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Egyptian women have an average of 3.3 children.

It’s the Samoa First Party.

It was named after King Phillip II of Spain.

Even educated, secular Israelis have replacement-level fertility.

Corruption Perceptions Index 2018, Transparency International

Of the 19 least corrupt countries, 17 are white and 2 are Asian.

95 percent of all murder suspects in residental areas are Arab.

Canadian diplomat says Chinese “sort of threw a whole bunch of things at the wall in the hope that something would stick.”

‘Anti-Racism’ Won’t Stop ‘Climate Change’

Are lefties naive or vicious—or both?


They say they don’t like doing men’s work and fear they won’t be able to find husbands.

US deputy attorney general: “We want China to cease its illegal cyber activities.”

Nationalist party chief: “The nation state of Turkey can’t withstand such a demographic occupation of Syrians.”

It’s an “unavoidable step.”

Chinese immigrants in Germany can’t be trusted, either.

China’s social justice warriors are as thin-skinned as America’s.

Chinese students are part of “China’s long arm.”

A look at a country that refuses to abolish itself.

Bleeding Hearts but Too Many Mouths

Bill Gates thinks Africa can be the next China.


Program was to “promote gender equality in Afghanistan.”

“We are opening up our country. We are opening up our labor market to foreign countries.”

The most intelligent women in China are not having children.

Even with proper care, there is no guarantee that “ideological illness” can be permanently cured.

In Asia: “A white complexion is powerful enough to hide seven faults.”

This disease is usually found only in southeast India, Guyana, and New Guinea.

But do they protest censorship in the West?

Koreans don’t like people with different customs.

An American Living in Japan

Melancholy observations of an expat.


Tools found in China.

“It would be a pity if these Chinese supplant all other races.”

“Japanese participants showed an implicit preference for ‘white people’ over ‘black people.’ “

Foreign workers can stay five years and must demostrate proficiency in speaking Japanese.

Eighty percent of Russians want to limit immigration from former Soviet republics of Central Asia.

Chinese-American is charged with spying for the Chinese and faces a possible life sentence.

Chinese are cracking down on illegal immigration.

The Turkish government wants them out.

Kyoto Seika University has begun to “embrace diversity.”

Make that “Black Americans go on rampage in Korean subway.”

If the black population keeps growing, “China will change from a yellow country to a black-and-yellow country.”

Tens of thousands of Africans will be “absorbed” in the European Union, Canada, and the US.

The Rush to Europe

Africans will be moving north.

Review by F. Roger Devlin

“Confucius Institutes” serve as “proxies for the Chinese Communist Party.”

They will make amends by hiring more non-whites.

Buddhist nationalism is on the rise.

The Eternal Lure of Nationalism

What vision do our “elites” offer?


China doesn’t issue groveling apoligies.

China wants to become the top superpower.

Authorities are cracking down on blacks in Guangzhou.

The Chinese government has limited air time for “artists with tattoos, hip hop music.”

Theft caused a US-based company to lose $800 million.

Bangladesh: A Case Study in Chain Migration, Center for Immigration Studies

Each new immigrant from Bangladesh sponsored nearly 5 relatives over a 16-year period.

Malaysia has no “anti-discrimination” or “anti-racism” laws.