Posted on December 8, 2023

Mooncalves at Harvard Think They Understand Africa

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, December 8, 2023

The only solution is to put white people back in charge.

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Do any of you remember how ecstatically happy liberals were when white South Africans turned their country over to blacks in 1994? Mary McGrory of the Washington Post wrote a column called “South Africa is Twice Blessed” that begins with these words.

“Events in South Africa have made the previously pariah country the envy of the world. It is the only place where there is dancing in the streets.”

The Pulitzer-prize winner continued:

“It will be the first time a country has an official policy that is nothing less than applied Christianity. Nelson Mandela has won . . . “one of history’s sweetest victories over racial subjugation” and he is going to keep it clean and beautiful, so that newspaper readers will think they are reading scripture when they read dispatches from South Africa that cannot be read except through tears.”

Mary McGrory went to her reward in 2004, but her spiritual descendants live on at the Harvard school of government. They have just written a 170-page report that regretfully notes some of the things that have gone wrong since 1994 but is full of chirpy confidence in the future.

This took two years and more than a dozen hotshots at the graduate school’s “growth lab.” It brags that “Growth Lab applied projects aim not only to understand constraints and opportunities in specific places, but also to empower local stakeholders in real time and in situ.”

The executive summary begins with this: “The early 1990s marked a victory for generations of freedom fighters,” and let’s stop right there. Harvard just endorsed terrorism. But then it goes full Mary McGrory: “the future of an inclusive South Africa was set in motion. There was no telling what could be accomplished with the full force of South Africa’s human capabilities, creativity, and resilience.”

It was going to be like reading scripture.

The report that follows is pure, erudite foolishness. It does find that people aren’t dancing in the streets anymore, but there’s not one hint of the real problem: White people turned a modern economy over to people with an average IQ of 80. There’s not a single word about the slaughter of some of the world’s most productive farmers or attempts to drive the rest off the land.

Credit Image: © Thabo Jaiyesimi/SOPA Images via ZUMA Wire

There are fleeting references to appalling crime, corruption, and looted infrastructure, but nothing about how to fix any of that.

Here is the most radical passage in the whole report: “it is possible to gradually transition from systems of cadre deployment to merit-based employment and building of a civil service system that attracts and retains talent.”

Translation: “If you kick out enough honest, competent white people and replace them with crooked, politically connected black boneheads, you can wreck a perfectly good country.” America, are you paying attention?

The rest of the report is absurd, fantastic recommendations such as:

“Develop and incentivize active public-private problem-solving task forces.”

What does that even mean?

Or this: “Establish clear markets that allow for societal capabilities to help fill supply gaps in network industries.”

I can see hear minister for public works telling his deputy: “Mobutu. Establish clear markets. Today.”

The “growth lab” kids do note some unpleasant facts. Income per capita has fallen for more than a decade. Unemployment, at 33 percent, is the highest in the world. Youth unemployment is over 60 percent. More than 55 percent of the population is poor, even by South Africa’s unexacting standards. Inequality – the difference between the people at the top and the people at the bottom – is the highest in the world.

This graph of real GDP growth shows how badly South Africa has done under black rule. It’s the red line. The blue line is the rest of black Africa, and the gray line is other “upper-middle income countries.”

South Africa used to be the star of black Africa, but it now does worse than the rest of the continent and far worse than comparable, non-black countries.

The last year whites ran South Africa, 92 percent of young children were in school. Now, fewer than 80 percent are.

Credit Image: © Artur Widak/NurPhoto/ZUMA Wire

In most African countries the number of houses with running water is growing. In South Africa, it’s shrinking. The country’s sovereign debt was once top rated; now, at BB-, its bonds are junk. The rand has lost half its value against the dollar in the last 10 years.

South Africa used to be a leader in science. In 1967, South African doctor Christian Barnard was the first man to transplant a human heart, in Cape Town.

Now, South Africa can’t even keep up with the world’s poorest countries. As you can see, its percentage of all the patents granted just to black African countries has fallen by more than 60 percent in the last 20 years.

The Harvard kids must have been too squeamish to mention that South Africa has the third-highest rape rate in the world – the two highest are its next-door neighbors – or that it has the eighth-highest murder rate.

It’s probably seventh now, because El Salvador, which was number one in 2020, packed all its lowlifes off to prison and pretty much solved the problem.

The one disaster the kids highlight is the one everyone already knows about: “The country has catastrophically lost this ability to produce and supply electricity.”

South Africa’s main competitive advantage used to be cheap, reliable electricity for mining and manufacturing. Not anymore.

Last year, power cuts knocked an estimated 2 percent off GDP. The blacks who took over ESCOM, the power company, didn’t maintain equipment, didn’t build new capacity and, of course, everything went south.

Credit Image: © Rodger Bosch/dpa via ZUMA Press

But just a couple of videos tell you more about South Africa than this entire 170-page paper.

When they’re not taking apart pylons for scrap, thieves steal cables. “Jo’burg infrastructure is being stolen ‘on an industrial scale’,” says this article, which mentions a gang of men who showed up at a power station with rifles, dug up and made off with hundreds of kilograms of underground cables.

It says Johannesburg had 1,456 cases of vandalism and cable theft in less than a year.

Once the power gets to consumers, it’s not always metered.

The Harvard kids talk airily about “reviving once-functioning passenger rail systems.”

Once functioning? Why’d they stop functioning? They used to be world class, but “South Africa’s railways on brink of total collapse,” says the headline.

Thieves are wrecking the stations, looting everything they can sell, and even taking up rails to sell for scrap. Look closely. No rails.

The national railway operator stopped guarding stations, and everything but the concrete disappeared.

When trains stop coming, you can grow crops on the tracks. Please note, thieves took even the overhead electric cables.

The next train won’t be coming down this line for some time.

The kids manage to mention that “the country has experienced rising numbers of skilled worker outmigration,” but not a hint about who is leaving or why.

Might it have something to do with the hatred for whites the ruling ANC has whipped up for decades?

Credit Image: © Thabo Jaiyesimi/SOPA Images via ZUMA Wire

Here is political activist Julius Malema leading about 100,000 people in a chorus of “Kill the Boer,” along with machine-gun sounds.

There was no room for this guy in Harvard’s 170-page report.

It’s nice to know that the fight against hunger in South Africa appears to have been a success, even though certain basic concepts remain to be grasped fully.

It seems that the “human capabilities, creativity, and resilience” the Harvard kids think they found hasn’t yet been fully realized.

But don’t worry, “the promise of the Rainbow Nation is not out of reach.”

All it needs to do is listen to the whiz kids and “Leverage[s] agents to enable partnerships through matching third-party trust.”

Do the dopes who wrote this report have any idea how preposterous all this sounds to anyone who has ever set foot in Africa? “Matching third-party trust” is going to get children back to school? Why not tell the country to go back to a policy of “applied Christianity”?

And guess how the “growth lab” thinks South Africa is going to prosper. It’s going to export vanadium redox flow batteries, platinum-metal-group-based fuel cells, and electric vehicles. It will also sell its unique knowhow in decarbonization-related technologies.

Did you notice the title of this report? “Growth Through Inclusion.”

There is only way out of this mess. Include white people.

Let the blacks at the top keep their fancy offices and their SUV motorcades and their fat paychecks.

Just put white people back in every job that matters. Brains and honesty would go a long way in South Africa.

Maybe even at Harvard.