Posted on June 28, 2024

What Shall We Do With the African?

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, June 28, 2024

As little as possible.

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There’s an excellent book called What Shall We Do With the Negro? on what Lincoln thought about blacks.

Yes, he wanted the slaves to be free, but his number-one goal was to get blacks out of America.

I have been thinking about Lincoln in light of a similar question: “What shall we do with the African?” A lot of people are asking. If you think that’s a “racist” question, believe me, no one is saying, “Just leave Africa alone; it’ll turn out fine.”

That’s because the population of black Africa is, quite literally, out of control. Blacks are the blue line, shooting up to the right.

Compare that to the orange line, near the bottom, which slopes down. That’s Europe, and as you know, Europe is hardly all white. As recently as 1980, the population of black Africa was not even half the population of Europe. By the end of this decade, there will be more than twice as many black Africans as Europeans, and by 2100, there are likely to be six times as many – with millions more every year. There are already more black Africans than Chinese, and way more than the entire population of Latin America.

Until just a few decades ago, black Africa made basically no difference to the rest of the world. On the northern coast, there was an entirely different set of people, who were part of Mediterranean civilization, but that enormous area south of the Sahara was good only for slaves, ivory, and gold.

Credit: Megistias, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The actual economic production of Africa was the equivalent of rounding error in any calculation of world GDP. It still is.

Now, Africa matters through sheer numbers. In the 1950s, life expectancy for the continent was not even 40 years, about the same as Europe in the 1700s. Now, thanks to Western medicine, life expectancy is 65.

Child mortality by age five – which was about one in three in 1955 – is down to one fifth that number.

But the big reason for the population boom is that black Africans, unlike everyone else, just keep having babies – despite lower child mortality, longer lifespans, and economic progress.

Credit Image: © Eva-Maria Krafczyk/dpa via ZUMA Press

The Hoover Institution has a pretty good title for a pretty good analysis called “Africa 2050: Demographic Truth and Consequences.”

It notes: “This pattern of persisting high levels of fertility in the majority of African countries differs markedly from what has been observed in other developing countries since 1960.”

People keep expecting blacks to behave like everyone else, but they don’t. Why not? There is much learned jabber about polygamy, extended families, “hoe-based agriculture,” and “a culture of fertility,” but the experts are scratching their heads.

I’m not scratching mine. Even Google’s AI Overview unhesitatingly reports that “the average IQ of sub-Saharan Africans is 68.”

In the West, with an average of 100, anyone under 70 – the orange bars on the left – is “intellectually disabled.”

Those people don’t think ahead and are very bad at birth control.

This research paper says “There [are] strong negative correlations found between national IQ and three national indicators of fertility.”

Blacks are the race with the lowest IQ and the highest birth rates.

Here’s a map of total fertility by country. Look at the dark blue, high-fertility countries.

They are all in Africa, with the weird exception of Afghanistan, which has an average IQ of 81.

Of the 29 nations with the highest total fertility rates, 28 are in black Africa, with Afghanistan in 15th place. The top four countries are Niger, Chad, Somalia, and Congo, where the average woman has six children.

Credit Image: © Helmut Fohringer/APA Picturedesk via ZUMA Press

The average for all black African woman is 4-1/2 children.

The high-IQ countries are not even near the number of babies it takes just to stay even, which is 2.2 per woman. In Korea, the average woman has a catastrophic 0.8 children.

Credit Image: © Yonhap News/Newscom via ZUMA Press

At that rate, the population could drop by half every generation. For China, the number is 1.2, for Japan, 1.3.

No white country has replacement fertility. Catholic countries used to have a lot of babies, but Italy and Spain now have the lowest fertility in Europe: 1.2 – as bad as China.

Credit Image: © Luca Ponti/IPA via ZUMA Press

The most fertile European country is France, at 1.8. That’s because it has more Muslims than any other European country, and they have three or four children per woman. French women have only 1.4.

The last year France managed to produce 2.2 children per woman was 1974, so it’s had 50 years of sub-replacement fertility – except for Muslims. In Germany, it’s been 55 years, and Japanese women stopped having 2.2 babies each in in 1957 – 67 years ago! Even Brazil is down to 1.6 children per women, so in about 20 years, it will have more deaths – that’s the red line – than births.

Iran – Muslim Iran – has had sub-replacement fertility for more than 25 years.

Which takes us back to this graph, which shows black Africans behaving unlike anyone else, increasing by the billion.

Africa will be a mess, mainly because it’s full of Africans, but also because of age structure.

Here is a world map of countries by median age.

See all those very light countries in Africa? That’s where half the people are under 20 – babies up to teenagers. Half the population under 20! Compare that to Europe, where the median age is over 45. In Japan and Korea, the median age is 50! Half the population is over 50.

Swarms of young people are trouble, especially in Africa, where so many aren’t educated and will never have a real job. Angry young men feed riots, tribal massacres, and coups d’etats.

Credit Image: © John Ochieng/SOPA Images via ZUMA Press Wire

They are the perfect recruits for psychopathic warlords. Black Africa already has Boko Haram, al-Shabab, Al Qaeda branches, the Lord’s Resistance Army, and bands of roving killers that don’t even have names. They make Africa even more miserable than it has to be.

Credit Image: © Nicolas Remene/Le Pictorium Agency via ZUMA Press

And that’s why “Over Half of African Young Adults Are Likely to Consider Leaving Their Native Country.”

Two guesses where they want to go. Europe and America, neither of which needs people with IQs of 68.

But I’ve got it all wrong, you see. The Wilson Center says Africa’s Youth Can Save the World.” “As the developed countries go ‘grey,’ young people will become the scarcest resource.”

They’ll come change our diapers and run our factories.

Some authorities are more cautious.

The European Union thinks there might be an “urgent need to draw up a Marshall plan for Africa.”

The IMF warns that “Sub-Saharan Africa’s Growth Requires Quality Education for Growing Population.” Guess who’s supposed to pay for it?

The Economist explains “How to house the world’s fastest-growing population.” Yep, it’s up to us.

The World Bank is downright cheerful. “Let’s not miss the chance to feed the 700 million plus people who will live in West Africa by 2050!” Don’t you love the exclamation mark?

And don’t forget the European Strategy for a “New Deal” with Africa that would mean forking over hundreds of billions of euros.

The Atlantic Council wants us “Reimagining Africa’s role in revitalizing the global economy.” How? “[I]t is crucial to support Africa to unleash its immense economic potential through massive and focused investments.”

What about the trillions we’ve already spent? This article, “60 Years of Squandered African International Development Aid,” says self-righteous whites splashed it out and corrupt blacks stole it.

White countries shouldn’t give Africa a single dollar screwed out of the taxpayer. Not one. If silly white women want to play lady bountiful, they can spend their own money.

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It will still be devoured by crooks, but it should have one purpose only: population control.

And finally, Africans have to stay where they are. Only a tiny sliver of that giant blue line we saw earlier would swamp and utterly destroy Europe.

Here’s the final, lunatic argument you will hear: “Among the literally billions of Africans who will be born in the 21st century, there are no doubt future Mozarts, Einsteins, Salks, and Picassos.”

There only sensible word in that sentence is “billions.” If Africa produces a genius, great. Think of all the good he will do, right where he was born.