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Officials set targets based on how the groups are performing now.

The reasons the admissions offices give are “unacceptable.”

Promoting “diversity, inclusion, and belonging” is a priority at Harvard.

A “demographic optimist” makes the case.

Black senior lecturer: “We are Harvard, we can do whatever we want.”

The Rasputin of the British Royal Family

Meghan Markle’s tonelessness undermines the royal family.


78 percent of whites and even 62 percent of blacks.

Other efforts to reduce the gap between rich and poor students have failed.

Will Diversity Be the Death of the Democrats?

“[T]he party seems to be careening into a virtual war of all against all.”


“Good schools are integrated schools.”

Blacks have higher drop-out rates, lower six-year completion rates, and they owe more money.

There are too many white students in Hartford magnet schools.

Opponents: Temporary ban makes migrants think they aren’t welcome in Finnish society.

Some people are “uncomfortable” targeting white men for recruitment.

Inferior education is “of course” to blame.

The tests are excluding “talented people of color.”

Asian Plaintiffs Threaten the ‘Rainbow Coalition’

Ending race preferences would benefit whites.


But 58 percent of Asian voters approve of race preferences.

Discrimination against Asians is OK if it’s good for blacks and Hispanics.

Some of Harvard’s admissions preferences were revealed in the 1990s.

America’s invisible victims.

White People Who Don’t Want to Be White

The new white flight.


Harvard sends recruitment letters to blacks with SAT scores around 1100.

The letter cites “the chaotic distance between promises and their results.”

Black professor says white admission officers discriminate against blacks who are interested in racial justice.

Trial will reveal the boost given to non-Asian minorities.

With enough money and “direct strategic action,” we’ll have plenty of black Nobel laureates.

Progressives wonder whether they’re hypocrites for living in white areas.

A school is only as good as the students it admits.

Initiative will not further ideological diversity.

Irish primary school teachers are too Irish.

The Coming White Serfdom, AR Classic Article

Race and sex quotas are a return to feudalism.

Colleges prefer blacks interested in academics over those interested in racial politics.

$120 million “to support new and expand voluntary community-driven programs.”

9,000 migrants can stay in Sweden, even if their asylum applications have been rejected.

Trump administration has now backed two groups suing Ivy League colleges.

The organization that did the study works to make its prediction come true.

“High-achieving schools” will admit more “students who come from low-income families, don’t speak English, or are homeless.”

There Are Almost No White Conservatives at Harvard and Yale

Incoming freshmen are more likely to be LGBT than conservative.


School founder: It’s not segregation if students can choose their school.

Award based strictly on grades was “racist.”

They say the plan creates tension between blacks and other non-whites.

The new plan eliminates “academic-based” admissions criteria.

Diversity is the supreme value.

Plaintiffs: Harvard caps number of Asian applicants in order to admit less-qualified blacks and Hispanics.

It’s good to be a diversicrat.

Plan is to close the gaps by 2025.

Liberals soon to whine about “gene privilege.”

California campus is a haven for Hispanics.

Serbian parents want their children educated in a Serbian culture.