Former Serbian Ultranationalist Known as the ‘Undertaker’ Wins Country’s Presidency

Damien McElroy, Telegraph (London), May 21, 2012

But on Monday Tomislav Nikolic pledged to keep Serbia on a course to membership of the European Union after the nationalist won a shock election victory as president.

Serbian liberals were shocked by the defeat of the moderate President Boris Tadic who had held power since 2004 and had done much to slay the ghosts of Slobodan Milosevic’s destructive rearguard battle against the break up of Yugoslavia.

Mr Nikolic was a leading figure in the far-Right Serbian Radical Party (SRS) in the 1990s.

The 60-year old earned a gruesome reputation as ‘the undertaker’ for his role in organising recruitment to Serbian paramilitaries to fight in Croatia and Bosnia. By the time of the Kosovo war in 1999, Mr Nikolic was a deputy prime minister in Milosevic’s regime.

However he split with the hardline factions in 2008, rebranding his politics as the Serbian Progressive Party. Facing Mr Tadic for a third election in a row, Mr Nikolic fashioned a sufficiently reassuring message to pip the centrist by 49.5 per cent versus 47.4 per cent.

The outcome was a sign of the fading allure of the EU, which is plagued by a debt crisis, and voter discontent with Serbia’s weak economy.

However, European leaders said they expected Belgrade to continue its rehabilitation by implementing reforms required for accession to the EU.

Mr Nikolic has not cut off ties to the Kremlin but he promised to maintain progress on the EU bid. “Serbia will not turn away from the European path,” he said.

Timothy Ash, global head of emerging-market research at the Royal Bank of Scotland, said voters support for pro-European policies would keep the new president in check. “Nikolic will, I think, be eager to prove—both to the electorate and the international community—that he and (his party) are now ready to govern, in a moderate manner,” he said.

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  • loyalwhitebriton

    Being a right wing nationalist and being pro-EU are mutually exclusive concepts!

    Is Nikolic simply after some free money from richer European nations?
    If so, he has compromised his (perfectly healthy) right wing nationalism for a form of mercenary socialism combined with lip-service patriotism.


  • He’s my country’s neighbor & perhaps a war criminal. There are more than just rumors that during 1991. he has, intoxicated, machine gunned ca. 7-10 elderly Croatian men & women in the vicinity of eastern Croatian city Vukovar.

    •  I agree; there was never any excuse for Serbian aggression against Croatia. But there were also atrocities by Croats against Serbs (admittedly not in Serbia’s sovereign territory). Enormities like these go a long way to explaining why it’s been so hard for European Christians to unite against their common foes.

      Maybe in a generation the Croats and Serbs will figure this out . . .

  • IstvanIN

    A Serbian I know says he is a turn coat and no longer supports a sovereign, intact Serbia.

    •  I assume he wants to keep Kosovo within Serbia. I disagree with this.

  • Who cares who this as-of-yesterday unknown nobody is …what DOES matter is the kind of hassling FITS he gives filthy euro-leftists.

  •  Glad to hear of Mr. Nikolic’s victory. I’ve always thought the Serbs were rather cool, and that they received a really bad rap over the Yugoslavian wars of the 1990s. They fought like tigers against the Austro-Hungarian Empire in World War I, and in World War II they were the victims of an attempt at genocide by the Croatian Ustashe, which was an ally of the Nazis.

    I also like the “Serb hand salute,” in which they raise the right thumb and first two fingers straight up. It has to do with the position of the hand (thumb and first two fingers pressed together) when Orthodox Christians cross themselves.

    • Hahhah… you’re naive. But, since I’m a Croat & fought in a war against Serbs, my objectivity could be questioned. Suffice to say that most of Le Gaulois comment is true.

  • You don’t suppose that a politician would hide his real agenda just to get elected, do you?

  • OK, I’ll be as honest towards my enemies as I can. As far as Serbian nationalism goes, its main characteristics are:

    * they obsess about religion. Many of them seriously propose the creation of a composite state of Serbia- Belarus- Russia, with Russian as the official language.

    * most Serbian nationalists espouse fiercely anti-American sentiments in all occasions (Saddam, Ghadaffi, Osama,..). They rejoice when anything bad happens to the US -not this or that political option, but the entire country. Most were exuberant about news of non- White babies. At the same time, they are under US cultural influence, particularly pop-culture.

    * non- negligible part of Serbian nationalism has a lunatic variant, stemming from 19th century “ideologues” like Miloje Milojević and Sima Lukin Lazić. Now, this “ideology” is espoused by Jovan Deretić. In short, it claims:  most peoples come from Serbs, Serbs were most of ancient Egypt pharaohs & Roman emperors; Jesus Christ was a Serb; Serbs established old civilizations in Babylonia and India; Siberia is named after Serbs; ancient Greek civilization was actually Serbian & Aristotle wrote his works in Serbian …

    * Nikolić actually does not have any far sighted policy. Serbs lost their wars in 1990s & all Nikolić and his followers want is to vent off the anger, verbally, plus closer ties with anyone anti-EU and anti-US. The real wish is to recapture Kosovo, but this is impossible- there are ca. 1.7 M Albanians in Kosovo & maybe 100 k Serbs. If EU troops withdrew, Albanians will remain, armed to the teeth & all belligerent rhetoric will sizzle.

    As far as race goes, Serbs are rather tolerant- that’s why Gypsies are traditional voters for Nikolić’s party.

  • ‘He’s a nationalist and he wants his country to join the EU?’

    Nah he is just trying to get some free money from the EU by ‘saying the right thing’ that is all.

    Heck the Irish Republican Army used to claim they were Marxist to try and fool commies into sending them money!

    Bottomline: This is good news.  Hungary (Jobbik), Greece (Golden Dawn), and now Serbia have really tilted to the Nationalist Right in recent years.  The White Race is awakening, slowly but surely.

  • IstvanIN

    The US bombed Serbia into submission. The US would not allow Serbia to retain Kosovo. Slobodan Milosevic was no different than Abraham Lincoln in terms of wanting to preserve his countries territorial integrity. Over the last 20 years Serbia has been treated brutally.

  • Space4jan

    Balkan quarrels have always been a problem, and not only for the Balkans.
    More interesting is the Ukrainian opposition to a mixed race entry to the Eurovision song contest and to playing against an “English” soccer team “full of Africans”.

    • loyalwhitebriton

      I have to say that the Ukranians have a point, an English football team full of Africans is a bit of an anacronym. I also understand that the Ukranian authorities have said that they “cannot guarantee the safety” of any black players or fans.
      Nice to see the Ukranians, at least, have a healthy sense of ‘Whiteness’. 

      • mikejones91

        wow haha. That is funny. Not that violence should be used but sometimes, you just have to. In Russia, the immigrants are scared of the white people. If you an American, you will understand why that’s hard to believe lol. 

  • jack ryan

    I like the Serbs. I almost got married to a Serbian gal from Montenegro.

    Serbs are tough.

    That #*$&*  Madeline Albright and her tribe were largely responsible for the US bombing our kinsmen the Serbs to make a Turko Mongolian Muslim state in Kosovo.

    I strongly suggest Amren readers get to know some Eastern European Whites – they’ve been through rough times and tend to have sound views about race.

    • I like the Russian and Ukrainian heavyweight boxers, who usually wind up knocking the American black boxers into a cocked hat. Sweet revenge for Jerry Quarry, God rest his soul, who would have been heavyweight champion but for Ali and Frazier.

  • IstvanIN

    The facts are simple: The US and UK do not want any white/European ethnic group to survive and will do whatever it takes to destroy us.

  • I don’t intend to write elaborate essays (it’s useless), so I’ll just sum it up.

    * in Serbian medieval state (12th-14th centuries), what is now Kosovo was settled mostly by Serbs, with just a few Albanian pockets (Albanians were at the time Catholic & Orthodox Christians)

    * after the Ottoman conquest (1389-1465), the islamization was under way in all these lands, from Greece to Hungary. Some Serbs were Islamized, as well as many Albanians (now, Albanian people is ca. 50% Muslim, 20% Orthodox & 30% Catholic -figures tend to fluctuate)

    * when Austrian prince Eugen of Savoia raided Serbia & Macedonia & withdrew, masses of Serbs went along with him, fearing Ottoman reprisals. This was in 1690s. Since then, Albanians have been a majority in Kosovo- they settled there. Serbs went north to southern Hungary & became the majority in some provinces, now called Vojvodina and are an integral part of Serbian state. So- Serbs ethnically lost Kosovo and gained Vojvodina.

    * during Balkan wars 1912-3, Serbia occupied- in their view, liberated- Kosovo. Then, the ethnic composition was: 63% Albanians, 25% Serbs and the rest Bosnian Muslims & Ottoman Turks. Serbs did not consider partitioning of Kosovo with neighboring Albania, but thought they would somehow expel, using terrorist tactics, Albanians and Turks.

    * after WW2, Kosovo was given the status of autonomous province within Serbia, in order to quell Albanian protests, since initially Communists promised to cede the entire province to Albania. From 1945. to 1990.- I won’t write on numerous ups and downs- Albanian birth rate was significantly higher & they rose from 63% to 90% of the Kosovo population. Serbia under Milošević tried to quell them with numerous repressive measures & failed. Then, during 1999., they attacked with planes, howitzers, tanks, MLRS, short, Army, the entire Albanian population- which was virtually unarmed, save for a few smuggled light weapons- creating a refugee crisis. In a short period, Serbian Army killed ca. 10,000 Albanians, mostly civilians, in the process of ethnic cleansing.

    * NATO had to react since Serbian military has crossed the line of legitimate self-defense & was embroiled in other, more numerous crimes during wars in Croatia & Bosnia and Herzegovina. After the NATO bombing, Serbs withdrew- and along with them most of Serbian civilian population, except in a small pocket bordering with Serbia proper.

    * Kosovo was given independence most countries recognize and some don’t. I won’t elaborate on legal pros & cons- just, Serbia has some 6.7 M Serbs and they cannot acculturate 1.7 M hostile Albanians. In fact, they should be thankful to NATO for helping them get rid of a growing inimical population which is now contained within Kosovo borders, and would have otherwise spilled over & flooded Serbia proper.

  • Absolute nonsense. I wrote about it before, and just a brief overview.

    1. Serbs’ main enemy are we, Croats, and we are Catholics (mostly).

    Year 1991: Serbs are 11% of Croatia’s population. They support Slobodan
    Milosevic’s pan-Serbian movement which took JNA/Yugoslav Army under
    Serbian control. This Army has been financed by all Yugoslav republics
    (Serbia plus Montenegro 36%, Croatia 28%, Slovenia 19%,..). So, Serbs
    literally “stole” all these planes, tanks, ships, rockets, guns,
    howitzers, … and, via their fifth column, Croatian Serbs, embarked
    upon their provincial imperial expansion: they wanted to occupy the
    entire Bosnia and Herzegovina & ca. 70% of Croatia. This was a
    combined aggression: Serbia proper + Montenegro +JNA + Croatian Serbs.
    During 1990s Serbs tried, with the help of JNA/Yugo Army, to carve out
    as much as possible from Croatia (70% max- they succeeded in 26%). In
    the process, Serbs and JNA expelled anywhere from 300,000 to 600,000
    Croats (unarmed, of course) and tried to annex this cleansed area to the
    Serbia proper, ethnically cleansing Bosnia in the process.

    1995.: Serbs fled. As the last war has shown, their behavior exemplifies
    the case of colonial minorities elsewhere-from French in Algeria &
    British in Zimbabwe to Russians in Chechnya & Central Asian
    Republics and Portuguese in Mozambique. They either rule as a privileged
    caste or flee to their motherland when the system of exploitation,
    which they have been so avid a part thereof, breaks.)

    But, during
    their rule in UNPA (UN Protected Areas) zones, they killed more than 600
    Croatian civilians, mostly elderly people who had stayed, unable to
    leave their ancestral homes. Kenyan, Canadian, Jordanian, Danish,…UN
    troops just averted their eyes.

    I was in a Croatian Army howitzer
    unit & saw huge columns of cars, trucks, tractors buses …fleeing
    to Srb & later via Bosnia & Herzegovina border to Banja Luka.
    There is a dispute around how many Serbs fled before us- perhaps,
    100,000-150,000, nobody knows. But, they fled en masse, and only few
    people remained: in the city of Benkovac only one person, a befuddled
    Croat who lived with his Serbian wife in “SAO Krajina” for 4 years- and
    wifey got on a bus & left him to stare, dumbfounded, in Croatian
    camera held by Croatian TV reporter Zeljko Ivankovic.

    2. Bosnian Muslims are not “savages”. They are islamized Croats & Serbs (plus assimilated smaller element of other, neighboring nations). They are culturally Westernized from the end of the 19th century; they consume alcohol in huge quantities (percentage-wise, in Bosnia, most alcoholics are Muslims, not Croats nor Serbs); their females marry Croats & Serbs and engage in pre-marital sex (especially groupies after rock concerts); their language is Bosnian, virtually the same as Croatian and Serbian, written in Croatian Roman script…. True, radicalization is present among them NOW, and there have been caught some terrorist apprentices for Al-Qaida (thanks to Western indifference towards Serbian aggression in 1992.) What is now in Bosnia & Herzegovina is national strife, tension, whatever, …between 3 nations who use their religions (Islam, Catholic Christianity, Orthodox Christianity) as the national symbols & signifiers, while remaining essentially irreligious, most of them. If this international protectorate collapses, it will have no significant cultural, religious or demographic repercussions- only if this happens strictly controlled. In sum- this is not conflict primarily between races or religions, but between nations.

  • Rubbish. Serbian imperialism was booted, as was Dutch in Indonesia  or British in Kenya. This is settled- or, if Serbs want another war, they will be “welcomed” by numerous young Albanians, armed by Turkey.
    Good luck.

  • What are you, actually, talking about ? Serbian “courage” ? In all instances -save the last one- we fought them, we’ve been in inferior position (as I said- they stole everything) & still managed to beat them:

    About supposedly Serbian “Christian” loyalties ? Serbs- nationalists- HATE the West. Not only contemporary political cliques, but the ideas of Western culture etc. For instance, most-maybe 60-70% of contemporary Serbs use our, Croatian version of Roman/Latin alphabet, instead of Serbian Cyrillic. For Serbian nationalists, this is something horrendous, since they see their identity firmly rooted in the Byzantine Empire & the Eastern Orthodox “east”.
    At the same time, most Serbs are “Turkified” in their habits, cuisine, vocabulary full of Arabic & Turkish loan-words etc. They viscerally hate the idea of Western Christendom & see, say, the pope as the Devil incarnate, like some ultra-idiotic sects.

    I know Serbs, I have lived with them all my life. They can be generous, humorous, frequently creative in a charming & “exotic” way, but politico-historico-nationally, they suffer from cognitive dissonance & are living in myths- similar to US Blacks.

    • J

      Your point about many Serbs – I am not comfortable with any assertions about “all” members of any ethnic group – living in a magical land of mostly nonsensical political myths, like US Blacks, has more than a little truth in it.

      Certainly all the “Heavenly Serbia” nonsense has been a source of huge troubles for the Serbs in recent decades. What needs to be seen is the big picture, namely that by destroying Yugoslavia – which was started by Belgrade – they destroyed any chance for a big state for Serbs. Between 1991 and 2006 they lost pretty much everything – Krajina Serbs gone, Kosovo gone, Montenegro left. They have Vojvodina, for now (when the Serbian economy goes into death spiral they’ll think about independence too), and Sandzak wants out too, if there were free elections. In other words, nearly all the gains Serbia won between 1912 and 1919 have simply evaporated, forever. Given Serbia’s insanely dismal demographics, they are going away altogether in the 21st century.

      There is no need to fret about Nikolic – Serbia is poor, depressed, largely disarmed (unlike 20 years ago), and demographically hopeless. The Serbs caused Europe great pain in the 20th century, they won’t in the 21st.

      If the Croats were wise, they would stop whining about the 1991 war and realize that Operation Storm in 1995 solved pretty much their whole Serb issue forever; magnanimity towards a defeated Serbia is needed, since the Serbs aren’t all dead yet, and the Balkans need good relations between Belgrade and Zagreb if any of them expect to ride out the Islamic demographic threat that is engulfing much of Europe.

      Having said painful things about the Serbs, I’ll add that the Croats are not much better in terms of political delusions, and to give the Serbs some credit, they are practically the last white men willing to engage in violence to defend themselves, without a hint of remorse – a barbarian value which whites need to survive anywhere in this century. I have often said there is nothing wrong with Detroit that a thousand Serbs couldn’t fix, fast. Where’s Arkan when you need him?

      Last, the fate of Kosovo really should scare all whites, since no matter what the ancient history, the stark fact is that, under Tito, the Serbian minority went from quite significant and powerful to insignificant and much less powerful in hardly more than a generation, due to Albanian fecundity and a Serbian lack of the same. The Albanians said they would “get the Serbs in the bed” and they did exactly that – just as Muslims are now doing all over Europe.

      • I would agree with many of your points, BUT:

        a) many Serbs dream about Greater Serbia & are very frank about that. Frothing at mouth & pulling many tricks just to harms us- as much as they can.
        How is a rational dialog with such a people possible when, in numerous instances, Serbs who live in Croatia- ca.200,000 of them- act provocatively, similar to Blacks in the US ? Of course, they are afraid to do anything physically, but whining via some US sponsored groups (Soros etc.) still provoke whenever they can.

        I know they are not a real threat anymore- and will NEVER be, but I also now they are unrepentant enemy.

        2) as far as the myth of Albanian or Muslim birth rate- it WAS real in past decades, but they (Muslims in Bosnia have, for instance, lower birth rate than Croats in past 5 yrs) & Albanians in Kosovo and Macedonia have also come to the “European” low levels.
        Demographic swamping is not reality, any more.

        • J

          1. So what’s the solution? Kill all the Serbs? Since you seem to believe that co-existence is impossible btween them and Croats. I don’t want to believe you endorse NDH “solutions”. Anyone who advocates such hatred between European peoples, whether Serb or Croat, is an enemy of the white race. Surely the lesson of the terrible 20th century is that whites must cease killing each other en masse.

          2. I was speaking of Muslim demographics in Western and parts of Central Europe – there the threat is very real. If you don’t believe me, visit Brussels, the “capital” of Europe – where Muslims are officially 25% of the population, unofficially much more, and when you walk around you see about 3-4 Muslim infants in strollers to every Belgian newborn. You do that math.

        • I am not interested in any interaction with Serbs if they leave me & my country alone. Let them live where they are- and not in Croatian lands. Boundaries are more or less drawn & there will be no significant population transfer- it’s Serbs who would like it to happen.

          As for Muslims in Bruxelles- what does Croatian policy or Bosnia have to do with that ? It is EU near-sighted ideology that has imported unassimilable non-European populations & it’s up to them to solve this problem.

  • Many people here are not very friendly with rational thinking. So, I’ll use an analogue to illustrate Kosovo-Serbia problem & “nationalist” Nikolić.

    1) Imagine that some 120 yrs ago US had annexed California, which was at that time populated by 63% Mexicans, 25% Anglos & the rest some others- say, Indians & Chinese. Mexicans were unable to resist.

    2) Imagine that US ruled California with iron fist, trying to “anglify” California, but was at the same time playing parallel games, allowing Spanish language university in California. Yet- Anglos called the shots & exploited the land.

    3) Imagine that, due to higher birth rate, Mexicans have at the end of the 20th century become 90% of California’s population & Anglos shrunk to 10%. Mexicans seek greater independence & possible union with Mexico. US forces respond with military aggression, killing tens of thousands of California Mexicans.

    4) Imagine that combined forces of Russia, China and India force US to withdraw from California & let the population decide. After some time, most Californians- Mexicans- proclaim suzerainty. They don’t want to go to the US, they just want to have their separate state, California.

    5) American public is in nationalist frenzy, and American nationalists demand that California be given back to the US, with the same ethnic composition, granting Mexican majority some super-rights- say, separate Congress.

    Would you consider such American “nationalist” politician good or bad news ?

    • J.P.

      I have tried responding to you several times but no luck getting past moderation. Will try one last time. As Im tired of making long post for no reason will just say it’s ironic you have no problem with Kosovo being given to the Muslims considering the event’s of Operation Storm. Some of the Serbs lived in Croatia for centuries and were driven out by force. They didn’t just leave because they lost privilege. Wasn’t the Croatian commander of that operation convicted of war crimes? I to was in the Army so I understand the whole martial pride thing but your remarks about massive Serb superiority aren’t true if we take wiki articles as our guide which you have no problem with. According to them Croatia and Bosnia had almost twice as many troops and the Serbs had a few hundred more tanks. Your side had massive Nato bombing support so Id say the Serbs had the weaker hand. And the Balkan Muslims are just like us? Where have I heard that before.

      Just was wondering what you think of the Muslim ran White slavery operations that are now thriving in the Balkans and the organ harvesting. Is that only  going on because Nato didn’t bomb the Serbs soon enough?

      If anyone cares to see the true nature of the people the anti Serbs here are sticking up for please check this address. Just be warned, is graphic and sickening but will leave you in no doubt at to who was right and wrong in that war.

      •  Kosovo was not “given to Muslims”. It was an occupied territory, an example of provincial Balkan imperialism eminent Serbian socialist Dimitrije Tucović wrote a devastating account of it in “Srbija i Arbanija”- perhaps the fiercest indictment of Serbian nationalism so far. The land was conquered during Balkans wars 1913. & Tucović himself took part in it, disapproving of what he had seen. So- nothing was “given to Muslims” (Albanian people is, by the way, only half- Muslim by religious affiliation). As various imperialisms collapsed, it was just a matter of time when this one will follow suit. And, it is questionable whether Albanians would want full statehood- they were initially satisfied with autonomy within Yugoslavia, until Serbs started full-scale repression.

        Serbs were living for ca. 4 centuries in Croatian lands under mixture of Habsburg & Croatian suzerainty. Unlike Albanians- who settled in Ottomans’ no-man’s land without boundaries – Serbs have been coming to Croatian lands that were recognizably Croatian within Habsburg Empire & in this form, under complete Croatian suzerainty from 1881. Moreover- Albanians have been the majority of over 50% in past 3 centuries in what is now Kosovo, while Serbs have never been the majority in any recognizable part of Croatia with historical or any other boundaries. They were the majority in various pockets, but did not have any territorial continuum – and if they did, so what ? They were in other people’s lands, living among other people’s laws.

        Serbs were not driven by force from their para-state “Krajina” (ca. 26% of Croatia) by force. They just fled. It was the final & expected result of the collapse of their virulent nationalism & the rules for warfare they set themselves: every territory in Croatia they conquered was ethnically cleansed by  massacring Croatian population:

        So- Serbs were not driven out. They fled, because they followed the rules of warfare in ex-Yugoslavia they themselves established.

        Afar as the Hague court- this is  a political court that tries to establish “balance of responsibility”. Hence, they convicted Croatian leadership -and military commander general Gotovina- on ludicrous charges that are so absurd I won’t elaborate on them.

        Serbs in Bosnia and Croatia had more arms  (tanks, howitzers, mortars, planes, MLRS,..) than Croatian and Bosnian Muslim forces combined. They were numerically inferior from 1993. or so, but retained superiority in arms.

        NATO bombing of Serbs came too late & was focused mainly on Sarajevo region. Serbs were actually defeated in a series of campaigns that had lasted ca.10 months before Operation Storm (and others) have commenced.

        Most of your post is just a refurbishing of Serbian propaganda. Well- try to get info from other sources, too:

        • J.P.

          Well theres two more sources. But I take it anything you don’t agree with is Serb lies. You simply dodged every thing in my post and called it propaganda. I call the pictures and video’s proof enough everything you said about the Bosnian Muslims innocence is lies. You dodged my questions about White slavery and organ harvesting. Nato bombing had nothing to do with the Serbs losing the war? Right. I suppose the Allied bombing of Germany didn’t help the Soviets in WW2. 

          Your comments about the Hague gave me a good chuckle. When they are prosecuting Serbs it’s justice, when they go after your commander and Oric it’s just politics. 

          Bardon I don’t think the Serbs are just innocent angels. But I think they are no worse then the Croats, and I think the Muslims in the Balkans are scum. If you can look at those videos and pictures in my post and say otherwise you are blind. Maybe Gotovina’s prosecution was political, but then maybe the same can be said about the Serbs. I respect that you fought the Serbs and I don’t think you have anything to be ashamed of. But I also think you being a Croatian just hate them so you turn a blind eye to what the Muslims did and are doing in the Balkans. 

          I don’t care much about the history of Kosovo to be honest. It was taken from White Christians by Muslims, I don’t care how long ago and I don’t care if they are now the majority population. And ever sense the Muslims have been a problem. Now with Nato backing they are following in the foot steps of their Ottoman ancestors and pimping White women. Nothing to be proud of. With them breeding like rabbits as they do all over the world Im sure they will be wanting to move into Croatia once they ruin the area’s they now rule. And ruin them they will. With the White Serbs no longer in charge it’s just a matter of time. I want to know much you like them when that time comes.

          I find it appalling how many people on Amren seem to sympathize with Balkan Muslims over the Serbs. I find the occasional Asian worship to be annoying, but Muslim sympathy is just sick. Especially in light of how easy it is to find out the truth about their crimes. Im sorry the pictures and video’s aren’t propaganda. They are what they are. Pictures of a crime scene.

          • I don’t want to waste time on your …. You got answers- and I never said I intended to answer all your “questions” since they are simply dogmatic nonsense.

            I also never said that I didn’t despise the Hague court. This political tribunal has tried to rewrite the history & minimize Serbian crimes, throw some guilt on Croats & completely exonerate Bosnian Muslims and Albanians.

            Had it been “fair”, it would have indicted Serbian military establishment (Veljko Kadijević, Blagoje Adžić, Života Panić, Zvonko Jurjević, Aleksandar Vasiljević,..) & their political leadership (Borisav Jović, Branko Kostić,…). They indicted only those Serbs they couldn’t have avoided to indict.

            As for Bosnian Muslim crimes- we, Croats, have been the at the receiving end of more Muslim crimes than Serbs:
            Most massacres were simply ignored by ICTY (Trusina, Meljine, Doljani, Buhine kuće,  Travnik,  ..) and those guilty of them: Sefer Halilović, Rasim Delić, Enver Hadžihasanović,.. either acquitted or given symbolic verdicts.
            Thanks to this ICTY policy, wikipedia & similar sources give false impression of some Croatian aggression on Bosnian Muslims in central Bosnia & Herzegovina in 1993-1994, while we were outnumbered by 7 to 1 and succeeded to survive only due to tenacity & better organization of defense.

            As far as Muslims’ secular life-style is concerned, you are just clueless. For instance, the ex-wife of current Croatian “nationalist” politician Tomislav Karamarko is a Croatian-Bosnian Muslim:

            And- Serbs fled, as I said. While fleeing, they panicked & just rolled over in tanks over Serbian civilians who were fleeing as well.
            This does not have captions in English, but shows the destruction of Serbian civilians & property by fleeing Serbian Army at the Croatian-Bosnian border in 1995. (Sami svoje pregazili- They have run over their own)
            So much about their propaganda & lies. I don’t intend to bother with this anymore.


        • 549106

          Your view is far too nuanced to expect to make any progress here. The basic idea here is always one of inversion and simplification. Whites in America really don’t grasp that “white” or “christian” is a single identity only in America and that using these terms elsewhere to define friend and enemy and make political judgements doesn’t work.  If I were a european nationalist, I would not consider the American right to be a viable ally because they don’t really know what they’re taking about when it comes to anything outside of America. 

    •  To make this picture more plastic:

      6) Imagine that the number of Mexicans in the US minus California is ca. 1% of the population & with “incorporated” California, the number of US citizens- ethnic Mexicans would soar to ca. 20% (Serbs 6.1 M in Serbia, Albanians 1.7-1.8 M in Kosovo).

      So- would American “nationalist” counterpart of Nikolić be a good news ?

  • You seem to have quite an anti-Serb agenda there. We’ll agree to disagree.

  • This article is a lie.

    1) Naser Orić is by all accounts a war criminal.

    2) the number of Serbs killed around Srebrenica may be 200 or more, but not 3,000. Google is your friend:

  • Clueless. Serbs’ enemy number one are we, Croats, and they play the Islamic card just to manipulate frightened West in order to give them a license to kill other nations that stand in their plan for establishing Greater Serbia.

    We, Croats, are the ones who actually stopped them & geostrategically defeated them. Their main drive was towards the Adriatic sea & central Europe, not the Balkans (which is a dump no one has anything to find there).

    They are and were not “crusaders” through history, but until early 19th century, some of Ottomans’ most loyal subjects. And their war against Bosnian Muslims’ has had nothing to do with religion, but territory (like French and Germans in Alsace-Lorraine, or German attempt to ethnically cleanse Czechs and Poles in WW2).

    In short- you don’t know history & I don’t have THAT spare time.

  • Serbia, Ukraine and Russia are the three best countries in the world, best I can tell.