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Egyptian women have an average of 3.3 children.

“We will relentlessly resist. We will not rest. We require restitution.”

Africans with special World Cup visas didn’t go home.

“There used to be lots of bread.”

The Third World wants white money, but not whites.

Immigrants make up a third of Oslo’s population.

Thank You, Mr. Mugabe, AR Classic Article

Happy 95th birthday to Robert Mugabe.

And give the Congolese reparations.

She was silencing the baby by pouring milk down her throat.

The top five runners on the U.S. Track and Field Cross Country Team are Kenyan.

South African Blacks Rejoice in Deaths of White Children

Sign of things to come?


Some fans are planning to file for asylum.

Since Ghana refuses to accept deported Ghanaians.

Corruption Perceptions Index 2018, Transparency International

Of the 19 least corrupt countries, 17 are white and 2 are Asian.

It’s usually the mothers who inflict this “cultural practice” on their daughters.

Groups have to meet racial quotas and pay off the kleptocrats.

Nationals would not be able to apply for asylum in Germany.

South Africa’s Protection Racket

Rainbow Nation shows its colors.


Millions of dollars go to “s-hole countries.”

Social justice warriors seem to think that Cleopatra was black.

European countries successfully pushed for the measures.

He again let slip the truth about race and intelligence.

He and his wife enslaved a girl for sixteen years.

‘Anti-Racism’ Won’t Stop ‘Climate Change’

Are lefties naive or vicious—or both?


They commit 4.3 times the number of sex crimes; 3.5 times the number of violent crimes.

‘Sexual Ostracism’

A new name for an old preference.


It’s “sexual ostracism”!

Nigerians are back to scamming on the internet.

Christianity Turns Brown, AR Classic Article

A look at “The Next Christendom” by Philip Jenkins.

Attention, Conservatives: The Constitution Won’t Save You

South Africa proves it.


Gandhi didn’t think well of the “Kaffirs” in South Africa.

Is There a Political Solution for White South Africans?

Strange things are possible in Africa


The family of one of the girls warned her not to go.

A Nigerian’s View of Race

Whites have become lambs, practically begging for slaughter.


The ‘Reparations’ Hoax, AR Classic Article

Activist groups are trying to build momentum for a new racial shakedown.

Ancestors of modern people were present in North Africa at least 600,000 years earlier than previously believed.

EU’s agency “for fundamental rights” calls for more action against discrimination.

Police investigation was “botched beyond repair.”

The lowest rate was found in Europe.

Fighting for His People

Dan Roodt and the struggle for South Africa.


Hannah Cornelius

Sacrificed to the Liberal Cult.


Mass northward migration of Africans is “near inevitable.”

How “diversity” works against American blacks.

With Chinese funds come Chinese insults.

There are two options: “Fortress Europe versus Eurafrica.”

Husband is the son of Guinea’s first president.

Bleeding Hearts but Too Many Mouths

Bill Gates thinks Africa can be the next China.


Microsoft founder wants to improve access to birth control.

No NGO rescue vessel has operated between North Africa and southern Europe since August 26.

Namibia, like South Africa, wants to answer the “land question.”