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The Law is an Ass, AR Classic Article

The legal tar baby of “civil rights.”

Employers will often not even consider hiring native-born non-Hispanics.

The consultant has been fired.

University wants a dean of students who is “racially visible.”

Affirmative-Action Portraits

Third-rate portraits portend a Third-World nation.


From Montana to Jacksonville

My move from homogeneity to diversity.


State legislators wants equal outcomes, not just equal treatment.

There is dissent in the ranks.

Hollywood is still too white.

Not an optional field on the application.

A checklist for white academics.

Report says diversity in game content will ensure future growth and success.

Let Them Build Wakanda!

In fantasy movie, blacks lead the world.


The “Lakeside Alliance” will receive the $300 million contract.

There aren’t nearly enough black, women, or disabled superheroes.

Tester lowered standards, and still screened out too many non-whites.

A Tweet Too Far

They must ban what they can’t refute.


Black woman says she will take conservatism “places it may not have been before.”

New movie turns “those covert [left-wing] ideas into overt messages.”

There are too many non-whites in low-paying jobs, and not enough in higher-paying jobs.

Diversity is “not enough.”

Non-whites have difficulty finding work in EU institutions.

The Privilege No One Wants

Please! Let me be anything but white.


Filmmakers have a responsibility to make sure children see “diversity” in the movies.

Why Race Matters, AR Classic Article

A philosopher’s elegant and compelling dissection of the race problem.

Nearly 50 percent of models at Victoria’s Secret event were non-white—but it’s not enough.

Its lies laid bare in Steven Farron’s “The Affirmative Action Hoax.”

Montrreal mayor disappointed that her party didn’t elect more non-whites.

Blacks are 54 percent of the population, but only 5 percent of those with management jobs.

A first-hand report on the consequences of affirmative action.

The End of White Celebrity

Whiteness is a birth defect.


If diversity is so wonderful, why must it be imposed forcefully?

“[C]isgender straight white males . . . are already in the majority.”

Authors prefer class-based affirmative action.

Some whites are still not aware of affirmative action.

The idea of “cognitive diversity” threatens racial preferences.

They were closed to white men.

Silicon Valley still has a shocking lack of diversity.

London mayor wants quotas in place on both sides of the camera.

A look at a classic book from American Renaissance.

Do white lives matter, too?

When they can’t ask about criminal convictions, employers are *more* likely to discriminate against blacks.

Southerns are hardly any more “racist” than Northerners.

Mohamed Noor was an “affirmative action hire” if ever there was one.

Straight Talk About Affirmative Action

Is it here to stay?


Black Lawyers Association claims the government prefers white lawyers.

What is Racism?, AR Classic Article

Everyone talks about ‘racism’ but no one ever defines it.

Mines must be 30 percent black-owned by next year.

He opposed new “affirmative action” policies. Now he’s holding classes off campus.

Not even the military-industrial complex is safe from anti-racist interference.