Posted on June 25, 2024

Pakistani Police Charge 23 People With Being Part of a Mob That Murdered a Blasphemy Suspect

Riaz Khan, Associated Press, June 24, 2024

Police in Pakistan have arrested 23 people accused of being part of a mob that killed a man suspected of desecrating the Quran, Islam’s holy book, officials said Monday.


Police initially identified the slain man as Mohammad Ismail, but on Monday said after an investigation that they have concluded his name was Mohammad Salman. {snip}


Authorities say he was taken into custody on Thursday for his protection and was being questioned by police when a mob gathered outside the Madyan police station demanding he be handed over to them so they could immediately punish him for allegedly burning pages from the Quran.

According to police and government officials, police officers tried to assure the mob that Salman would face trial if he had committed blasphemy, but the enraged mob refused to accept the assurances and attacked the police station, wounding some officers.

The mob snatched the man and killed him publicly and burned his body.

Blasphemy accusations are common in Pakistan. {snip}