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The reasons the admissions offices give are “unacceptable.”

Promoting “diversity, inclusion, and belonging” is a priority at Harvard.

A “demographic optimist” makes the case.

Black senior lecturer: “We are Harvard, we can do whatever we want.”

It’s calling for a “civil rights audit” of CNN employment practices.

The Rasputin of the British Royal Family

Meghan Markle’s tonelessness undermines the royal family.


“Positive discrimination is needed to address this vitally urgent issue.”

Bill Clinton’s Legacy, AR Classic Article

William Clinton’s initiative on race and the response from American Renaissance.

Even though there is no pool of qualified African American women ready to be hired.

Blacks have higher drop-out rates, lower six-year completion rates, and they owe more money.

“It’s politically unacceptable for a Democratic candidate to not have a diverse staff.”

Root for the Patriots in the Superbowl

It’s OK to be white.


One of Britain’s biggest fire services wants 35 percent of recruits to be non-white.

It won’t be enough to hire more black coaches; the league has to acknowledge its racism.

Groups have to meet racial quotas and pay off the kleptocrats.

White man got the shaft.

South Africa’s Protection Racket

Rainbow Nation shows its colors.


She’s demanding “an explanation.”

Ocasio-Cortez gets it right: “One race isn’t substitutable for another.”

Anti-white discrimination is a “government imperative.”

The Affirmative Action Congress

It’s proving that all politics is identity politics.


The key is to get more non-white teachers.

Against Diversity Statements, Chronicle of Higher Education

Some universities are requiring faculty to declare their “diversity” bona fides.

They’re also demanding more black teachers be hired.

Eighty-two percent of career firefighters are white.

National police chief wants 25 percent of the force to be non-white.

Departing black employee: Facebook doesn’t do enough for blacks.

It’s a requirement for the jobs.

The tests are excluding “talented people of color.”

The force wanted 33 percent of its employees to be non-white or female.

Its purpose: to recruit and retain “diverse” employees to work in Congress.

Hire women, non-whites, or disabled people and get a tax break.

Feds will pay $6,300 for 12 weeks. For non-whites only.

Intel diversity czarina: This is “like one inch on the 12-inch ruler.”

151 pages of the usual hot hair.

America’s invisible victims.

Journalists not practicing what they preach.

Initiative will not further ideological diversity.

Irish primary school teachers are too Irish.

The Coming White Serfdom, AR Classic Article

Race and sex quotas are a return to feudalism.

The Untold Story of How a Black Man Could Have Been First on the Moon

Ed Dwight was admitted to the space-flight course, but didn’t have “the right stuff.”


$120 million “to support new and expand voluntary community-driven programs.”

Blacks and Hispanics had lower pass rates than whites.

“Whitewashing” vs. Affirmative Action Casting

Only non-whites can be “culturally expropriated.”


Air Force doesn’t know that diversity and community are incompatible.

Diversity doesn’t necessarily mean “more blacks,” but it does mean “fewer whites.”

“Students tend to benefit from having teachers who look like them.”

How about a study on whether campus diversity is even desirable?

It’s good to be a diversicrat.

Will there always be an England?