Posted on July 5, 2023

Jemele Hill Accuses Asians of ‘Carrying the Water for White Supremacy’ for Backing Affirmative Action Decision

Lindsay Kornick, Fox News, July 2, 2023

Asian Americans praising the U.S. Supreme Court for declaring affirmative action to be unconstitutional “carried the water” for White supremacy, The Atlantic writer Jemele Hill claimed.

In a 6-3 decision on Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled that using race as a factor in college admissions violated the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause. After the ruling, many Asian Americans, including Asian Wave Alliance President Yiatin Chu, celebrated the decision as a step towards equal treatment at major universities.

“I told my daughter that today is a big day. They’ve ended affirmative action. ‘Isn’t it what you’re been fighting for?’ she asked. I said yes,” Chu tweeted.

Many liberal personalities, however, criticized the decision and even targeted Asian Americans for celebrating it, including Hill.

“Can’t wait until she reads that you gladly carried the water for white supremacy and stabbed the folks in the back whose people fought diligently for Asian American rights in America,” Hill wrote.


This was not the first time Hill accused a minority group of supporting white supremacy. Following the police beating of Tyre Nichols in January by five Black officers, Hill insisted that the incident arose from racism.

“Just as women sometimes carry the water for misogyny and the patriarchy, Black people have definitely done the same for white supremacy. You’re stuck on the faces. I’m looking at the system and why it was created,” Hill tweeted.