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Expropriation Without Compensation

South Africa is a window into a non-white future.


Even African immigrants are complaining.

Man attacked in a “no-go” zone of Paris.

South Africa Nearing the Point of No Return

Which way for the Boers?


Land redistribution is an opportunity, not a threat.

It’s the end of “an era of one corruption allegation after another.”

The girl was beaten, dismembered, and worse.

ANC national executive committee calls for Zuma to resign.

“Economically unfit” Liberians should not be “vulnerable to competition” with whites.

Authorities are cracking down on blacks in Guangzhou.

It’s part of a plan to revive the nation’s agriculture.

Now Libyans are trying to cross the Mediterranean too.

They don’t even pretend he is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors.

ANC secretary-general says white people still enjoy “privilege’ in South Africa.

Chain migration and the diversity lottery have reduced the education level of African immigrants.

Diversity visa recipients “fared the worst of all immigrants . . . .”

“Donald Trump speaks to Africa frankly. It is Africans’ fault that they are weak.”

Mr. Trump on the Apertures: Stark Madness and Immiscibility

A first-hand report from some “s**tholes.”


‘Shithole Countries’: What Makes a Country? The Place or the People?

“The Man makes the country what it is.”


They’re escaping “incessant racism and prejudice.”

Africans can stay in Africa.

They will fight terrorism and illegal immigration.

South African woman recalls the murder of her father.

The US skims off the top of African societies.

What, Exactly, is a “Shithole?”

The President nails it.


Congressman says Trump’s views are “racially insensitive and ignorant.”

Never-before-seen mutations found in “refugees” coming from Horn of Africa.

Still no law against rape in Somalia.

Minister of the Interior says that illegals are not wanted in Algerian territory.

Morocco has become “the most welcoming” country in Africa.

If Morocco can do it, why not the U.S.?

“Most of the infiltrators came from Eritrea, Sudan, Somalia, and other countries in northeastern Africa.”

They believed that the blood of virgins would give them supernatural protection.

New president has “all but scrapped the indigenization policy.”

Performers who raped ten grade-school girls cheered by crowds on their release.

Seven suspected blood-suckers have been killed by mobs.

Why All Three South-African Presidents Supported Robert Mugabe

“[T]he government of Zimbabwe—and others across Africa—doesn’t stand apart from the governed; it reflects them.”


University-educated student: Africa is “the greatest country in the world.”

Sometimes their organs are harvested and their bodies “roasted like shish kebabs.”

Mugabe Farce Ends

Have whites learned anything?


And now Zambia sends food to Zimbabwe.

White scholars are retiring.

The despot is out after 37 years in power.

Impeachment proceedings now probable.

Muslim cries, “Allah Akhbar!” and hits director in face with blunt object.

Mugabe and wife continue to resist “graceful exit” after coup.

Overnight “bloodless correction” may bring Mugabe’s rule to an end.

Muslims still selling Africans as slaves.

“Porous borders” help spread the disease.