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At least 15 thousand people in France are radical Islamists.

First use of the law in 46 years.

He was building a bomb in his apartment.

Meanwhile, French police were raiding her headquarters in Paris.

Straight talk from a conservative.

Syed Rizwan Farook converted Enrique Marquez is radical Islamism.

The courts and media have insisted otherwise.

Three men and a girl had pledged allegiance to ISIS.

Fewer than half of all Democrats think Christians in Islamic countries are mistreated.

Both men were born in Germany, but are Middle Eastern.

Saudi Arabian money is behind much of the rise.

Hot Air About Muslim Immigration


How “experts” bury the big picture in irrelevant facts.


A new way to “cry Trump.”

Racial ambulance chaser is slapped down in court.

He was shouting “Allahu Akbar.”

Prison sentences range from 10 to 20 years.

If the bulk of Muslim terrorist attacks are done by lone wolves, there is only one solution.

Douglas Murray strongly defends Trump’s measures.

Author wonders if a society as secular as ours can hope to understand something genuine religious.

Its imam “openly defended terrorism and promoted an ideology of hate.”

Muslim posted to Facebook: “I’LL TAKE YOU ALL OUT . . . YOU NEED AN ARMY TO TAKE ME.”

Assignment featured a fictional woman extolling the virtues of Islamic law.

So the army should have had its eye on him.

Koran claims Mary was ashamed after giving birth to Jesus.

“2017 must be a year of prosecution.”

Gunman is now in custody.

But they will be allowed to wear “burkinis.”

“Asylum seeker” was “heavily intoxicated.”

Husband could not accompany her because he was in Iran.

We mustn’t provoke Muslims by keeping them out.

Two thirds also want to “rethink” Germany’s immigration policies.

Six are Syrian, one is Libyan.

Europe’s Future — Merkel or Le Pen?


Europe is at a crossroads that may decide its very existence.


200 SAS men to patrol London.

Norway joins the rest of Europe in beefing up security.

“For as long as I’m Prime Minister I will never agree to develop a Muslim community in Slovakia.”

No plea deal will be offered.

Tweet has disappeared.

Police are giving out alarms so they can find victims in crowds.

Syrian woman: “It’s much easier to be a family and have kids here.”

Horrifying documentary on Sweden’s rape crisis.

Special protection is needed for churches and synagogues.

Golding was legally barred from entering Mosques, or telling others to do so.

Police say they suspect motive reflects a “religious background.”

Muslims don’t’ want women in public spaces.

The Not-Talking Cure, Weekly Standard

Some Muslims probably lie about their hatred for the West.

The same thing happened to Michelle Obama.

He prayed there for five years.

One estimate says there are 900 across the continent.

Outgoing reverend: “Children of Abraham . . . can live together in respect and dignity.”