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“Abnormal” beards are also banned.

The Han don’t like the Hui.

‘Other People’s Babies’, Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal admits immigration brings social instability, but wants it anyway.

They give clients access to past SATs, which contain questions that are reused.

Why Have Asians Not Dominated?, AR Classic Article

High intelligence may not be enough.

The Chinese Who Saw the Perils of Westernization

They cautioned their countrymen 100 years ago.


The population is down 0.8 percent since last census in 2010.

They’ll replace 60,000 employees.

Over 40 percent of unmarried people between ages 18 and 34 say they are virgins.

1165 people are dead from 141 attacks.

It’s based in China.

But the Japanese refuse to admit immigrants.

Supreme Court says blanket surveillance is constitutional.

Most of the 100,000 Africans in Guangzhou, China have left.

Muslims beat attendees with pipes for drinking during Ramadan.

If they dress immodestly or talk so loudly a stranger can hear.

The Chinese approach to the “migrant” problem.

Black serviceman confessed to raping and murdering a Japanese woman.

Sign at entrance of village: “No Muslims allowed to stay overnight.”

Citizens of poorer countries are more likely to see themselves as “global citizens.”

Chinese hire ringers to take the SAT for them.

“This law is an attempt to make Pakistan a Western colony again.”

Even the Japanese are learning about Muslim “refugees.”

One caste doesn’t like preferences for other castes.

Israel approves less than 1 percent of asylum applications.

The same thing happened in South Korea in 2013.

By age 34, 26 percent of Japanese men have had no sexual experience.

Raising the marriage age to 18 would be “blasphemous.”

The rankings show an inexplicable pattern.

The Whipping Girl, Daily Mail

Indonesian girl caned in public for showing affection to a man.

Researcher: A non-racial approach to affirmative action would reduce blacks in college by 50 percent.

Workforce will crash in the decades to come.

It will soon be a two-child policy.

PM says raising the country’s birth rate is more important than accepting immigrants.

TimesSays pederasty is “rife” in Afghanistan.

Does not want the same fate as Europe.

Northern Japanese are smarter, taller, and lighter-skinned.

The populations of India and China will each reach 1.4 billion by 2022.

Man from Kiribati wanted to live in New Zealand.

Dare we call them “xenophobic”?

Indian says at least 300 million should emigrate to solve overpopulation problem.

It’s led to nearly 2,000 arrests.

More than 10,000 dogs were eaten to celebrate summer solstice.

Study tries to answer whether it was a migration of people or ideas that created civilization.

The government uses cash incentives to encourage Indians to use toilets.

Many Japanese think that someone who is half-black cannot be Japanese.

US diplomats told the Burmese the law is dangerous.

They are offered $3,500 to clear out.

Many Japanese don’t think a half-black person can represent Japan.

Traditional Islam comes to Libya.