that, but I never bought into that.  I studied German, studied its history, participated in German-American events, etc. I travelled to Germany and spent some time there as well. I enjoyed it, but I did not feel at home in any way. German culture is extermely pro-multi cultural, anti-American, drug using, atheist, and socialist. I used to love watching the glorious old German military parades on the History channel, but that no longer exists. You might see “the love Parade”, full of drugged out, half-naked youths…or perhaps parades of naked old men on one of their baltic coast beaches. I’m sure there are excpetions to this, but it seems to be the norm. I was going to visit Berlin. A liberal German told me, “Don’t tell them you are American. All Berliners HATE Americans…but they LOVE Obama”.  It’s true,  and they’re insane. Obama is a celebrity in Germany, with over an 85% approval rating. He also told me, “You German-Americans are so stupid. You think you are German, but you are not. You have no idea what means to be German!”… right again…no clue. 

    • celtthedog

      The Germans have been subjected to a deculturalization unequalled in amount, sophistication or duration in history since 1945. If you think questioning the wisdom of mass immigration, multiculturalism, socialism/welfare, atheism, and all that other crap can put your career in jeopardy in the US, you should try Germany.
      Similarly, in the English-speaking world, all we’re taught about Germany is the Nazi era. The incredible contributions the German people made to the West and the fact that most English-speaking countries were friendly with and admired Germany up until World War I is simply airbrushed out of history.
      What’s been done to the Germans is being done to us — only more slowly.

      • Similarly, in the English-speaking world, all we’re taught about Germany is the Nazi era.

        I understand that’s also the case in the German-speaking world.

  • celtthedog

    I had a similar experience (I graduated undergraduate in 1991; doctorate in 1997). Without a doubt, the university scene has degenerated considerably (and it’s a hell of a lot worse now than in 1997).
    There’s one group of lefties I would defend up to a point ‘though — the old Marxists. Sure, their “theory” is just a ridiculous quasi-religious faith, but they at least recognised the importance of literacy and numeracy. They also didn’t buy the BS that the culture of the bushman is as good as that of the modern West, only “different”. They called a primitive a primitive.

  • Poor victim. If she received a scholarship or tax breaks then compel her
    to make restitution.